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  1. How about changing it slowly like making flavored whipped cream or cool whip... with chopped mint or almond extract or anything else. or lemon zest or lime zest. It would make a difference to what you have already and it's not that much more expensive. Or sprinkle some toasted nuts to it. Almonds, pine nuts, walnut... I'll try to think of some other things and come back to this.
  2. Knife work, mystery basket and another time, trailed someone on the line
  3. Why not make basil oil for flavor and finer texture
  4. Ask the kitchen next door if they have an oven key because its locked ask for a left handed whisk or saute pan... take your pick.. it's funny
  5. heck yeah! this will my first time watching from the beginning.. didn't have the technology before and couldn't watch due to conflicting schedules ..
  6. HYoungJoo


    I had skate that was sauteed.. it doesn't take long. served with butter caper sauce. I think skate goes well with aioli or a hollandaise sauce... more of the fatty sauces I guess.
  7. OK, dumb question: Do I eat the flower buds? K ←
  8. HYoungJoo

    Doritos X-13D

    It tastes like a cross between a cheeseburger and a hotdog
  9. If garlic spears are what I think it is, it's used for banchan (side dish) in Korean cuisine among other things. The stems are pickled, cut into bite size lengths and then tossed in a chili power, garlic, seasame, seasame oil, sugar mixture. I've seen some recipes where it's incorporated into stir fry. I remember it was one of my favorite banchan because the garlic flavor is subtle and the crispy texture made it fun to eat.
  10. I graduated from culinary school just last year. I would say when I started, I had no clue what I was getting into but I don't regret a single moment of it. For those just entering culinary school (of course it depends on the school), it's all about taking advantage of what the school offers. If you do that - drilling teachers with questions, asking for before or after school help, badgering instructors to show things not in the syllabus, joining clubs or competitions - it will all pay off. I heard from some people after graduation and many of them decided it wasn't their cup of tea. The financial strain was hard on them but it was also a life lesson .. As long as you make the most of it, school can never be a waste of time.
  11. I'm going to start working in a brand new restaurant in about 2 months. I would love to hear how your plans go and compare. It's something something I've never done so I'm excited. I'm sure you are excited about your new adventure as well.
  12. I used a food mill for fruits like raspberry with the smallest disk available and it was able to catch the seeds. Does your food mill come with different size disks?
  13. I've had quite a few meals at the google cafe. They have a good variety of food- ranging from chinese to indian to mexican and so on. It does seem to stay pretty constant but occasionally they will switch it up with side buffets of rack of lamb, lobsters and such. I think they tend to go through freshman 15 the first year. The no name cafe has more healthy stuff I think and I learn a lot walking through there. They seem to have enough people to fill everything up in a timely manner so the quality is great.
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