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  1. On 7/5/2018 at 12:21 AM, lindag said:

    A friend was telling me yesterday about a cocktail she had while visiting in Leavenworth WA.

    It was a Spicy Watermelon Martini.  It sounds like something I'd really enjoy but I've no idea how to make one.

    Any ideas?


    Not sure if it is what you are after but Libation Legacy recently posted Curley's Favorite to twitter:





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  2. 5 hours ago, Kim Shook said:

    Me, too.  For years, I have suspected Mr. Kim and Jessica of doing things badly on purpose to get out of the job.  Now it's my turn.  LOL


    My mother always told me "Incompetence won't get you out of doing the job."


    She was wrong.

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  3. 15 hours ago, Shelby said:


    I need help on the potato front--  everyone tells me, and I've read that you wait until the plants are dead to dig the potatoes.  These potatoes that I am showing were literally popping out of the ground.  


    Here's a picture of the potato patch.  Should I go ahead and dig?  Are they ready even though the plants aren't dead?  You can't see in the above pic, but there were some marble sized taters, too.




    Keep piling dirt on top of them. The stems will send out new roots and if you are lucky you get more potatoes. I grew some in a ring of tires and kept adding tires on top, with some success. Found some potatoes when I was putting in raised beds over the spot so I think I'll try again.

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  4. I have had success cutting it in cubes and roasting it with garlic in a clay pot on the grill while cooking meat so it catches some of the smoke. I usually peel it because the peel can make my mouth itch, unless it's had the shit cooked out of it.

  5. On 6/11/2018 at 3:16 PM, ChrisTaylor said:

    Kitchen Confidental got me into food, and The Les Halles Cookbook was my first cookbook. You see, I was a just-moved-out-of-home student with pretty much same autistic kid's palate I'd had since forever, and something about his writing convinced me it was okay to try anything. There might be a dozen cookbooks I have a deep love for, but Bourdain's wriitng holds a place in my heart that the Joe Beef book and etc never will.

    When I was out the other night there was a special on offer -- pig's trotter stuffed with cotechino. It seemed fitting.


    You have certainly made up for lost time. :P

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  6. Hazelnut torte - the kind with minimal or no wheat flour.


    Hesitate to put it in the baking forum, but, for a cocktail snack. I sliver almonds (I do it by hand so more time is spent in prep and less in eating. Then toast them in  a non-stick pan with some olive oil then add raw sugar or raw sugar/honey mix. Eat when they cool down. You have to anticipate because the nuts will continue to roast after you remove them from the heat.

  7. Stir fry.


    Actually a scotch fillet coated in ground mountain-pepper berry, SV at 58 degrees in real temperature units for 2 hours, sliced thin then added to the stir fry at the last minute. The steak ended up very soft but not mealy. I may try bumping up from the hour I usually use for other cuts.

  8. No photos, so use your imagination. Chicken schnitzel, panko breading, no sous vide, served over leftover spaghetti with lemon and Hungarian style mushrooms. The mushrooms are just sauteed up with a little onion and garlic with a butt-load of paprika. Add shiraz and reduce.


    One schnitzel was just right, one overdone - thus my usual preference for sous vide. The bright taste of the chicken and lemon went well with the deeper flavour of the paprika and shrooms.

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  9. We do have a topic on Chicken Parma. I still like to sous vide the chicken first and often don't bother with oil in the bag. Definitely sage rather than tarragon for parma. I have decided that Seranno is much nicer than Prosciutto. Sorry Nick, deep frying is far too much trouble. My main change recently is to use Panko breading. 


    My biggest problem is getting the flour to stick to the chicken and the egg to stick to the flour. Any hints?

  10. On 1/26/2018 at 3:59 PM, Okanagancook said:

    Serve the ribs as an appetizer and then make burgers with the rest....your description is sirloin.  Include as much fat or bacon into your burgers.

    happy Australia Day mate!


    Talked to the pig in a poke bloke when he was delivering hay for the ponies, and you are correct that it is the loin (what I thought was a leg was the base of the tail), although he admitted he was just learning about what happens to the pigs after he raises them. Apparently the butcher sells a lot of those sections for pulled pork, although we both agreed that we like shoulder.

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