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  1. A year ago I got a bunch of Katahdin ewe lambs with which to train my Border Collies. My ewes are now one year olds with lambs at heel. Is there a market for field raised lamb in the DC area? Can I turn my hobby into something that might pay a little back? What would you want in farm raised lambs? Any suggestions as to how I go about getting rid of some of these things?
  2. Is it this? (Minus the circles and arrows )
  3. I'll second Fat Guy on this. Parmalat Pomi tomatoes are the bomb. "Strained" is actually tomato sauce, completely smooth. I've been using the roughly chopped ones to make Jayme's salsa almost every other day, but they are fabulous cooked down for pasta sauces, too. Tomatoes, not chemicals and salt. And no tinny taste. Yum yum yum. (Thanks Jaymes, I particularly love the part of your recipe that says, "Wait, no onion? Maybe Jaymes has never heard of onions, poor guy.")
  4. oh my god, that's hysterical.... I'd need a keg
  5. Here is an example of the kinds of things I am reading in the mainstream media as pertains to this. From MSNBC The article goes on to quote the govt as saying "some chickens probably in the human food supply, but risk is low".Don't know about you guys, but if I am frying up tenders for my respective kid, I want a freaking ZERO chance. I'm sure you do too. Eat organic! Buy local! Read labels! Cheers!
  6. There was a new FDA alert issued last night for all vegetable protein products originating in China. HUMAN FOOD CHAIN ingredients included. Apparently, "enriching" the protein with melamine is a known phenomena in China. Please feed yourselves and your kids wisely. Maybe it's worth heaving stuff you aren't sure about. FDA IMPORT ALERT IA9929
  7. I married my British boyfriend without meeting his parents. I was 18 and oh so stupid... When they finally came to visit us for the first time, I was a nervous wreck. I wanted to have something made ahead of time so they could tuck in right from the airport and then get to bed. I was afraid they'd be exhausted. We lived in a teeny flat in NYC, we didn't even have a proper kitchen, we had one of those efficiency kitchens that snap into a closet. The table was literally two steps from the kitchen. I didn't want to deal with a big mess the first night, either. So I made "homemade lasgane"...plastic cheese, jarred sauce, in an icky aluminium tray. Extra water so I didn't have to cook the noodles ahead of time. Browned ground beef I didn't drain. Bought a loaf of bread, a day or two before. Bag O' Iceberg. Bottled dressing with a fancy label. I was killer, I tell you. ON. IT. I reheated the lasange until the first layer of noodles was unbreakable with a knife. I tossed the garlic bread under the broiler while I was serving the lasagne. It took me a few minutes to work up the nerve to just THRUST the knife through the noodles, at which point I also drove the thing right through the aluminium pan, causing major leakage because apparently I'd added about 17 extra cups of noodle-cooking water. As I was using wads of paper towels to mop up the greasy lasagne water, I saw smoke leaking out of the oven door. The garlic bread was on fire. I tossed the paper towels into the sink to free up my hands, and pulled the flaming garlic bread out of the oven, only to freak and throw it into the sink, onto the pile of greasy paper towles, which then also promptly caught fire. Once we put the fire out, we ate Bag O'Iceberg and chinese. The following night, I painfully broiled some steaks under the little single watt broiler in my snap-in kitchen. It turned out that althought it did a fabulous job of melting the seal on the refridgerator which was three and a half millimeters from the element, it did not actually cook meat. So after spending about an hour and half trying to broil these things, I finally served up a platter of curled up, dry crusty leather. And as I did it, I dropped them all on the floor. We ate out for every single meal I ever shared with them, after that. My m-i-l died before she was able to find peace with the fact I could accidentally poison her son at any moment. She really didn't need to worry. He's that stalwart variety of Englishman who would cheerfully eat a Ploughman's for every. single. meal. Unless it was breakfast and then it had to be be beans on toast but even I could manage that.
  8. On bees: "This is Mother Nature's Way of saying, 'Can you hear me now?" ~ Bill Maher
  9. I have to confess, I am really, really puzzled at the lack of interest in this. It seems to me a discussion worthy topic when a load of known-to-be-poisoned dog food ends up in the human food chain, given that where all those pigs went is still unknown and that there are still some big questions about how and why this contamination happened and whether it has now been contained is still in question. I thought if nothing else we'd see some of discussion about buying whole, locally or the joys and sorrows of a global economy. Well. That's that then. I'll just go put the kettle on...
  10. I have stopped cooking breakfast on the weekends because most of the time we are scattered by breakfast time. During the week it has to be stuff I can have done in 15 minute or less. I love cooking all y'all's menus for Sunday dinner, though, and let me tell you, fried rice never sounded so good.
  11. I'm guessing "the grain of salt" means you don't think it's worth worrying about. I'm a tad worried, I'll confess. Not all systems red, but enough to throw my custom cut bacon in the freezer until I ring the butcher and ask... I'd love to hear why you don't think it's necessary to worry. I really am not trying to be a worry monger, but there's a lot of dead animals, yummy bacon pigs included. And the FDA recalls are real. So help a bacon craving chickie out and tell me why it's bullshit to check it out.
  12. I am kind of surprised I haven't seen this on here. Maybe this is not the right spot and if it isn't, I apologize. Just in case y'all are not aware, there is a huge pet food recall happening globally. Essentially, various grain glutens have been adulterated with a product called melamine, which is poisonous to most of the living things you'd pet in the course of a day, including your kids and partners. Up until a few days ago, the problem was thought to be limited to pet food. This is no longer the case. Below is part of one random article. There are many more if you use Google News. I don't mean to be an alarmist but forewarned is forearmed, right? Here is the FDA's link about the dog food recall. At this point, they don't seem to have anything on line about the pork, but I expect it's because it's the weekend. I wish I'd thought to post this before y'all made breakfast this morning. Well, anyway... Mercury News Take good care and support your local CSA! Cheers, Celia
  13. No, not really. It's been a long time since I've had HP sauce but it was almost sweet. Like a smooth chutney, if that makes any sense. In the Mid Atlantic area, Giant and Martin's carry HP sauce. I'm sure you can buy it online, too.
  14. Because she was naked or because she was eating a stick of butter? ← Maybe it was the way she ate the stick of butter. Just sayin'.
  15. Inko's makes a bottled, unsweetened honeysuckle iced tea that is wonderful. The honeysuckle flavour is "honeysuckle extract". I'd love to know where to get some.
  16. We were set up. We each had a coffee and some kind of pastry at Politics and Prose. The first meal he made me was homemade chicken soup on a quilt in front of a fire. I thought it was a pretty good try for a guy who forgets to eat if he's not reminded. The first meal I made him was breakfast the following morning. As I recall he was taken with my taters..Pommes Anna. I just think they are so pretty that way, with herbs between the layers. The real test of the relationship came about six months later when I set his kitchen on fire.
  17. pax

    Dutch baby

    I guess I have been making Dutch Babies for years not knowing it. I do mine in a cast iron skillet. Preheat the skillet, naked...(skillet, not you), and when it's hot, take it out and put it on a high heat, put in the butter which takes about two seconds to melt, wait till it's done frothing, pour in batter, when the edges set pour your fruit over the top, stick back in oven and bake as normal. The fruit sinks down, but as the bottom crust is already formed, it doesn't stick to the bottom. I've always thought of them as berry-toads-in-a-hole and I guess I've called them that often enough that my kids call it "Berry Toad". Yummy. I made some Sunday thanks to this thread. With blueberries, and lemon honey butter.
  18. My Dad was the meat buyer for a huge grocery chain for two decades. He is now the national meat buyer for a company that does just high end restaurants. I rely on a box of frozen yummy stuff to show up on my doorstep at regular intervals, thanks to him. He asked me one Thanksgiving if I wanted a turkey, and I told him I'd already ordered one from the butcher, and he and I had a chat about frozen vs fresh meat. He said he would never eat poultry or ground meat (from a grocery store) that was NOT shipped frozen. He said it's hair raising, keeping fresh poultry refridgerated correctly in transit, and accidents happen more than anyone knows. Either frozen, or dripping blood and still warm, he said. So I guess if I weren't buying it off the boat, "re-fresh" doesn't bother me so much. I don't expect anyone to take Dad's second hand word as gospel, but it was a light bulb moment for me so...I'm sharing it, fwiw.
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