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  1. I would agree with the new American, not Southern take on Green Pastures. Granted they do have a sprinkling of Texas South fare, and of course the bread pudding with Jack Daniels sauce. It does look like a fresh ingredient driven menu. The prices are a bit much, even for the freshest ingredients.
  2. Greek food is one of our favorites, we'll definitely hit Olympia
  3. We'll be in Galveston in Mid-November. Anyone have suggestions? We love good seafood.
  4. I went to Johnson City a while back and had great chicken salad at the sandwich shop and then a really nice meal at the Silver K Cafe. Any other outlying recommendations?
  5. We had such a nice time. Misplaced Texans were really fun. Kent is surprisingly full of fun facts and food info. Misplaced Texan has a great blog idea, can't wait to read it. Lola's decor has to be experienced to be appreciated. She really has her heart and soul on the walls in that place. The documentary was well done and so touching. She is pretty amazing and has a powerful ministry.
  6. The shrimp poboy was great. I think there was some sort of honey/lemon/mustard sauce on the shrimp. The bread had mayo and either a mild remoulade or thousand island. Speaking of the bread, is was nice and fresh. I bogarted some of the hubby's red bean and rice and absolutely loved it. Best I've had.
  7. I noticed quail eggs the last time I was in the market at the Hong Kong shopping center, south of burnet on 183. They were fresh, I have no idea if they carry them year round.
  8. I'm afraid Casey has hit the glass ceiling. I clearly heard in the quickfire, her dish referred to as the best. Yet when it comes time to announce the winner, she gets the pat on the rear and Hung wins. Top Chef provided impecable judges for this challenge but didn't take into account the old school, male dominated world of the chef. I don't think Casey could win either challenge, she was dismissed because of her gender. I do think she deserved the wins. Aside from the quickfire comment, Casey's dish in the challenge only lacked a proper name. They all aggreed it was wonderful. Not so with Hungs, his pomme dauphin (sp?) was more of a hush puppy. What TC could do to level the playing field is anybody's guess.
  9. (One place I do like is Sar-o-Var on Burnett, just south of 183. It's in a strip center on the west side of the road. I've eaten there 3 or 4 times this year and have always been satisfied. ) We haven't been in a while, but always liked Sar-O-Var also. I tend to call it Sam-o-Var for some reason. Friendly service, and they were so nice the first few times helping me with names and choices. Another lunch place I really dig is Taj Palace. The buffet is so busy, the food never sits long. Sometimes the tandoori chicken is a little dry, but they have a very nice selection of proteins and vegs. Saag Paneer is spicy, luscious. and the fry spinach. Who wouldn't love a place that fries spinach?!? Great condimentia also.
  10. Last night, we ate a Chola's Indian Restaurant in Round Rock. It's in a strip mall, wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. I had chicken curry, saag paneer, and a mixed veg dish that I can't recall the name. My husband had lamb. We were both pleasantly surprised. The meat was tender, the sauces spicy and well balanced. Honestly the best saag paneer I've ever had. I could fill my bathtub with it and be happy. Also had a popping mint chutney that thrilled. Naan was good, but it's hard to make that badly.
  11. Here's another to throw into the mix. What about Hut's? It's definitely our favorite.
  12. I had lunch today at Pho Van. It's in the Hong Kong shopping center. Just the smell makes me happy. The soup is great. The waitress is a trip. She watches the sidewalk and stares at you through the door. As soon as your foot crosses the plane into her space, she says "Table 1? (or 2, or 10) You sit here." I found myself perusing the menu once, she pointed to a number and said "This very good, you eat this." She was right. Today I was reprimanded because I said I didn't want large, I would have the regular. " Two size, small large" was her reply. Most importantly, the pho. Broth is flavorful, not salty. I usually have some beef combination. Served with Thai basil, jalapenos, cilantro, bean sprouts, and lime.
  13. [ Perini's is all season, in the warm 9 months of the year, eat outside on the ranch. Colder times, there's a great fireplace. New Rankings: 1. Joe Allens 2. Perini's 3. Taylor 4. Luling Any time in OKieland for a Texan is just tooooooo long. FYI - both Joe Allen's and Perini's cater from a chuchwagon. Tom Perini actually took one of his chuckwagons to Japan to an international beef conf. Both places are busy, especially when their is a rodeo (ranch rodeo) or horse show in town.
  14. So sorry to weigh in late on this important topic. Yes, Luling, yes Taylor. Now what you centrists may not realize is that pit cooked brisket originated with the cowboys, not the football team, out on the range. Therefore, I have to throw in two fine Abilene joints, Joe Allens, and Perini Ranch. Both pit cook over wood, combination oak and mesquite, seasoned with a rub, no sauce. It's worth the drive. Joe Allen's used to be in a dump that just added to it's eclat, but have moved around the corner to a new building. Food great, atmosphere resturanty. Perini's is all season, in the warm 9 months of the year, eat outside on the ranch. Colder times, there's a great fireplace. New Rankings: 1. Joe Allens 2. Perini's 3. Taylor 4. Luling
  15. Watched the marathon, loved Uezbekestan, Peru, and Russia. Then missed the new one. Anyone heard about next season?
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