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  1. So I often marinate meat in a shallow dish in the fridge for just an hour or two...Is it necessary too cover the dish with plastic wrap? Is it about keeping the meat from drying out or absorbing flavours from other stuff in the fridge? TIA.
  2. With the BGE are you using indirect heat? If so, how many racks can you fit?
  3. It's in Canada, where the dollar is almost the same as the USA.
  4. I'm curious what is appropriate to tip on delivery food? Does it really need to be a % of the bill? What if the place charges $5 for delivery and it is not that far at all?
  5. Looks like I'll just stick with my plain Lodge cast iron pan...it's seasoned pretty nicely and I've just gotten used to dealing with it.
  6. Why do you feel the need for "pronounced grill marks"? It's not adding to the flavor (just cosmetics), and you'll probably make a better steak with a non-ridged cast iron pan... ← Good question...yes, I want the grill marks for looks. I just find a steak to be so much more appatizing with those cross-hatch marks. It may not taste better, but in my head it does.
  7. Thanks for the input guys...even though I'm more confused now=).
  8. I need a skillet primarily for steak that I can make pronounced grill marks with. I have heard that ridged cast iron skillets from lodge are a pain in the you-know-what to clean so that is not for me. The Le Creuset has some sort of coating and I'm wondering if it is easy to clean and leaves nice grill marks? I don't mind spending the extra $$ for this skillet since it should last forever.
  9. That looks great markk. This is what I did and it turned out excellent, duck breast is super easy. Slashed fat Salt & pepper Cooked fat side down in cast iron skillet medium heat for 6 mins Turned over, cooked on stovetop for another minute or two Into oven at 400 til meat reached 120 Rested for about 10 mins Cooked to perfection...thanks for the tips folks.
  10. Thank you...do you think I should use a cast iron skillet or non-stick? I figure not to add any oil or butter as the duck should release plenty of fat?
  11. Never prepared one, seen it done on the tele...here is what I plan to do let me know if there is anything I need to change...thanks. Slash fat (criss-cross pattern) Season salt & pepper...anything else recommended? Sear fat side down for 2-3 minutes on stove top medium high Turn over and put in oven at 400 til it reaches an internal temp of 120ish Let rest for about 5 minutes and slice it up.
  12. Hey folks, I could use a book with info on veg mainly in terms of proper storage, how long it's good for etc...not so much how its cooked...TIA.
  13. Jan. I think your instincts are correct. Cut the meat into a thick steak. Bring it to room temp and sear it on very high heat for one minute on a side. This makes for a wonderful steak. Tim ← This is exactly what I did...16oz slab brought to room temp, seared for about 1 minute per side on high heat on the Weber...cooked still under medium not bad at all.
  14. Oh I was way off I only have a 16oz slab plus about 16oz in two ribs. Thanks for the suggestion Nibor but I'm too lazy and lacking ingrediants for a sauce tonight.
  15. I have a good 24oz leftover slab from the weekend...not sure how to re-heat without overcooking it. It was orginally cooked between rare and med-rare. Thinking of searing it on the Q for a minute or two per side? Or in the oven low temp then cut into thin slices and prime on a bun?
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