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    Freezing wine?

    Great, thanks! I don't know why I never thought of this before.
  2. For medical reasons, I am no longer able to drink wine, but I like to cook with it. This results in my buying a whole bottle of wine, using half a cup of it, then spending the next couple of days casting about for other things I can make to use up the rest of the bottle. It occurred to me today that maybe I could freeze it in cooking-size portions. What do you think? Would it alter the flavor?
  3. Dianabanana

    Young coconuts

    Thanks all! "Buko" with a K did yield a bit more--pancit buko and buko salad. Thank you also for all the other suggestions. Doddie, I would love to have your recipe!
  4. I have become addicted to young coconut juice, and recently bought two cases of young coconuts and have been having one a day (so much deliciousness for only $1.20 each!). I do love eating the gelatinous coconut meat, but it's very rich, so for the most part I've been scraping it out and storing it in the freezer. Now I've got several cups of it saved up. I went looking for traditional uses of young coconut meat, but Google yielded only Buco Pie, which frankly sounds pretty bland. Surely there are many more traditional uses for this, since coconuts are so ubiquitous and inexpensive or free in many parts of the world. What are they?
  5. Well, shoot! I live in KXLY's broadcast area, and thought "Huh! I'll have to try and catch this show!" Then I got to the last section. What a bummer. You also threw me for a loop with the name Teresa Lukens. We bought our first house from a Teresa Lukens (same spelling) in nearby Sandpoint, Idaho. I went looking for a bio of your Teresa online and it doesn't seem to be the same person, though.
  6. I just realized that we are going to be in NYC during Restaurant Week, and have some questions about it. 1. This is the rare trip for me, and I am not likely to be in New York again any time soon. Are the Restaurant Week meals normally something special meant to showcase a restaurant to people who don't normally dine there, or just pretty good meals meant to allow the restaurant to participate without losing money? I would love to save money, but on the other hand I don't want a mediocre experience. For instance, I have reservations at Gramercy Tavern already, and have read that they will be participating in Restaurant Week. Should I just stick with the regular reservation, or try to snag a Restaurant Week reservation? 2. Reservations open tomorrow at nycgo.com, but there is no other information on the web site about which restaurants are participating, menus, etc. Do you know where I can find this? Or is it only released when the reservations open? 3. Is there any general wisdom associated with this event, like "lunches are a vastly better value than dinners," etc.? 4. Any other advice? Thank you!
  7. I agree, I think your log is too thick and your slices too thin. Is that log half the recipe? If so, mine would be quite a bit longer, and therefore thinner.
  8. Yes, mine come out more like the ones in the picture when I slice them thickly. Those are very cracked on the top, though. Mine have a few cracks but those look like they have a much airier texture. I wonder if that's a result of slicing them so thickly, or if the recipe is somehow different. I basically do what Chris's wife does when shaping mine.
  9. Thanks! I've now got a CC-confirmed reservation at Bistro Bis. I'm amazed it was available.
  10. Due to a complete lack of planning and/or brains, we are going to be among the millions swarming DC for the presidential inauguration, but as yet have no lunch plans or reservations. The main issue here is logistics: I can read about restaurants all I want, but have no idea if we will actually be able to get there. Can anybody give me any useful advice on figuring out what is 1) good, 2) within a reasonable walking distance of the Capitol (we will be in the ticketed section), and 3) not likely to already be booked for private parties? Thanks for your help. The first part of this trip is in NYC and I've been spending all my time planning where we'll eat there, oblivious to the fact that we'll be lucky to eat at all in DC!
  11. Dianabanana

    Popcorn at home

    Hi everyone, I've been gone from EG for a while but this is a good place to jump back in! Someone upthread asked about popping corn in butter and oil, which thrills me to no end because it gives me an opportunity to refer you to my story of the Butter Incident. Nothing to do with the Incident, but I am a blaspheming eschewer of buttered popcorn. I feel that it makes the popcorn uncrispy. I've done all kinds of homemade toppings, but one time my Penzey's order came with a free sample of Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle and I have to say that made one of the best toppings ever. There's something a little ersatz about dried cheese powder and garlic powder that is right at home on popcorn, in a good way. I know that doesn't sound very convincing.
  12. I think they can make quite a nice desperation meal if you add fresh vegetables, fried tofu, shrimp, etc. Also, I usually cook the noodles first and then take them out of the cooking water and add them to the broth--this makes the broth much less disgustingly viscous and almost even good, since the excess oil and starch from the noodles is left behind in the cooking water. Sometimes I pack them for lunch this way in a Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar, and then all you have to do is combine the noodles and toppings and add hot water (toppings are in top right container): Of course by the time you've done all this it's hardly "instant" anymore, but it is much more tasty and healthful.
  13. Hello all, My husband just surprised me with a trip to NY (and then on to DC) in the latter part of January! We will have three dinners (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and two lunches (Saturday and Sunday). Do you mind helping me plan where to eat? 1. The universal consensus seems to be that lunch at JG is the best deal in the city. Unfortunately, we will not be there on a weekday. Someone on here said they were now open on Saturdays for lunch, but their website says they are not. Therefore, I am thinking of doing the two lunches at Perry St. and Momofuku Noodle Bar. I really want to eat at JG proper, and with our schedule it will have to be for dinner. Is it crazy to eat at Perry St. as well? If so, can you please recommend another very good weekend lunch? 2. Where would be the best place for Southern Indian food? 2a. I actually grew up a couple of blocks off Oak Tree Road in Edison, so have a slight additional motivation to venture out there just to see how much it's changed, but don't want to waste a huge chunk of my vacation doing it. How long would it take to get there and back? We are staying at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park. And would it be worth it for the food alone? 3. I am confused and intimidated by the Byzantine system of New York restaurant reservations. Suppose a person wanted to eat at the following places from January 17-19--what would she have to do and when would she have to do it in order to get reservations? Dinner: JG Gramercy Tavern Babbo Lunch (are reservations necessary for these?): Momofuku Noodle Bar Perry St. Thank you very much for your help.
  14. That video was pretty awesome. I'm going to try that!
  15. I agree. This is obviously just a form letter. My first letter to them was similar to my original post in this thread, explaining how much I've always loved the yogurt, then the story of eating the cherry yogurt, etc. At the end I specifically asked whether they would continue to import some yogurt from Greece or whether all the yogurt in the US would now come from the New York facility. As you can see, they didn't even bother to answer my question. After I got the e-mail offering the case of cherry yogurt, I told them thanks but unless there was some reason to believe that the yogurt I got was an anomaly, I really wouldn't want a case of it--but that what I would really appreciate would be some further information as to why this new yogurt was so different and whether they had any plans to change it. I never heard back from them.
  16. Yes, I wrote to them. Here is their response. (I declined their offer--who wants a case of lousy yogurt?) Dear Diane, Thank you for contacting us; regarding our FAGE Total yogurt product. We have forwarded your complaint to our Quality Control Department for review. We appreciate your interest and support. FAGE Dairy Industry is one of the largest food producers in Greece; it operates 5 production facilities in Greece for dairy product production (milk, yogurt, and cheese and milk desserts) and has opened a new state-of-the-art yogurt production facility in upstate New York in April 2008. As a token of our appreciation for your interest in our products, we would like to send you a case of Total w/ cherry yogurt. Please provide us with the expiration date, daytime phone number and address, so that we may proceed. Regards, Ann S. Diotte Consumer Relations & Promotions Specialist FAGE USA Dairy Industry, Inc. Johnstown Industrial Park 1 Opportunity Drive Johnstown, NY 12095 (866)962-5912 ext 240 Fax: (518)762-5918 ann.diotte@fageusa.com
  17. I found a bottle of port I'd been saving and when I smelled them side by side the shaoxing smelled terrible! The port wasn't perfect but it was way better than the shaoxing would have been. Thanks for your help.
  18. Just different, or bad and a waste of good ingredients?
  19. P.S., it's good shaoxing--Gu Yue Long Shan brand--not that cheap stuff that comes in the clear bottles.
  20. Emergency--I was planning to make steak with Madeira sauce (Madeira, anchovies, mustard, thyme, parsley, lemon, butter) substituting sherry for the Madeira. Now it turns out I'm out of sherry, too. Shaoxing wine is the closest thing I have. Will it work?
  21. When I visited Tokyo, I brought this retro cowgirl-themed lunchbox filled with spicy chocolates for our volunteer guide, a girl in her early 20s. It's from our hometown in Idaho, and at that time kitschy cowboy theme stuff was somewhat popular in Japan. I doubt that the chocolates were to her taste, but they are certainly a novelty.
  22. You know, just the other day I was remembering the orange juice machines they had in the Publix supermarket when I was a kid. I seem to recall that you would just buy your oranges by the pound and dump them into the machine, and out would come your delicious orange juice. How in the world did they separate the rinds, or keep them from making the juice unbearably bitter? I remember that the whole produce aisle would have strong smell of orange zest. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Do they still do this?
  23. Great blog! I really feel for you having to do the food/medication dance. I spend a lot of effort every day tracking how long it's been since I took this medication or ate that meal and whether this food is going to interfere with that drug . . . you get used to it, but it sure would be nice to just roll out of bed in the morning and eat whatever you want! Thank you for sharing so many details of your life with us. I never gave any thought before to how being HIV positive would affect your food life, and am finding it very interesting.
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