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  1. syoung68

    Steven Shaw

    Like so many others here, I have been away from eGullet for quite some time and this news is tragic. Steven was an inspiration to us all. What he and Jason accomplished with eGullet has been amazing. It has affected the food world like nothing else. Steven you will be missed. Rest in piece.
  2. Broken Arrow - http://www.brokenarrowranch.com/
  3. The other evening I found myself at a friend’s home for an early evening cocktail. The boy just recently moved into his new condo and had a very successful “Stock the Bar” housewarming. However, being the consummate bachelor, he had ZERO mixers and not a single piece of fruit in the house. Not even an unnaturally vibrant maraschino. I was fine with the latter, but really wanted a brandied cherry. So, what was I to do? Improvise. Noticing the opened bottle of Carpano Antica that surely needed to be used before it was past its time, AND a bottle of Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao Ancienne Methode, which I had not had up until this evening, I obviously had to do something with them. Grabbing a bottle of Bulleit Rye, I thought, "something Manhattanish". 2oz Bulleit Rye 1oz Carpano Antica .5oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao Ancienne Methode Stirred with ice poured into a rocks glass a la Sazerac style – he has limited glassware. They were delicious.
  4. syoung68


    Ok, I stand corrected. Not hemostats, but plating tweezers. My point was that the level of precision is on a different playing field.
  5. syoung68


    Achatz, a Keller disciple, is another chef who denounces tongs. However, like Alcuin said, this is suited for their kitchens where everything must be precisely placed. They use hemostats - no lie.
  6. We do that but take it a step further and use Mike's Hard Lemonade. But we are drinkers.
  7. I have the Lodge version and it lives on my stove. Mostly for breakfast, but we use it all the time.
  8. I have candied them in the past and then used as garnish. They are tasty too.
  9. I just wanted to say that I got a chance to meet Bengal and sample the bitters at Tales of the Cocktail last weekend and I have to say the product is really nice. I took home samples of the Cinnamon & Walnut, and Wild Cherry & Tahitian Vanilla. The latter made for a delicious riff on a Vieux Carre. Best of luck to you guys.
  10. I always feel like a Twentieth Century is a great drink to get people to drink gin. People who do not "like" gin, like them and I have given them to the biggest "girlie drink" drinkers and they have always gone over well.
  11. syoung68


    So I made an uncooked Peach Shrub. I was lucky enough to have picked up some Peach Balsamic in Florida and used it with turbinado sugar and fresh peaches; 6 over ripe peaches, 1 cup of sugar and .5 cup of Peach Balsamic and .5 cup of Cane Vinegar. It sat for about a week. Tonight was 2oz Bulleit Bourbon 1oz Peach Shrub 1oz Cocchi Americano Shaken and up. I am thinking about adding basil. It is really good, but it could use some nuance.
  12. On no other food board would this conversation happen. I love eG.
  13. Thank you for all of the replies. This is fantastic information. For what it is worth our friends were already planning on taking us to Polpo. They too feel that St John's is hit or miss, but will probably make reservations. I will bring up Hereford Road. Wright Brothers is also on the list to bring us to and for "old school Brasserie" they love the Wolseley. As for day trips, I think we will be heading out to Bath, are there places in Bristol to try?
  14. syoung68

    Vom Fass?

    We have one in New Orleans and I have yet to go in. Guess I should do that.
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