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  1. I am from North Dakota and still live here, to me this is upsetting, not that she wrote the article badly, but that it is how most people up here look at food. I personally liked her review of Taco Bell, the quesadilla was "half circle and cut into wedge shaped slices" now thats horrible writing. It is North Dakota but i think we know how a quesadilla gets cut. The "hype" of olive garden happened here too, and for some reason people eat there and yet our local Italian place with great food closed. Its be a chain or dont survive in North Dakota for the most part.
  2. I made a pineapple sambal ice cream this week and after sharing 2 quarts throughout the day, we decided it need lime and chopped pretzels, wow, I was right... I also have done strawberry green pepper corn and may do a cinnamon orange rooibos tea this week... I love summer!
  3. Mr. Delicious


    I do several cheesecakes with candied jalpapenos, a candied jalapeno blueberry, jalapeno and bacon, and jalapeno mint and myers rum..... Amazing and they even sell here in North Dakota
  4. I am not from NO but from what i heard they have more restaurants post Katrina than pre. To me it would be a much better place than Chicago much more affordable IMO better food maybe not as high tech as Chicago or NY. As far as pay I have no clue but its the best food city in the nation so who cares...
  5. One of my favorite "Curry" = beautiful woman also seen it as duck butter, or brocolli. It also quotes flight of the concords "shes so hot shes like a curry"
  6. Lets have in somewhere in North Dakota then!
  7. I love this book, i love the steam buns, I do think cooking at 400 and then 250 is the best temp for me, I also had issues with the cereal milk panna cotta was very salty and next time i will try frosted flakes for the extra sweetness. I think its very well written and has personality. Ginger scallion noodles was my drug of choice for a solid 2 weeks. I want some fluffy warm buns now!
  8. The brand is Hapi, I would like them spicier but now that means i will eat the whole containter. And the spice is baked in, go buy some now!
  9. I just found sriracha peas from a company that makes the wasabi peas, at Target. Anyone tried? I am a huge fan of sriracha and am blown away these things are amazing!
  10. Peanut butter honey nutella bacon sandwich, what more could you want, highly addictive though...
  11. You dress as a strip of bacon for halloween complete with your bacon lunchbox full of bacon jellybeans, toothpicks, mints, bacon wallet and bacon floss while wearing a shirt with 2 slices of bacon, an arrow towards the club sandwich saying "you can find me in the club" to sum it up......... photos soon
  12. I was wondering what the best praise or compliment you have recieved? Last night I was involved with "Savor the Flavor" a fundraiser done by one of our local hospitals. Local restaurants and hotels give samples of some signature items, as well as provide things for a large silent and live auction. This was the third year of the event and we decided to do "adoptadelicious" a private sushi party for up to 10 people, this was valued at about $500 and much to my surprise it sold for $4000 by far the highest item. I was simply floored, it was purchased by one of our favorite customers, who warned us to watch for a fight between him and a friend. Today I am still shocked and quite proud of myself and my staff for helping become what we have. One of the best senses of accomplishment I have ever recieved. Just wondering what some other people have experienced?
  13. Mr. Delicious

    Pork cheeks...

    This spring I marinated cheeks in a orange and soy based marinade, then braised in a similar liquid, reduced the remaining liquid, and made pork cheek tacos, and some asian steam buns, and they were utterly fantastic and the cost me $.70 a pound. I still have 12 pounds in the freezer and my mind is wandering...
  14. My biggest pet peeve is that many cooks seem to be allergic to or have never been trained to use a spatula, its unbelievably easy to use but is never done right. Damn rookies, that and when a cook watches a clock and says its 8 im off now see ya, well are you cleaned up or are you going to screw the morning person, but before you realize how bad of a job they have done they are on the way home.
  15. One of my chefs hates water chestnuts, and when another chef suggested a sushi roll with them, he said "no i dont like them" I personally dont enjoy them but since he gave attitude about it, its on the menu. I personally HATE ketchup and wont cook with it but thats about it, at least the only food item other than american cheese that i hate.
  16. I have used the same seller for a year or two. Keyword is amazing prices, and fresh high quality, usually received in 4 days or so.
  17. I will be in Chicago next week with a fellow chef buddy and was wondering if there is anything fun or new going on. Hoping to hit schwa, hot dougs, violet hour, not sure what else we are doing, maybe richard cheese at the house of blues for some rediculous piano jazz. Any suggestions appreciated!
  18. it started as my basic vanilla base and I simply added some watermelon flavoring from spicebarn.com and then dryed it red/pink and some green for the rind. I will post photos soon.
  19. I found little flat black candy bats that should work great, i will post a picture when i make one next week.
  20. I made watermelon cheesecake and now need ideas for what to use for seeds, i thought of dying fondant black and making seeds but fondant doesnt taste good, any ideas?
  21. The cheek chili was ok, but the marinaded and braised cheeks were out of this world, utterly amazing. Trying to figure out how to put them on the menu, a buddy serves cheek tacos, wow would that be good. ← The best thing i found to do with this meat was to shred it and put it in a chinese style steam bun, even better than the tacos with cabbage! Now i also got jowls and will play with them this weekend. I am starting to wonder if I am a bad jew?
  22. The cheek chili was ok, but the marinaded and braised cheeks were out of this world, utterly amazing. Trying to figure out how to put them on the menu, a buddy serves cheek tacos, wow would that be good.
  23. Red bull is now making a "natural" cola, it contains things like coca leaves, mustard seed, ginger, corn mint?? I like it but it does taste a bit different than everything else. Wondering what anyone else thinks.
  24. I decided to make a few things, one is a pork cheek chili, that is going in my slow cooker, and im marinating cheeks in mirin, soy, garlic, ginger, honey, sriracha, lime juice, and then tomorrow will braise this and maybe finish in the oven or broiler to crisp it up a bit. I also reserved a couple cheeks for Guanciale, which is now curing. I will report back soon, maybe with photos.
  25. I am getting hooked up with like 5 lbs of pork cheeks, I only had them in New Orleans at Cochon and they were braised. What else can I do any ideas or recipes, I want to try them several ways.
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