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  1. Hi y'all, long time no see... Just wanted to mention something for newcomers to the thread: i believe there's a typo in the "Tofu & Summer Vegetables in Coconut Milk" recipe...not a big deal, but it did confuse me and affected the final dish: the ingredients list a piece of peeled galangal, bruised, etc. But then the cooking directions never tell you what to do with it as far as I can tell. It seems like you should add it with the coconut milk and water, yes? But I was almost at the end of the recipe when I noticed my poor naked piece of galangal still sitting there waiting for action. In the last step of the directions you're advised to remove it. So there you go... bye!
  2. Sorry to contribute to the dilution of this thread, but: does anyone have any Indonesian recs for Den Haag?
  3. I mean this in the most positive and helpful way possible: you can expect good service for your time and money all you want in Amsterdam, but you'll have a much much much better time here if you don't. Like a lot of Europe, maybe more maybe less, there's very little real understanding of or empathy for what I would call the American concept of customer service here (I'm not assuming you are, but I'm American). And as a visitor, the sooner that kind of ideal gets jettisoned the more likely one is to appreciate the positive things about dining out here. FWIW. P.S. I'm agreeing that, in principle, gouging sucks and should not receive a return visit.
  4. You should also check out Chufi's Dutch Cooking thread if you haven't already...
  5. We were just in London for a month and the best eating we did was from a South Indian street vendor in East Ham doing pani puri and bhel...we didn't have any toddlers with us though. I think if you Google East Ham and pani puri you'll get the details.
  6. Hi all, pretty quiet on this thread, I'm wondering if this is the best place to ask, but I'll do it anyway: we're going to Sardinia for a week on 24 august, staying in Lotzorai, on the east coast just north of Tortoli.We have a car, and have some day trips and hikes planned...but: anybody have any eating tips in the area? Anything is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Sorry, I got nothin'...that's a meal I rarely eat in a restaurant...
  8. well, you're in a pretty good location...i'm not over there as often as I used to be, so my recs are a little out of date. if you're interested in cheap/street food, here are a couple ideas, all of which are found if you head west along the Overtoom. You should know that as soon as you start heading north of overtoom and west of 1e constantijn huygensstraat, you are pretty much not in tourist country anymore...nothing to worry about, but the further northwest you get, the less picturesque it gets... If you're thinking about a picnic in the Vondelpark (and you should think about this), you might stop into Marqt (Overtoom 21) for snacks. I wouldn't do all of my shopping there, but to pickup something fresh and interesting for a picnic. Nice cheese counter and gorgeous fish. heading west, you pass the 1e constantijn huygensstraat, my recs for this street are found upthread here. some changes: Proef is now gone, taken over by another Gollem venture, so expect good beers and decent food. Another change from that post: Abyssinia isn't my fave Ethiopian anymore. that would be Fenan Klein Afrika, haven't been there in a year or so, but went there quite often for a while. Super Ethiopian/Eritrean food. Don't go if you're in a hurry, count on two hours and relaxed service. on kinkerstraat, there's a market called ten katemarkt, mostly household stuff, but there's a great Surinamese toko called Surima Tropische Markt (Kinkerstraat 184). I would definitely get a couple of sandwiches (broodjes), a broodje moksi meti or pom would be a good place to start. if you like bitter melon, their broodje sopropo is one of the best I've had. i think somewhere earlier in this thread i went into a little detail about how to order this kind of food... there's also a nice fish shop at kinkerstraat 181, Viscenter Volendam, they're much better than my upthread rec for Smit. They do all kinds of fried seafood in little 2 to 3 euro portions. Maybe the best way to order is to ask for "a portion of fried ____" she'll ask you if you want sauce, my favorites are ravigotte (a bit like tartar) and and pikante (a bit like thai chili sauce for dipping). OK, that should get you started...oh, also, definitely get a turkish pizza at Kismet (Kinkerstraat 350) if you make it up to Kinkerstraat.
  9. Hey there Ore, wish I could help with the lodging thing, but whenever we have friends in town they tend to stay with us or with friends of ours...though wherever you end up, I would say safety should not be an issue. It really never enters my mind when recommending anywhere to go in Amsterdam. As for sweets, make sure you go to Lanskroon, mentioned upthread somewhere. Amsterdam is also a great place to sample Turkish sweets, but I don't have a specific place to send you off the top of my head...maybe post again after you know where you'll be staying and I can give you a pointer or two...
  10. Sorry, just saw the post about Diwana above. Is Diwana still the place to go?
  11. Hey there...this thread has been a bit slow lately, so I thought I'd bump it. So, have any must-eats emerged over the past year? I'm specifically interested in South Indian food, and even more specifically I'd love to find a fantastic bhel puri. In addition, I'll be staying in Crouch End, so any great general-purpose curry house up that way would be great to hear about.... Any info is appreciated.... Thanks! mark
  12. You might check out Carlo di Luca (website) for espresso, he's at Gerard Doustraat 224. No idea what the format is, but he's been written about a few times locally as someone who's passionate about coffee, roasts his own beans, etc. And please do report back on your snacking! mem
  13. You can check out Spang Makandra's menu online...it's in Dutch, but I think you can figure it out. I should say that Spang Makandra's broodjes are probably great too, I've just never had one there. And frankly, I haven't eaten at either place in maybe two years, but they've both been around forever and consistently come out on top in the polls, although there's a small hint that Albina may be slipping...maybe Spang Makandra is a better idea. And don't forget to get a Turkish pizza somewhere (also less than 3 euros). There's a good spot at the east end of the Albert Cuypmarkt on the corner of the Van Woustraat, can't remember its name. +++
  14. In de Pijp you're in great Surinamese territory... the classics are Albina (Albert Cuypstraat 69) and Warung Spang Makandra (Gerard Doustraat 39)...at Albina a broodje for lunch might be a good idea, basically a sandwich similar in concept to a banh mi, but minus crisp vegetables or pate. My favorites are pom (malanga and chicken casserole), babi pangang (kind of a sweet and sour Indonesian pork), and kerrie kip (chicken curry, sometimes also called hete kip. If they ask you if you want peper and zuur (chiles and pickles) on your sandwich, you do. For pictures and more background check out my eG foodblog (linked in my signature)...a broodje is 3 euros or less. At Warung Spang Makandra i'd go for either the Javaanse Rames or the Indo Rames. These are like mini-rijsttafels, usually 4 or 5 dishes with rice and noodles, but in quantities designed for one person. Don't have any rijsttafel recommendations, they're out of my budget these days....
  15. The pickled mustard seeds were the first recipe I made from the book, and I too thought they were awesome, am getting ready to make some more right now to put on a chicken salad.
  16. I've had 5 or 6 meals at Lab 111 (Arie Biemondstraat 111, between Overtoom and Kinkerstraat) this month (because I'm working in the building), and I really like the place. It's a small menu, 6 or 7 appetizers, 6 or 7 entrees. The appetizers have been much more interesting than the entrees so far: I've had duck rilettes with an onion compote, seared scallops with raw golden beets and a red beet vinaigrette, mixed greens with sweetbreads and calves' tongue, etc. Each of these is around 8 or 9 euros, totally reasonable. It's not mindblowing food, but consistently good and interesting, and the cafe itself is a nice dark place with a bit of a somehow non-cheesy lounge vibe happening. It's loud, with lots of candles and arty people.
  17. Last time I was there (18 months ago maybe?) I was terribly disappointed. It was my second visit to the Jordaan location (I'd been to the Kerkstraat outpost maybe 10 or 12 times from 2002-2006), and...mwah. The food was about half as Mexican as it used to be. They still had cochinita pibil and mole poblano on the menu but it was almost as if they were literally watered down. Also, the bar at the Jordaan version is about 4 stools wide and not very inviting, the Kerkstraat version is probably still good for drinks. ETA: forgot I'd been to the Jordaan location twice...
  18. I have a problem with lemon curd, brownies, leftover pizza, and BBQ.
  19. That's great to hear...we were talking about going some time back in July or August and then it slipped off the to-do list, mostly because our expectations were low I think. Thanks for posting, I'll drop in as soon as I've recovered from a week of Berlin eating....
  20. Yuck. This seems obvious since you said you scrubbed the floors, but thought I'd check....did you move the fridge and check out what grossness lay underneath?
  21. It's my favorite new place in the buurt as well... And I can't believe you were having trouble liking Westerpark! Tsk! DCMark...you're not actually going to be living in the Westerpark, are you? Wish I had some (or any) recs...we're so broke at the moment, there's zero eating out being done right now.
  22. At least he has had more time to tinker with it... ← We ate there in June, Santiago was in the restaurant but not in the kitchen. We didn't have any deep-fried steak, but what we did have was just OK. Sounded much more interesting on the menu than it was in the mouth. Great space, though, and really good cocktails....
  23. Going through another socca phase, and this time I'm thinking about coloring outside the lines a little bit, using socca as the base for a pizza-style creation. Has anyone done this, and if so, care to share any tips about when to add toppings?
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