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  1. Sad to hear about Cultured Cup's store closing. We used to go there to buy L'Opera and Earl Grey French Blue mariage freres teas. Haven't tried ordering from them online yet, but their website seems to be up and running.
  2. I just bought this Weber from Lowes for $198. Supposedly the original price is $329. It is currently out of stock at most places, but you may be able to find it in your area. Lowes Weber Performer Touch-N-Go Charcoal Grill
  3. Where can you buy a big bag of seeds for microgreens? Buying little packets of Burpee seeds for microgreens can get expensive.
  4. My fiance and I went to Kauai in early July. We had a few favorite places. Most of them were on the south side of the island. Near Lihue Hamura Saimin - Definitely try out Hamura Saimin, not pretty, not great service, but the ramen noodles were good. OKI Diner - I really liked OKI diner's oxtail stew. But we had their famous pancakes and were not impressed. Garden Island BBQ - Good food, mostly chinese, but we really enjoyed it. Hyatts Resort in Poipu - Go there for their happy hour. Great view if you get a seat up front, the appetizers are REALLY cheap for the happy hour, and the drinks were good. Puka Dogs (?) - we loved the shaved ice. I like it with the ice cream on the bottom. Also, we heard that if you get two shaved ices, the extra toppings are free. Might want to ask. Heard good things about Beach house, but you have to make reservations there at least 2 - 3 weeks in advance if you want a seat there. The reservation got filled up pretty fast. There were a lot of places we wanted to try, but we were going for the cheap route, so we only ate lunches at places and did not go out to dinner much. And since we stayed in the south side of the island, we know more places down on the south side. I think Hanalei bay resort is on the north side of the island. There is a Bouchon there, the prices didn't look too bad. If we had a chance we'd go try that. Right across from the Bouchon is a Polynesian cafe. Don't EAT THERE [Polynesian cafe]! Food was bad And grouchy people. Although their Habanero chocolate cookie was pretty good. If you want a cheap lunch, in the same shopping mall as Bouchon, there is a local bakery. They have some lunch plates that looked good. You'll have to try out Banana Joe's smoothie shop. And somewhere up there there is also a diner that does Over The Falls Waffles, which I Haven't had, but heard good things about.
  5. I can't be completely sure, but I do think those are lotus root. After cooking for a while, they do have a potato texture. The lotus seeds on the plate may also hint at it too. Great pictures, lovely food
  6. I have black chicken braised with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mung bean threads, nappa cabbage in a sauce made with fermented beancurd
  7. One thing that irked me is that they never explained why Kathie Lee spit out Jeff's dish. If it was just bad that day or if she just wasn't used to the flavors in the dish.
  8. I do believe you're right. I had hoped they would have had something beyond just bbq pork sandwiches...maybe ribs.
  9. Ever since moving to Charlotte a year ago, I was hankering to try some good Carolina Barbecue. Last year I was extremely excited to go to the Lexington barbecue festival. It was a let down and definitely not worth my time to go. For a barbecue festival, I expected a large amount of barbecue vendors, but I was sorely disappointed. If I recall, there were three vendors. The largest one with a large section in the middle of the festival was horrid. It only offered a barbecue pork sandwich. The barbecue pork was basically mush with a bad sauce. Not worth the time. There are two small vendors. One at the beginning of the festival. The barbecue was also pulled pork, but they came in chunks, and definitely had a better flavor and texture. I would recommend them if you go. The other small barbecue vendor is deeper into the festival and they also only had barbecue pork sandwich. Their pork was good, a little soft and mushy, but definitely had a better texture than the large vendor. For a barbecue festival, I expected all types of barbecue, not just pork sandwich, which was the only type offered. So overall, I was disappointed and have decided never to go. If I ever change my mind, I would go for the smaller vendors, not the big vendor.
  10. My parents used to put sliced roast duck, soy-sauce chicken, and red cooked beef tongue (thinly sliced so good). If beef tongue isn't palatable, you can just red cook a couple of pieces of meat beef or pork, and thinly sliced, they would make a good addition.
  11. oops, not in the wontons, just part of the soup. Sort of like Wonton Noodle soup, except with couscous instead of egg noodles.
  12. When I make wonton soup, I put in couscous too, as part filler, and part I enjoy the texture difference of the big Israeli couscous with the wonton wrappers
  13. You know I've never tried rice wine for potsticker dough, I may try that. Wonder what would happen if you used some rice win in bao dough too? BTW, I have no idea how to fold the dough so it has a little indentation in the middle like your baos (the way xiao long bao looks).
  14. Unfortunately I can't narrow it any more, I was just told it was down 41. They had mentioned it in passing, but haven't had a chance to talk to them since. I think y'all may be right, just googled H-mart and peachtree and it looks promising. I've been to the H-Mart in Pleasant hill and it's wonderful, wouldn't mind it if H-Mart moves up to Charlotte, NC though. I'm tired of driving down to Atlanta for groceries!
  15. I was talking to someone, and they had mentioned that there was a new Asian market on Hwy 41 in Atlanta? I tried to google it, but I was not able to find any new Asian markets. Does anyone know which one they might have been referring to?
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