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  1. having eaten at Anthony's sevral times, some great, some not so, i'm very saddened to hear this news. Having said that, the last time i went was a valentines day treat with a stay ina hotel and brunch the next day at the piazza. dinner was ok at best service was pretty shoddy (my then fiancee was a restaurant manager, picked up on loads of problems and faults!) and the brunch at the piazza was simply terrible on every level. Don't get me wrong i've taken some very good chef's and FOH staff and they have all said how impressed they were. However, in recent years the likes of Sat Bains, Glynn Purnell et al have simply surpassed Mr. Flinn by miles. Sad times though, and very sorry to see the business fail, although i'm sure he will be back.
  2. The last time I ate here it was the short lived Nico Ladenis restaurant, a very memorable meal, even with the hang over from eating at holbeck ghyll the night before!! I'm very much looking forward to eating here again, about time Manchester had a really good high end place to eat!
  3. The food will never set the world on fire, but it is solid cooking. Not everyone wants the 'modern' take on food, and just because it has a star that is not what should always be expected; look at st John for example. I admit I have had disappointing and expensive dinners here, but it is up there with other 1 stars in terms of quality, service etc. Just interested tim6, where are you working that is so miles in front??
  4. Almost forgot, the Church Green at Lymm has raised its game scince the begining of the year and is certainly a contender.
  5. Anthony's must surely get a * this time! Are the people at the red book completely mad!? LCS was probably the worst meal of any * level I've eaten (including the fantastic tasting dessert, terrible/no presentation), although i'm sure everyone has an off day, not at this level! Has anyone else noticed that the water tastes like bleach, as does the bottled 'mineral water'? A filter for the whole supply can't be that expensive! On the up side Marcus Wareing should get 3, 21212 will prob get 1, as will Abode Manchester.
  6. Just booked a belated birthday lunch for the Missus and I in december. Really looking forward to it, the last star rated meal was at le campagnon sauvage, and if i'm honest was a little bit of a let down. I'm sure Mr. Purnell will deliver!
  7. Seconded. ← I think he will be remembered as the gobshite that could cook.........! He should apply to go on Kitchen nightmares.... ← Lol!, with Marco facing up the programme!!
  8. Funny that, I got about halfway down this page and started thinking 'Fergus would be perfect for this!' and there you go, beat me to it. He would not only bring a few of the pretentious plates down to earth but would give the judges panel what it needs - a British chef cooking British food.
  9. Thanks for this! I am still on the look out and will keep you updated! Alex
  10. I am trying to find a supply of fresh yuzu in the UK. Does anyone know of anyone who imports and or stocks it? Thanks.
  11. I will always make the journey from where ever I am in London to comptoir gascon for a mille fuille and a kugelhopf, then up to islington for amedi chocolate from Paul A. Young. God, that's made me want some now! Shame I'm in Sheffield!!
  12. are you looking to buy one or make one yourself?
  13. Mr Grant, I am indeed extremly jealous! i would love a copy of those dvd's!
  14. Cheers Harters, sounds like you had a good 'office do'. having had the pleasure of working with Simon I know that he is an extremly talented chef. If he was not in the north I'm sure he would have more recognition (it is however rumored that he may get his second star next year). I have every intenetion of eating there soon, possibly for my birthday in early march, I shall let you know how my visit fairs. Alex
  15. La grande bouffe is a current fave, but the cook the thief his wife and her lover is an all time classic.
  16. A company in sheffield called Keylink specialise in all things chocolate and definately do acitate. I'm think their web address is www.keylink.org but not sure. they do mail order, but I think they have a minimum amount. Alex
  17. I have found over the years that many filleting knives are a little too 'bendy' for me. I do think this is a personal thing and therfore it is best that you go and feel a few for yourself. i would start with gustav or wustof, they retain their edge well and will last you a lifetime. The best filleting knife I have is the cheapest one I ever bought and must be 17 years old now. It was from Russums in Rotherham and is 'Smithfield' which is a Sheffield brand, although I have used them scince and they have horrible plastic handles and the steel seems diffrent. As I have said it is very personal, any good knife stockist should let you get a feel for them in the shop and cut something. As for sharpening, a good diamond steel, preferably the same make as the knife is recommended.
  18. Had the set lunch at the Capital last week, excellent value for money, the service was superb. Highly recommended, £29 for three courses.
  19. I tend to agree with a lot of the comments here. I spent 4 years as pastry chef at a 1* restaurant and got little in the way of recognition, probably because it wasn't in London. I have recently looked in to opening a 'proper' patisserie in Sheffield but have so far been put off by high rents and a lack of skilled labour in the area. Also the general public seem more than happy to put up with the avarage quality stuff churned out by Delice de france and the like as apposed to the true artisan product that, yes, you probably will have to pay a bit more for, but it is worth it!
  20. That is exactly our policy, we aim to serve the best ingredients(at our targeted level) in a simple style, still with an absolute eye on quality, with good, friendly service and an excellent knowledge of what we have to offer. That is why I was asking, we are extending in a couple of months and I would be interested in seeing what is happening in a restaurant of simular standing that is outside of London (and, most importantly, in the glorious north!) Alex
  21. Funnily enough I ordered a case of tangerines this morning to make some marmalade with, possibly with the addition of a spot of whisky and some limes. Any further suggestions?
  22. This all sounds good. I might have to take a trip over the hills in the next couple of weeks... Thom, It all sounds rather cheap for what you ate, are these introductory prices or can I expect to pay under £70 for two? Alex
  23. Thanks Naebody. i've been to St. John on more than a few occasions and would normally just book it and go there, but am looking to try somwhere else for a change. Great Queen Street sounds good, and is handily on our tube route back to St Pancras. I may well give that a try. Medcalf may also be worth a look, if only for a nibble and a drink! Cheers.
  24. I am in London for the Wine plus event next week and am looking for a good place to eat. I was pondering on Number Twelve in the Ambassador,Bloomsbury. Has anyone eaten there recently or have any other suggestions along the 'modern British' lines? Thanks Alex
  25. Surely Iron chef has to be one of the most amusing food shows on tv at the moment! A pro masterchef though, I am sure that will be very interesting, and probably amusing....
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