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  1. Mmmmm. Not really. Most people who do a lot of sharpening alternate one swipe on each side until satisfactorily sharp, followed by a light stropping, What happens is that a burr or "wire edge' forms kind of 'outside,' if you will, the actual edge you're trying to establish. The stropping removes this wire edge. I wish it worked better on knives but I have taken to sharpening my plane irons and chisels on fine wet-or-dry sandpaper mounted on thick glass. I then strop it on the finest grade of crocus cloth, which is an abrasive made of finely sorted and graded rust particles. I sharpen my straight razor like this and I get a shave so close you wouldn't believe it. Remember, it's a lot easier to maintain a sharp edge than it is to establish it, so steel as often as you think you need to; even so, you're probably gonna have to get the stone out once or twice a month.
  2. Having to come in and work Sunday brunch really sucked the big wahooni because I was almost always hungov3r pretty badly. Nothing like slapping a quivering slab of prime rib on a plate and... I don't want to talk about it. Had to go into a Dumpster once after some customer's ring, almost quit on the spot over that but I really needed the job. Not to mention the multiple instances I was made to clean up some drunk patron's vomit. I finally told my manager that unless he was going to provide HAZMAT-protective materials, I was going to report him to the Department of Health for improper disposal of infectious waste. This didn't happen in a restaurant, but I was butchering a deer a few years ago and when I went to separate the left shoulder, a copious quantity of unspeakable fluid came pouring out of the cut--some person who thought they knew how to hunt had shot it days previous in the season; and the wound was infected. Yeeeegh.
  3. Reefpimp

    3 a.m. party grub

    I think the most interesting thing I made was some asiago and roast garlic covered-n-smothered hash browns. It would have been a lot better if not for the cigarette ashes under the cheese.
  4. Looks a little on the dry side, but I don't think it actually looks bad. What was it and how did it taste?
  5. My mom has a shelf full of old church cookbooks from the pre-Great War era. Every third recipe seems to start with, "Take two pounds of butter..." Oh wow. Can you imagine what a cream soup made with farm-fresh, unpasteurized cream and THAT MUCH butter would taste like? With vegetables from your Victory garden picked like a half hour before cooking them? Advances in preservateion and shipping are all well and good, but... I wish my municipality would let me keep a cow and some chickens in the back yard.
  6. Has anybody tried doing like a duck galantine en sous vide? Would there be any benefits to this? I'd think that with just a bit of the poaching stock frozen and put in the bag, one could achieve better control of the cooking of the force and interior garnish. Thoughts?
  7. Why all the cappin' on mayo? Or would the pretentious among us find it more palatable if it were called Sauce Mahonnaise, after the harbortown on Malta? You would, wouldn't you; don't bother trying to hide it, I know your dirty little secret and it's up for mockery from me!! Ditto ketchup. Just because it's what uneducated toothless hicks slather on all their food doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it; it just means it's common. It doesn't mean it's bad. Ketchup makes a lot of things taste better; even cold leftover rice, which is what I had as part of my lunch. The other part was leftover pompano en papillote that I made a couple nights ago. I likes me some hoat kwiseen!!
  8. One thing you might want to consider adding is some toilet paper. What goes in must eventually come out. I think what you are doing is a great thing. I wish there had been more people like you when I went through a bout of homelessness in my youth. And yes, dried fruit is a really good idea. About the only time modern health workers see scurvy these days is in the homeless population of larger cities; even a little Vitamin C once in a while staves it off.
  9. Reefpimp


    Backpacking through Ecuador about fifteen years ago, I one night had an absolutely disgusting dish of guinea pig and unidentifiable tubes. I ate as much as I could stomach (like six bites) and realized I'd have to tank up on quinoa and the spuds. But the potaotes.... OMG the taties... They were purple-skinned with the slightest lavender hue to the flesh, and they were served in a big bowl with some salt and some ground chilis. Butter was essentially unavailable there, but I sprinkled some lime juice on them and I wish ta God I had some right now. Mashed Idaho russets aren't too bad either.
  10. Here's something so retro it's nouvelle: Lobscouse and Spotted Dog And pretty damned tasty, too. I could eat lobscouse or one of its variations every week and not grow bored.
  11. Reefpimp

    Too much seafood?

    Oh. I thought that this might be the place for me to whine about the 33 pompano I've got frozen (on top of the 42-lb wahoo and the 78-lb grouper). But I guess it isn't.
  12. Look to the past and use it as salted beef in a raised pie.
  13. I will eat anything once. Baked sheep eyes, for example. Once was more than enough. I had whale when I was in Norway last; it wasn't half bad. But I've never had horse. I wouldn't even know where to go to find it, here in the US.
  14. Then please tell her to add my "open letter from the cooks" I sent her like a week or two ago. Kthnxbye.
  15. That's easy. On your exhaust manifold. Anything else would be uncivilised. ← Well, I used to live in rural Wisconsin. The last two times I hit deer with my truck, I was out the door in a flash to get the backstraps and whatever primals I could get off the undamaged side... Before Johnny Law came around. The last one still had spots on its side, but MAN was it ever tender. I took it home first, though.
  16. Reefpimp

    Whole Duck ideas

    2 things immediately spring to mind: One, if you are accustomed to working with domestic duck or goose, and use the same techniques for WILD duck or goose, you will end up with something technically known as "garbage." Wild poultry is much, much, much lower in fat than domestic. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Has anyone ever tried making a galantine or a ballontine en sous vide? Might that work? What might happen?
  17. I believe the correct way is on a gold plate on a stone altar inside a temple consecrated by Escoffier. Man, WHO CARES?? Just find a way to let the meat sit while it reabsorbs juices, and try to keep it from cooling off too much. But always, always, let it rest a moment or two. You'll be happier for it.
  18. I keep wondering when a manufacturer is going to offer an on-board microwave or infrared/radiant food cooker as an option on fullsized trucks and SUVs. I spend a lot of time in my car, and often eat in it. Did you know that if you wrap a burrito in aluminum foil, and place it on the tray you've hose-clamped to your exhaust headers, it only about half an hour of highway driving for a yummy snack? :trueontheinternet: Maybe I could rig up something for low-pressure steam. Mmmmm; road mochas!
  19. Bitter Waitress and The Stained Apron are a couple of websites that let you know what can happen if you want to messt with the mind of a cook or waitress who's already on the edge. Bitter Waitress also is the home of the Shitty Tipper Database. Search for the names of your friends, elected officials, and various entertainers.... I'm of a mixed mind about this; I cooked professionally (line demon) for 12 years, took some time off and now I'm ready to start to think about beginning to plan to maybe proceed to open a restaurant. I wouldn't countenance servers or cooks tainting food. But neither do I want my employees to have to deal with some tremendously unpleasant person treating the menu like it's a grocery list and they can assemble their own custom meals, and the floorstaff like they own their indentures. Can't have that either. My culinary vessel will already be navigating perilous waters, with shoals of lawsuits beneath and on either beam; and the wrecks of other failed ventures reminding me that The Customer Is Always Right. Even if he is a j3rk0ff.
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