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    Pastry Gems ?

    Thanks for your help and tips Pam . I am using a pastry flour I think I will mix the margarine and gems 50/50 for the layering and see how it goes. Daz
  2. Hi I am new to pastry making I made my first puff pastry on the weekend and was happy with the result but theres plenty of room for improvement. I used butter in my first pastry and now im trying a bakers margarine and bakers gems I know the margarine and gems are used in the same pastry mix but i cant find much info on pastry gems E.G when you add the gems are they used for laying or mixed with the margarine etc any ideas ? heres a pic of the gems Thanks Daz
  3. Thanks for ya help XiaoLing ... your hotpot looks awesome..will its frezzzing over here So a nice hotpot will go down well.... Thanks for your help and ideas Dale
  4. Hi Im looking at doing a chinese hotpot at home..Ive never had one before only seen pics of them on the net...Can anyone help with types of Marinated meats and veg used etc. and also what types of oils of broths are used in the pot Thanks Daza
  5. Thanks for the ideas all ive got half my hearts marinating to grill over charcoal and the rest im not sure if im going to do XiaoLings recipe or hzrt8w so ill have to sleep on it... Thanks again all Dale
  6. Yum thankyou so much, i think ill grill them over charcoal what do you think? Dale
  7. Thanks for that Kent i think i would like a hot dish with a nice sauce Dale
  8. Hi Has anyone got a nice chinese chicken heart recipe ive searched google and the forum but ive had no luck Thanks Dale
  9. I get so hungry reading this thread I would love to do the trip you are on Peter...... Top work Dale
  10. Cheers Pat mmmm that tuna dish looks great . The Sichuan i have here does look the same as your pic. So they must have improved over here i found two seeds in the pack i wonder how hard it is to grow. It looks like quite a big tree. Fresh Sichuan pepper corns Thanks for the great spice link too. Dale
  11. Yea i must say there a crazy little spice i think i might up the amount i put in dishes
  12. Thanks for ya help people well i put one ground Sichuan pepper in my mouth and im getting all those effects so i guess they might not be to bad. I look forward to your article Pat.. after about 15mins the fizzyness is dropping in the mouth a little Dale
  13. Yes i do roast them maybe i should be adding more to the dishes . So in a jar would you say they smell stronger than black pepper or same, less ,or more ?
  14. I think im missing something from the sichuan pepper corns over here... Most recipes i have been doing are only asking for 1tsp of crushed sichuan. I dont seem to get much flavor from it im starting to think its old and not fresh enough. Ive heard of sichuan numming the mouth.. So how much smell does it have when you shiff it and how strong is it in your dishes you cook? Thanks Dale
  15. Wow im keen to make one of those.... yea some nice long welding gloves would be good to get the naan in there. Nice work wheres the food pics Dale
  16. Thankyou so much for your help people im doing a trial of Eileen yin-Fei Lo Char siu pork before the weekend i think this could be a nice starter what do you think? Now the pickled vegetables sound nice. Hmmmmm Char Siu pork and pickled vegetables could be good ?..... Ok whats in the lettuce package i can see tasty meat with sesame seeds on the top ... I love meat. Oh one more thing in the Char sin recipe it called for 1 1/2 cake of preserved bean curd i found a jar in the asian shop the curd is in salt, sesame oil,cooking wine will this be ok? it tastes abit like salty cheese not to bad its the first time ive tryed it Thanks Dale
  17. Yes Chinese ingredients are abit limited but we can order most stuff one guest is not a big fan of fish... So will have to pass on the dried fish Dale
  18. Ive got two dinner guests coming for dinner on the weekend im making Mu shu pork and Anise Chicken for the mains has anyone got some ideas on two reasonably quick starters to go with these dishes Thanks Dale
  19. Hmmm my 18" wok does not fit in my oven looks like another Method for me
  20. why does the wok need to be put upside down in the oven? why not up the right way to stop the drip marks?
  21. Did you get this book for 90c Dale? ← No my friend i was not that lucky it cost me $50 nz landed and over here in the book shops its $98 .. All these food pics in this forum gets me hungy so im off to order this from the asian shop 玫瑰露酒 Mei Kuei Chiew 紅米醋 Red rice vinegar 菇豉油 mushroom soy sauce 雙 深豉油 double dark soy sauce Have fun Dale
  22. My new cookbook turned up today ( Chinese Kitchen by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo ) Thanks to this forum and the topic on your Favorite cookbooks. and im sure there will be more to come. Wow what a awesome book ive hardly read a recipe im still Drooling over the infused oils . I must say the stuffed boned chicken looks outstanding and im going to make it on the weekend. I also want to make Mu Shu Pork (muk see yuk) one Ingredient asked for is tiger lily buds, i found in the asian shop Dried lily flowers will these be ok ? I got a pork dish from a chinese take out and the pork was sliced thin it had a red outter edge and a redish tinge to it does anyone know what it my be marinated in. I was thinking of marinating the pork in this to use in the Mu Shu Pork Thanks Dale
  23. Thanks for your help people yum some great ideas and links I did do a google search but i was keen to ask the forum you guys and girls would have been around a wok more than me. Thanks again Dale
  24. Hi There ground pork shrimps soy sauce sesame oil scallions ginger chestnuts szechwan peppers rice wine etc and yes fried Thanks Dale
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