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  1. I made a blueberry compote, and used a flan/ring mold for an individual cheesecake. I had to adjust the amount of liquid in compote after the first bake because it made the crust a little soggy. But after adjustments were made I have a nice blueberry cheesecake that the chef/owner loves, and he's not a dessert guy. Thanks.
  2. I am looking for a citrus souffle recipe in which the method of creating the base is more like a bechamel sauce instead of a pastry cream. The end result can hold up for an extended time and doesn't need to be used right away even when whites are added.
  3. TonyC.


    I am looking for a rhubarb panna cotta recipe. I found one, but it has sour cream in it which is ok, but I plan on serving it with a creme fraiche soup. Does anyone have a recipe without sour cream in it? Or maybe I could substitute the sour cream with mascarpone...here's the recipe: 2 cups rhubarb puree 1 cup sour cream 3 tablespoons confectioners sugar 2 (¼-oz) envelopes ½ cup whole milk ¼ cup heavy cream Thanks for your help.
  4. I called Daniel, someone in the pastry kitchen was very helpful. It is a sweet, coconut and curried flavored cremuex. I thought it was a sauce. I wanted to ask for a recipe, but chickened out...I'll have to play around with it and see what I come up with.
  5. This intrigues me, it is (or was as it is from the late Summer menu) served with Crunchy Succes, Poached Pineapple, Passion Fruit Chiboust, Lychee Sorbet. Anyone tried the coconut curry cream? Any idea how it is made??
  6. How did they make the panna cotta in a tube shape? Latex or vinyl tubing? That would seem wasteful having to cut into it after each use. (You will see under the comments that I have asked this question directly.) Thanks in advance for your input. http://ideasinfood.typepad.com/ideas_in_fo...-pepper-pa.html
  7. I think that culinary school in general will provide coverage of basic and classic techniques, help with your organizational skills and improve your sanitation awareness. Like anything, you will get what you put into it. I wanted a culinary degree and feel that the investment of time and money continues to pay off. Good luck whatever you decide.
  8. That's great, I can't wait to try it. But to complete my understanding, how long do the raspberries last and in what creative ways have you used them? Thanks for sharing!
  9. This was mentioned (April '07 Food Arts) in a dessert created by Christophe Michalak. Has anyone ever done this? How is it done? Can't get my head completely around it...
  10. TonyC.

    Fruit Powders

    I read where a chef was using them to flavor/color tuiles. I am going to use raspberry powder for flavor and color in a sugar disk in a napoleon.
  11. I pulled out a recipe idea on page 59 (isomalt brittle) but I don't have the preceding page which tells which restaurant it came from. I tried it yesterday and would like to contact the pastry chef with a few questions. If someone still has this issue and can tell me the name of the restaurant with menu previews on page 59 I would really appreciate it.
  12. Thanks for all the great suggestions, I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. TonyC.

    Tonka Beans

    You can buy them in Canada and on a couple of sites (Botanical.com, Mountainroseherbs.com) but Monterey Bay Spice Company has a lot of information on the site and knowledgeable reps. when you call. A friend brought me some from a spice shop in Ireland, I made a tonka bean panna cotta, very interesting flavor.
  14. TonyC.

    Tonka Beans

    I was on a quest to find tonka beans and confirm that it was ok to use them, I was gently advised by Judy at Terra Spice not to use them and that the FDA was getting involved at restaurants that were using them. Not worth it.
  15. The plate will feature orange, fennel and licorice; an orange ganache would work, but I think licorice ganache would be interesting. So I'm looking for a definite but subtle licorice flavor as opposed to an anise flavor. And I really want to be able to whip the ganache as I see it as a quenelle 'garnish' on the plate. Of the licorice flavored liqueurs that come to mind, Pernod, Sambuca, Ouzo, Galliano, which will produce the best results? Any advantage liqueur vs. extract? Thanks for the input so far, it is greatly appreciated.
  16. Does anyone have a recipe for licorice ganache that can be whipped for use in a plated dessert? I have looked online, and done a search on egullet without much success. Thanks in advance.
  17. TonyC.


    Right on Ned! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Chika and Don are doing a fantastic job. Her plates are beautiful, her flavors are interesting, subtle and she's fun to watch.
  18. I am working on a dessert with cheesecake in two ways, one creamy and the other lighter, more like a mousse. I would also like to be able to freeze the mousse version for even more contrast. I have found a few cheesecake mousse recipes online, they seem ok, but I would really like to be able to dispense the mousse version from an ISI whip cream dispenser. Any help, suggestions would be appreciated.
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