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  1. Seems quite pricey for a piece of chainmail but the problem with using steel wool is that it scratches off seasoning quite easily. I've read around and the reviews seem to be pretty good. Right now I am using the oil and salt method, occasionally with some crumpled aluminum foil, but there are some charred spots on the pan that can't quite seem to get out
  2. So the mystery is slowly unraveling... I communicated with Kuhn Rikon and after some back and forth, it turns out the main valve I have is a pre-1998 model, which has two holes on the top, as opposed to the new valve, which only has one hole. According to Kuhn Rikon that might be the reason why the valve was venting. For some reason, the indicator stem cap is from the newer model but the valve itself is the old model, which is why from quick glance it seemed like the valve matched the pressure cooker model but it really didn't. I checked the pot itself and the manufacturing date on the bottom is from January 1999. So there was definitely a switch up, maybe from manufacturing error, but most likely an unscrupulous ebay seller (no surprises). This is something I suspected back in my December post on this thread, and now it seems to be confirmed. I could have saved myself all this trouble if I just gave them a call . I am going to send in my lid to have them inspect it for any other problems to get this year long ordeal over with once and for all. Laura, thank you so much for sticking with me this entire time and answering all my questions, it has been an educational experience!
  3. takadi

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    LOL! I think you are my palate twin
  4. This might derail a little but let me ask this. What is the point of making any stock with bones when the stuff around/inside the bones (meat, fat, cartilage, tendon) provides all the flavor? It seems that other than getting a pile of bones for free, it'd be better to just use scraps instead?
  5. It hissed before, just not as much. I was able to suppress the hissing a bit by spinning the indicator around, but in retrospect I highly doubt that did anything. For some reason now it is hissing discernibly more than it used to. I wish I had a better recording device...I recorded that on my iphone 4 and it does not do justice to how loud the hissing actually is. Though it hissed before, as you said in a previous post, some hissing and venting is normal, so I ignored it for most of the year since I did not really have another frame of reference. However, Chris says he has a similar model and his is completely silent without zero venting...so I'm not sure what to make of that. I have emailed Kuhn Rikon and will probably give them a call later. As for my cooktop, I am using a gas stove. I clean the cooker by hand with regular liquid dish detergent and hot water and a sponge. Sometimes I take apart the valve parts and I rinse the parts with cold water and a tiny bit of soap.
  6. I was trying to provide a reference point for how the hissing sounds like. It hisses despite me fiddling around with it anyway, as I tried to illustrate at the end of the video. I recorded a video without jiggling it and it was difficult to distinguish the hissing as ambient noise. Two, I would do this before and as I said, the hissing would die down a little, not completely. However, doing it this time did not result in anything. Perhaps jiggling it before was a placebo effect and only resulted in an aesthetic difference in venting, not anything substantial. I definitely know it vented before because it would fill the house with aromas quite quickly. Unfortunately I bought this used off of ebay. Would Kuhn RIkon still work with me to get this fixed? I have no idea what could cause this unless this is what it's supposed to sound like, which obviously you say it should not. The pressure valve doesn't have many moving parts... I have replaced the gasket, the safety valve, and the spring, so the only parts left are the indicator stem, the valve itself, and the metal fastener ring. The parts that are left, including the lid itself, are solid metal, so I don't understand what could go wrong where the indicator stem was unable to seal the valve, unless I'm missing a gasket. Also, I noticed that when doing a natural release, steam would randomly spit out of the safety valve as it was about to fully release pressure (indicator valve still popped up but with the lowest psi notch already below)
  7. takadi

    Bone-in Steaks

    I always knew 100 percent bone stock resulted in a light tasting broth but it is disappointing to learn from your tests that bones are almost worthless flavor-wise, especially considering that I've hoarded quite a bit of grass-fed beef bones.
  8. The hissing at 15 psi has gotten much worse and I have no idea what's causing it. Before, I could jiggle the indicator a bit and the hissing would die down but now it continually hisses just like before. This is with a safety valve and valve gasket replaced last year. I posted a video to show how it sounds like. The air seems to be coming from the holes in the valve rather than through the gasket where the valve meets the lid or from the safety valve (tested with a metal spoon). Is this supposed to happen? I can feel the steam coming through them and I can smell the aromas escaping from them. It makes the house smell good but I thought the point of an unvented pressure cooker was to keep the aromas inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6VLcMk9qIc&feature=youtu.be
  9. takadi

    Bone-in Steaks

    Were these raw bones or cooked bones?
  10. The only way truly know if it's an heirloom is to plant the seed for several generation and see if it ends up being the same tomato.
  11. I definitely do the fish sauce thing when no one is looking. A few drops in mashed potatoes and no one will know, while everything will be asking "Mmm what is in this?". Unfortunately I do have one supertaster who is particularly sensitive to fishy tastes, so he will *always* spoil the fun and reveal to everyone that I used fish sauce in something
  12. Sounds like you had a hell of a time! I absolutely love super hot wok cooking, better than fireworks. And when you manage to successfully stir-fry your food at super high heat without burning your foods (and yourself) the flavor is incomparable. Your pan was probably so hot that there was probably some trapped air or water beneath the starch marinade and the rapid expansion due to heat caused the explosion. Did the oil light on fire too? For super hot wok cooking like this, I would recommend parboiling or precooking everything before hand so that the ingredients all cook at the same time. Everything goes so fast that you will end up burning everything if you just add raw ingredients and expect them to cook through. . As as you experienced, adding the raw meat with marinade can result in some hazards. The point of the wok that is this hot is to provide rapid caramelization and intensify release of aromas, not necessarily to cook all the way through. For meats that are marinaded in starches I like "velveting" them beforehand to precook them and to make sure the starches in the marinade don't stick and burn to the pan. Shallow frying some ingredients at lower temps beforehand can help with the "drying" process so the outside isn't too wet when it touches the hot wok.
  13. I just looked up the Ohio stoneware crock. When you talk about a drain notch, are you talking about that little "U" notch on top of the outer lip of the crock? I haven't gotten around to making a second batch yet but I'll make sure to keep this in mind when I do it. Also, can you elaborate on what you mean by sulfiting my airlock water. Is that a sterilizing agent?
  14. Except I think she tries to convince herself that this isn't an attempt at "kowtowing" to more western conventions...but in fact that's why it's even worth mentioning in in the first place. Why make comparisons to the French Laundry if this isn't a step in that direction? It's more or less the same high-end food that has been made in China for millenia but through a lens more palatable to the western elite....or rather, a new chinese elite that is becoming more westernized and expecting more western presentation
  15. To comment on the article, many uses of the word "international", including here, is usually code for "western". High end "haute" cuisine has always existed in China, it's just that they don't fit what the western elite defines as "high end" . The fact that the only two cities in China to even make a blip on the map are the former colonies of Macau and Hong Kong and of all the restaurants in those cities, the French one makes the list, says everything
  16. http://ketodietapp.com/Blog/post/2013/03/03/The-Obesity-Epidemic-and-the-Truth-about-Cholesterol As mentioned in a previous post, fats in moderation are a diabetic's friend, not enemy. It sates appetite and allows for slower release of energy. Wheat, even whole wheat, has some of the highest glycemic indices of all foods. Potatoes, if it should be eaten at all, should have an ample amount of fat in it
  17. I don't necessarily have poor results, just disappointed that I paid a good chunk of money for a product that promises something and doesn't deliver. I've been making yogurt many times with the proofer and I adjust time accordingly to the temperature. I think it's better that it's colder than the stated temperature than hotter. That being said, my complaints were actually addressed by the owner of the company, Michael Taylor. He was very attentive to detail and considerate and he is actually going out of his way to find a unit in the factory that has good temperature settings. He's not sure why these units have been coming in with different temperatures, as it probably is due to manufacturing errors/differences. According to him, making a proof that is accurate to tenths of a degree would make this unit cost several times more....though I found that comment strange because the website only guaranteed to 2 degrees accuracy, which would be perfectly fine for me. Anyway, if I don't get an accurate unit, he offered to give me a full refund. Product might not be top notch but customer service really is
  18. Avoid carbs in general and large portions. Pastas, particularly dried extruded pastas are okay for diabetics but avoid fresh pastas and things like raviolis and lasagna. Make up for the missing carbs by using more fats, particularly monosaturated fats like olive oil.
  19. Just want to comment on this. On their website, Brod and Taylor guarantees that the temperature variance should at most be 2 degrees. They also make it known that the unit is calibrated not for air temperature but for the temperature of the contents. That being said I did the recommended test they have on their website. A quarter cup of water in a metal cup, placed in the center on the rack on 84 degrees F for 60 minutes. Three tests averaged out to 81 degrees. Did the same test except at 120 degrees F. The results were even worse, with the temps at 110 degrees. I called them up and they sent a new unit. Tested this unit out using the same test. 84 degrees measured at 88 degrees F. 120 degrees measured at 128 degrees F. The unit they sent was even worse. I called them again and they said an "engineer" would call me up to speak to me, but for a unit that is 148 dollars but is made in China and is consistently inaccurate, I'm thinking about returning this and getting something else.
  20. How often do Victorinox knives need to be sharpened? Do they take well to sharpening? How well does the edge hold to things like bone (chicken, pork, not beef)
  21. That looks incredible. I got that blue green mold too when I was curing duck prosciutto. It happens when there's too much humidity, so I suspect you probably used too much cheese cloth. Don't quote me on this but I believe that mold isn't particularly dangerous. I remember seeing pictures somewhere of salumi hanging in a shop with that color mold running along the sides with mostly the safe powdery white mold. As long as you cut off most of it you should be fine (I'm still alive!). Did you eat it raw or cooked?
  22. I was referring to the product from the honestfoods site
  23. That is exactly what I thought, which is why this left me completely confounded for a while. But it's no joke, the water seal was being sucked into the crock. No way it could have evaporated completely after two days. The funny thing is that the water started to get sucked in about three days into fermentation. So I suspect something else is happening. I could clearly see bubbles, just that every day I came back to check, the water seal was extremely low then just disappeared. I could tell it was being sucked in because it was obvious that the water level was rising inside the crock. I filled up the water only until it barely covered the weights...after a while the weights were covered in an inch of water.
  24. Amoy has/had an oyster sauce with dried scallops in it that was just divine, It had a very intense "bivalve" flavor that was just amazing. Unfortunately I haven't seen it sold in my local asian groceries in a very long time. I tried looking it up online and it is nowhere to be found... I suspect Amoy has discontinued it. Oh well
  25. Oyster extract is listed as the very last ingredient in their ingredient list. Sounds to me that this brand is more befitting of the McDonald's comparison
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