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  1. Kerry, What a beautiful place that you are having built!Wish I was having a place built! NOPE I'm not. Please keep us dated. Jealous, Jane
  2. JaneMC

    Preserving Summer

    Nice work Vinelady! I've canned chili, peach pie filling, tomatoes this week. I'm tried. I'm still working a lot also. I did get "Best of Show" at our fair. I was floored! It was my blueberry jam. My strawberry jelly took first. Still have a lot more that I'm wanting to do. My goal is to can something every month of the year. I can do it, I have a pressure canner. Have about 300 jars/cans done. Jane
  3. JaneMC

    Preserving Summer

    Now those are some beautiful jars you have! Is there anyone else canning? I've read that this is what they call "in". I've made hot dilly pickles, tons of tomatoes, green beans, tuna, apricot spead, peach butter, blueberry jam, and so many more. Also have entered in a few contasts and won! Did a fair here and got best of show for my blueberry jam. My goal is to can all year. I do have a pressure canner so it can be done. I have chili and stocks that I want to do! Well I have a lot to do and working 6 days a week right now is really getting in the way of things. Jane
  4. JaneMC

    Preserving Summer

    Karen, the Presto pressurer canner works great for glass top ranges. I'm happy over that. I asked someone who would know and that is what I got and I'm real happy with it! I've done tuna in it and that took 100 minutes (which I figure will be the longest time I will be doing) and it worked great! Done other things but at 20 minutes here and 30 there I knew it would work. Anyone doing anything? I'm in full swing and doing 2 projects (canning and baking plus everything else!). Then I'm getting ready for fairs. Lets not forget I've been working 6 days a week! Life has been crazy right now. Any have new or older canning books they love I'm always looking for some new ones. What I've done: tuna, green beans, tomatoes, and some jams. More to come. Jane
  5. JaneMC

    Preserving Summer

    Popscile Toze, Sounds like you are on your way! I have cucs in the fridge that I will be doing pickles tomorrow with. Also tomatoes that I'm going to crush and can. I'm trying to move out of jams and jellies and into other things. One day I will figure out the picture thing. I'm still having problems with the blog! What else is everyone doing. Oh someone gave me some really interesting jars! Quart size with a basket weave on the glass. They have the 2 piece lids. Jane
  6. JaneMC

    Preserving Summer

    Hi Everyone, Anyone started canning yet? I have! I'm also started with pressure canning for the first time this year! Has anyone done any Drunken Spreads? I read a little about it/heard about it last year and bought 175 best James, Jellies, Marmalades by Linda J. Amendt. I sure would like a few more. Anyone? Jane
  7. The recipe for candied cherries is in eGullet, I just looked it up and it sounds really good! Always looking for interesting things to try and who doesn't like cherries. Okay I know a few but I'm not one of them! Jane
  8. Will my questions ever stop....I hope so....one day. My question is I have tied up my lamb prosciutto then put it in one of those colgan bags ment for the meat (got it from Butcher and Packer) will it be okay? I just couldn't fit in the bag so I tried it up and got it in. Nope it wasn't easy, it worked. I have pepperone in the oven for teh 12 hours then in the chamber it goes. Should be a good few months coming. Jane
  9. Here is what did work out for me. The Saucsson Sec I had 3 nice size work out no mold. I must say, very good. I took some to work and they all loved it and couldn't believe that I made it. I have lamb prosciutto in the fridge right now it has it's last week before it's off the chamber. What I'm thinking of but not sure of is the Canadian bacon or pork belly comfit. Has any one done either of these but then I'm also looking at pastrami. Oh too much that I want to do! Now I just need the time. I'm also getting the stuff together to do peperone. The wine fridge just isn't all that big. So I have to becareful. My bacon is real good. I've done it a few times. I've also made fresh sausage a few times.....but it's the curing that I'm really liking. Thank you for lisening to me ramble. Jane
  10. Then what would you suggest and were would I get it? I'm always after a better effect. If nothing else I can start with the salt then go to ?? Thank You, Jane
  11. The more I read the more I'm lost. I have now out grown the wine cooler it has worked well and I'm going to keep it for what I think will be long term projects. After reading and rereading the topic. I know now to get a controller to plug into the fridge. Now my question is on humdity. Will the pan (bigger of course) salt with a touch of water (thank you again for the answers on that) be enough. Nope I don't have the fridge yet. I really can't wait to get all that I want going. Jane
  12. We were going to bar-b-que but it rained 4" so we went out. Today we are having smoked ribs, corn on the cob and rice. Can't wait for dinner. Jane
  13. Thank YOU everyone. I knew someone would know what I was doing. I have lowered the tempature (I use a wine frige) and now I have moist salt not salt water. This is the first cured sausage and not my last. I will check every few days also. I was checking close to once a week. I think some of you (if not all of you) need to write a book on the problems that have simple fixes! Jane
  14. Okay I have a few questions and hoping someone anyone can help me. I checked on my Saucisson Sec and I had to throw out most of it. Mold! Not the good white kind either. I still have 2 links hanging and I did use a paper towel with vinegar down them. I'm hoping to save have them. What did I do wrong? Here is what I did do: they are/were curing at 60 degrees and a bowl with water and salt. They have been in there for 2 weeks. Most where still soft. I did have a piece that was hard and had to try...I did and I must say, I liked the taste. I didn't use as much garlic as the recipe said, didn't like the sausage recipe that had so much in. So I cut a little out. Is there something I could have done before to make sure it won't happen. Like the vinegar wash? Now I have lamb prosciutto in the fridge curing. It's still a few weeks away. One last question: I bought frozen duck breast at Whole Foods they weigh 6 oz eachand they are not attached, has any tried them for the duck proscuitto or duck ham? Thank you for any help. Jane
  15. I'm going to give it a try the saucisson sec. I looked at the book and it seems pretty cool. Thank you for the suggestion and I will post here while/when I'm doing it and let you know how it sent. Jane
  16. I'm going to post here. I know it's been here before on the orginal Charcuterie form. I can't find it, or at least any time soon. Question is I want to have one turn out. I do have a fridge for curing (wine, thanks to Chris's idea), grinder, and a stuffer. I do not have a smoker. It's coming but probably not until next month (no I haven't ordered it yet). I would like to do a cured one. Which one would you think would be best for me to try? I have the book....if you would like a page number. I've done sausages already, bacon, I've done but not that great without the smoker. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank You, Jane
  17. Ronnie, I have had the book...it's great. I have also bought about 4 maybe more others on the subject. The "Charcuterie" form is the reason I wanted to become a member. Fabulous group. But I have had my share of failures....a few of them to keep the numbers down. I should post a question or two on the form. I also know everyone is so much more advance then myself. I know, I know no such thing as a stupid question. Well I think I can come up with my share! With only 1 day off a week, I'm afraid of reasking the same question (s). I just don't have the time to go through the form again. Even though I must say, the index has helped. Have bought a wine fridge (thanks to Chris for the suggestion), the sausage stuffer, the grinder that everyone loves (I don't buy any pre-ground meat now), books, casings and so on. I do need a smoker! I have found a farm that will sell me pork belly. I'm wanting to have success more often then not. Thank You, Jane
  18. I looked (I hope I didn't skip anything) for classes around MO. area and came up with zero. I live in the St. Louis area and willing to drive....how far I don't know. IL. not out of the question. At this time I'm looking for a sausage making class. Yes, that would also be all types. Does anyone have any idea on where? I have found one in CA. use to be one in WA but they are out of business. Thank you for your help, Jane
  19. No problema. I do it all the time! (along with more embarrassing typos) Have you made any of the recipes, yet? I read the article Dave linked to, and I'm now intrigued. I really shouldn't buy books right now, so I will have to bake/cook vicariously through others! (BTW, you wouldn't care to PM me your caramel pound cake recipe, would you? I'm on the lookout for the perfect recipe!) ← I sent you a PM this morning with the Caramel Pound Cake link. I'm sorry for the delay, I just wanted to make sure you got it. I don't always do things right. Jane
  20. I'm more then happy to PM you the recipe for caramel pound cake but right now I'm in Seattle and I get back next Wednesday I will do it then. I haven't made anything yet. The read is very interesting and a lot of the recipes sound really good. I can't wait to try them. No problema. I do it all the time! (along with more embarrassing typos) Have you made any of the recipes, yet? I read the article Dave linked to, and I'm now intrigued. I really shouldn't buy books right now, so I will have to bake/cook vicariously through others! (BTW, you wouldn't care to PM me your caramel pound cake recipe, would you? I'm on the lookout for the perfect recipe!) ←
  21. Dave, thank you, what a interesting article! I didn't know it was for sale, boy if I had the money I would jump on it. I must say, a lot of the recipes I do want to try. Jane
  22. Thank you for the spelling correction. Sometimes my fingers get the better for me. Jane
  23. I did get the book today from Amazon. So far I have only read it but I find it very interesting. The story, pictures and how they go from looking for a B and B to buying and giving themselfs 2 years to get it up and running. Some of the recipes I find interesting are roquefort broiche and walnut rolls just to start with. There are several more I want to try. What are your thoughts on the book. Jane
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