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  1. I really appreciate your post, and I applaud what you did. I am a vegetarian, precisely because I realized the hypocrisy of my diet, when I was not willing to end an animals life myself. I don't have any problem with people eating meat they kill themselves. In fact, I prefer it, and kudos to you for that!
  2. Actually, I think there might be a theme there. I didn't like Olives or raw tomatoes, although I liked olive oil and tomato sauce and even bruschetta until I was 24 years old. It wasn't for lack of trying, I wanted to like them both, especially as a vegetarian. So many veggie sandwiches feature raw tomatoes and sometimes olives. I slowly started to like olives when I tried a few tapenades in sandwiches and as dips. Tomatoes, I only started to like when I had an heirloom tomato served with fresh mint, drizzled with olive oil, sliced horizontally at a French restaurant. Now, less than 2 years later, I seek out both olives and tomatoes, and my life (and diet) has become better for it!
  3. I really like the first idea, traveling around India. As a foodie with an Anthropology degree and a travel writting dream, let me tell you, I'm a little jealous! Good luck, whatever you wind up doing!
  4. That is a horrible, but hilarious bad customer story. You should check out customerssuck.com, it's full of tales like that from restaurants and service industry people. I've had to take people to the bathroom before, but it's because they are disabled and need a hand. That, I dislike, but understand. To check if a stall is free? That is completely outrageous AND crazy. I'll try to think up a good story.. there haven't been any truly stupid customers for awhile (knock wood), but I know I have lots.
  5. I work at a dinner theatre with a 120 item buffet available to me at least once a day, usually twice. When I first started working there, I gained 30 pounds in 6 months. Part of that was due to my first desk job and quiting smoking, but most of it was, you guessed it, over eating. I find what's been working for me now is just to eat when I'm hungry and stop as soon as I feel satisfied. I don't bother thinking about meal times anymore for the most part. If I am hungry, I eat and if I am not, I don't. Sounds simple, but it's so hard to get started on. I got so brainwashed into thinking, "lunchtime, gotta eat". The only way I can make this work for me is keeping snacks in my office too, either from the buffet or that I've brought in. Now that I've shrunk my stomach down, it's been easier. A full meal actually feels like too much. I just hope I can keep doing it this way... I feel better!
  6. Bryan, I am really enjoying reading about your restaurant adventures... I just have to ask though... Do you have a really quick metabolism? I can't imagine walking away from this much eating without blowing up a few sizes!
  7. I would go for something easy to eat and eat and eat.... Probably a huge plate of whole wheat pasta with a rose sauce, garlic bread and a huge green salad. Simple, simple food, but I could shovel it in. Second meal would probably be a thousand avocado rolls.
  8. As a vegetarian, I far prefer it when salads have the meat as an add on. It is far more convenient and it's cheaper for me too. If I go to a restaurant and get a Thai chicken salad, without the chicken, I normally still pay the full price for the item . If we are gripping about salads and add ons, I would also say it would be fantastic for a non meat protein add on.... Tofu, cashews, chickpeas.. something!
  9. Synergy


    Sorry, I'm actually in Alberta, not Atlanta.... I don't feel comfortable posting the name of the restaurant online though, sorry.... If I need to vent about work I don't want my boss reading it! If you ever come up to Canada, just PM me, and I'll give you the name
  10. I love brunch buffets, especially if they have a really good selection of fresh fruits and salads, with some unusual vegetables... Roasted Asparagus at 11 am? Mmmmm... I also love omelette stations... For some reason, it's the only time I like to eat them.
  11. Synergy


    We offer a weekly Sunday Brunch and Theater show at my restaurant. The buffet has 120 items and changes every 10 weeks when the show changes. Cold items include; fruits, veggies, potato salad, a coleslaw, a pasta salad or two, cold peel and eat shrimp, oysters, seafood salad, sushi, sashimi, caviar, cottage cheese, etc. Hot items include: At least 2 kinds of potatoes, bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, eggs benny, salmon, french toast, dim sum, etc. with a hip of roast beef carved at a carving station. Then there is a huge assortment of desserts; cheese, crackers, fruits, tarts, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, florentine cookies, etc. So... basically it's a hodgepodge of food that tries to cater to everyone with no real coherent theme. It's set up to feed 450 people at once, so there are no fun omelette stations or anything made to order like that.
  12. If you are in Saskatchewan, you need to try saskatoon berries, either fresh, in a jam or pie. I also love them frozen! I can also recommend quite a few places if you happen to travel out to Regina or Calgary!
  13. With over 400 wines, I would definitely go by region. I think it makes it easier for customers to navigate.
  14. I think it depends on your market and how extensive your list is. Many people are more comfortable with a regional list, but progessive lists are becoming increasingly popular. I think for a very extensive list, a regional one is easier to navigate, but for a smaller list with some depth, a progressive one can make more sense.
  15. I know they've already been named, but I just had to tell you that is one of the most beautiful cheese platters that I've seen. The edible herbs are a gorgeous touch. Seems very 'spring' like!
  16. Rebecca, I know what you mean about the ice. I have tasted colors before, but I know I have a bit of synesthesia, where images have tastes and names have shapes. Ice chips do taste like pale blue, and cotton candy tastes like bright blue!
  17. Thanks for the link. I've spent the last hour reading through the archives. I'll look out for the book too, he has a great writing style.
  18. Mmm...that sounds really good!
  19. A lot of these tips are ones that I was going to give. Shopping at ethnic places and farmers markets is a great one. Also, cutting down on meat and replacing it with healthier beans and legumes as your main protein will save huge $$$! Especially if you buy dried beans. Cheese is another one that is sooo expensive, so using less is a healthier, cheaper option. Read flyers and shop around. It's tough, but it'll give you a chance to be creative! Just remember, it won't be forever!
  20. For amazing Greek food at an incredibly reasonable price, try Greko's on Albert street. I grew up eating there at least once a week (the owners were our next door neighbours). They have the most amazing greek and ceasar salads that come included with the meals. I think the waiters there raised me
  21. I'm afraid with the rising price of grain, it will be something we will see more and more
  22. This is a pet peeve of mine as well. I own about 6 different reusable bags, but occasionally, I make an unplanned stop at the store, and I use their plastic bags (which I recycle as garbage bags). I remember just a few years ago, bringing your own bags into a store made the cashier and bagger look at you like you were crazy/annoying. It's far more accepted now, but I still think we and the grocery stores can do far more than we currently do.
  23. I truly appreciate all the advice. I think I might just have to have the bride up her price range a little. We are not actually paying for the suite at the Bellagio, so don't take our hotel choice as an indication of our group's finances. I think I will encourage her in the direction of either Delmonico's or Daniel Bouloud's Brasserie. I have eaten at Daniel's in NYC (tasting menu with wine pairings). It was one of the best nights of my life!!! Thank you again for the comments. I think what I will do is build a list, from your recommendations, with websites for the bride to choose from. Any more suggestions are certainly welcome!
  24. I was surprised at the state of food in Ireland when I was there two years ago. Restaurant foods was literally twice as expensive as it is in Canada and the US for "average" places. My family told me that in Belfast, going out to eat was more of a special occasion than just not wanting to cook. The grocery stores had a pretty good selection, but many people, especially of the older generation had not really explored all of the different available cuisines. My Aunt, who was in her late 50s had never even tried broccoli before. When I added some cranberries and almonds to a salad I made, she was incredibly confused. My cousins did introduce me to the wonder's of a 'curry chip' though. Best late night after bar food ever!
  25. I'm happy to clarify for you I am in my friend's wedding party. I am helping to plan the stagette, and I will be going as well. It is a 4 night trip to Vegas and we will be staying at a suite in the Bellagio. There are about 7 of us so far: The bride, 3 bridesmaids (including myself), her mom, grandma and aunt. When I said "for a nice supper on my stagette, I would be hitting up somewhere like Alize, Daniel Bouloud Brasserie, or Le Cirque." that was a hypothetical statement about what kind of restaurant I personally would choose. My friend, the bride is the one who has chosen the kind of restaurant and the price range. She would like something akin to a steakhouse, because as I had mentioned, she is a 'chicken fingers and fries' kinda gal. She likes plain food. Meat and potatoes. Nothing too fancy, nothing spicy. Italian would be the only other kind of place she might enjoy. The price range she is looking for is somewhere between $15-35 an entree. She is not interesting in any of the most expensive places, unfortunately. For ambiance: I think we are looking for somewhere with a bit of atmosphere, not too quiet or romantic, since we will be 7 girls there on a Stagette, but also not too casual. We would like to dress up for the evening and have some great food, wine and good service. I hope that clears it up for you. If you have any other questions, just shoot!
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