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  1. I don't know about Spaceburgers but the Minnesota State Fair has Spamburgers.
  2. Most of the Olympus point and shoot cameras have the "Cuisine" setting. I have the Olympus Stylus 500 which I mostly used for shooting photos in restaurants. I generally took a picture with the auto setting and the Cuisine setting and it was about 50-50 as to what was the better picture. It just depended a lot on lighting. I recently upgraded to a Canon SD850 IS camera and it takes much better pictures. Bottom line. The Cuisine feature might help in instances but is not a sure fire solution.
  3. Pasties from Suzy's Pastie Shoppe on Michigan's Upper Peninsula just west of the Mackinac Bridge. The scene is on the sand beach on Lake Michigan. There were lots of seagulls there but somehow did not make it in this photo.
  4. Do not use ground beef or hamburger. Cubed steak is the way to go. I've had pasties in Michigan's Upper Peninsula more times than I can remember and one pasty purchased in Dolgellau, Wales for my climb up Cadair Idris mountain, but none in Cornwall.
  5. I can't let this thread pass without posting a photo of the world's largest gingerbread house that stood over the holidays last year at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.
  6. Tonkatsu seems very similar to a United States Heartland area deep fried breaded pork tenderloin with sauce instead of a sandwich bun. I am going to have to seek out a Japanese restaurant that serves tonkastu.
  7. I periodically write a check to our food bank. I know there are a lot of matching funds from corporations so I hope any money I contribute gets matched. I also wonder if there isn't an additional cost in collecting, culling, organizing, accounting for, transporting and processing the donated foods because many food banks have established ongoing programs of food distribution and much of that is an efficient organized procurement program. Food Banks distribute 95% of the money and collections which is higher than most all charities.
  8. I make pizzas generally on Saturday night and was wondering about this topic of leftovers and what I could do. Here is the pizza I made with Thanksgiving leftovers. First I put on some turkey gravy in place of tomato sauce. I topped that with sliced brie cheese. Then I sprinkled it liberally with chopped up turkey meat leftovers. The final was some left over cranberry/orange spiced salad that I globbed on. I baked it directly on a pizza stone at 500 degrees for 10 minutes. Everyone was skeptical of the combination but on taste it was deemed a winner.
  9. What do you expect to accomplish at $459 that a $45 fryer can't do in the home? Seriously, I paid about $45 for mine and it is all electronic controlled temperature and timer and has lasted me two years worth of home use. What I am saying is I can abuse and buy 10 of them for the equivalent of $459.
  10. I was on a single-minded tenderloin pursuit and ate way too much as it was. With all those tenderloins I did have a tiny little bit of good sense to pass on the fries that generally accompanied them by telling the waitron not to even bother adding them. I'm not normally a sweets eater but since I had been making pie comparisons in this thread... http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=106195 ...I did succumb to the Farmer's Kitchen sour cream raisin pie. I've got to change my pursuit to best apples to stay healthy. The Honeycrisp!
  11. Thursday morning I delivered my wife to the airport so she could fly to Washington DC to visit our granddaughter. She got the one free ticket. I wasn't about to sit at home by myself so I decided one last pork tenderloin pursuit in the camper van was in order. My destination this time was west central Iowa since the 2007 Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) best breaded tenderloin sandwich was awarded to Larsen's Pub in the Danish heritage town of Elk Horn. Incentive ran high in that nearby Darrell's Place in the tiny berg of Hamlin was a previous winner and a restaurant owner posting on ano
  12. That time of year again. Closed up for the winter. I woke up to 25 degrees this morning so I guess that is it. I closed up a different way. I drove 900 miles in our camper van this week for one last trip and today I emptied the water tanks and waste holding tanks, put anti-freeze in the sink traps and buttoned it up for the winter. We may go up to the North Shore again yet this winter but will stay in lodging.
  13. It is all a matter of opinion and I suppose I will eventually get to Manns Grille. But I have now had over 75 different restaurant tenderloins from across the country. I hate to say it but I have found tenderloin recommendations have been like stock tips. Many do not pan out. But you never know, Manns could be a jewel of a tenderloin just waiting for me. I just completed my Iowa tour this year and sampled Iowa's 2007 best as voted on by the Iowa Pork Producers Association. I also sampled the 2003 winner and two previous runner-ups and a fifth (on a recommendation tip) not even nominated blows
  14. Ah yes, chicken fried steak. Texans are mighty proud of them. When I sought out a rumored BPT at the Heights Camphouse BBQ in Houston just north of downtown in a marginal neighborhood I was first taken aback when the menu said pork burger. So I had to ask. The cook came out and described what he had. It is sort of like a chicken fried steak only it is pork without the gristle. I do drink a lot of Leinie's but for the tutorial I couldn't resist the Big Butt since a lot of my friends were jokingly referring to the sandwich as a hammered pig butt sandwich. It was kind of a prop just for fun.
  15. Bob, A true breaded pork tenderloin sandwich is made from the pork tenderloin as you described. However, I am afraid the term tenderloin sandwich has taken on a broader scope in the midwest in that some restaurants use the pork loin cut and some a fritter (think pork like chicken McNuggets) and still call it a tenderloin. My web site goes into depth on making a true breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. So the word tenderloin has kind of become generic to describing a deep-fried breaded flattened pork sandwich. The first documented pork tenderloin sandwich reference I could find comes from Nick's
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