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  1. Hello im looking on any information on how to buy great quality chocolate, coco powder, etc online. for making truffles candy etc. I need a company that ships to canada or a canadian company and is reasonably priced. Thanks for your help
  2. does anyone know of any canadian version of lepicerie where i can buy speciality products and not have to pay the crazy postage price, thank-you
  3. I have an idea for a cookbook, probably like many others but would like any information on how people have had theirs published. I am based in Ontario canada and would like any info from people who have dealt with publishers, what they require, who is the best etc.. Thank-you for your help
  4. any reccomendations of where to eat on the curry mile
  5. bruxelles off grafton street lily bordellos o' donoghues on baggot best guinness the baggot inn on bagot st doheys and nesbitt on bagot st foggey dew upper fownes st the bleeding horse, camden st stay clear of temple bar, its a rip off and a dump
  6. does anyboy have a good parfait base recipe. one that i can add different flavours of fruit puree. thanks
  7. both were rib eyes. when i mean tasted better i mean more flavourful.
  8. we recently tested two types of organic beef at work both grass fed. one was aged for 5 days and the other 21 days. suprising the 5 day beef was more tender and tasted better. i know it can de influenced by different factors but does anybody have any detailed info or links to aging studies to find out more.
  9. movng to kingston and want to know has anything recently opened worth checking out or since this topic was started.
  10. will the michelin guide ever come to toronto?
  11. thanks very much. have the fish book which ive been syudying. just want to put theory into practise. thanks for the advice.
  12. i am travelling to bournemouth for a few days for a family visit. While i am there i feel it is a good opportunity to brush up on my butchery skills. does anybody know of a really good fishmongers that would have me observe or maybe get involved for a few days or somewhere really good to buy some seafood.
  13. thank-you for your help. firstly we sear/render the duck to remove the fat from the breast. we marinate it vac and steam. we steam as we have have no water bath or thermoregulator. Our oven has a steamer and a digital probe so the duck is cooked perfectly to 50 degrees. for service it is popped in the oven to heat it through to mr. it is beautifully tender but the main problem we have is how long is the duck safe in the bag. When the health inspector comes what is safe? When the duck is steamed it is held in an ice bath and then stored directly in the fridge until it is needed. what would the shelf life be or would it have to be used same day. I have eaten it one week later and it has been fine.
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