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  1. Okay, since I have our chicago dinners (almost) settled, I need to plan for our 4-night-stop in Los Angeles. Where should we go for fine dining (2 nights) and casual dining (2 nights)? We will stay either in Santa Monca or West Hollywood. For casual dining I have no idea where to go. Our fine dining shortlist so far: Providence Ortolan Sona Mori Sushi (price range? the webiste gives no real info, nor any pictures of the place) Any comments? We do not like too formal places, let alone stiff waiters. We are not looking for "classic french" cuisine, like Melisse seems to offer. We are more into "
  2. ...and they are so smart as not to give away any information regarding the prices... Anyway: nobody been there yet?
  3. Okay, thank you, UE and Lenski. Since neither me nor my girflfriend drink very much alcohol (we get distracted too easily from the food with alcohol... ), we should maybe ask for the other kind of splitting - that is: just half the selection but a regular pairing-pour each. We'll see kai By the way: reading user-reviews of american restaurants Iam more and more surprised how many people stay with water or soft drinks in fine dining restaurants...(something I already noticed on our last trip to L.A. - at Providence, for example, we seemed to be the only ones going for an aperetif and some win
  4. Two questions regarding the wine pairing: Is it possible to "split" the wine pairing between 2 people? Or is it rather useless to split because you have barely any wine in your glass then? (I don't know how much they usually pour). Or do they also split in the way that you get half the number of wines each, but the full pour. (And do they charge more for any splitting than for one full pairing?). And how is it at aliena: are you taken to a bar area first, for an aperetif? If so, do they offer interesting american sparkling wines, as well? (I always like to try regional stuff - Chamapgner is s
  5. I can reccomend "La Gazza Ladra" in Modica. A very nice and ambitious restaurant with a good mixture of "modern" and "traditional" dishes. If weather allows, book a table on the terrace. But be aware: if you come before 9 p.m. you will be virtually alone - when we where there this june, most local guests arrived between 9.30 and 10 p.m. The prices are very reasonable as well: the 9 course tasting menu is 70 euros, then there is a 5 course menu for 55. Wines are around 6 euros a glass - and they are real good. Service is very attentive and friendly, especially the lady of the house and the jap
  6. Inspired by a similar topic about Chicago in the Heartland-forum, I would like to know what the Vegas-regulars here would consider their Top10 (or top 5) in the city - fine dining & casual dining. I think this could be a helpful topic since there are so many restaurants in LV that seem worth going to - personally I have lost track... So, keep it coming... regards kai
  7. Oh my...I just reached someone by phone at Schwa! But...they don't take reservations for september yet...too sad...I hope this wasn't my one lucky chance to reach them... Useless post, I know...I just had to get it out... greetings kai
  8. Anybody been there recently? I think about skipping one of our "high end" dates in the city for a real good steakhouse since this is something you really don't get in germany in sufficient quality...(as opposed to "modern french" or "experimental" cuisine. And after reading molto e's post, I think my dad would be grateful for something that suites *his* preferences for a change...) There is just one thing that I have often seen now on pictures from US-steakhouses: the steaks often look rather black and "burned" on the outside - is this american custom and a question of better aroma or somethin
  9. "dress code"? (While Iam always dressed appropriately, I always find it a bit silly if restaurants that praise their "playful" and "innovative" food on any occasion, on the other hand are anything but playful and expect their guests to be dressed as if attending a wall-street-business meeting... )
  10. Thanks for the replies, all! @docsonz: maybe "tasty" was the wrong word - "appealing" might be better. Still I guess I will go for the 5-course, I don't wanna risk getting a food overkill on the night after, while visiting Alinea...(because usually, after a fine dining night out, especially if it was "experimental cuisine", I crave classic "comfort food". But since we have so little time in chicago this won't work out...plus I have a feeling I'd rather safe my capacity for 9 courses at Schwa on the 3rd night - if we get a table...) greetings kai
  11. No misunderstanding please: I didn't express my own impressions regarding the service above, but those of reviews that I stumbled upon, browsing the web...
  12. I wouldgo for the nine - if I hadn't 2-3 more high-end-restaurants to go to the nights after (or before).
  13. Hi all, we will be in Chicago in mid-september for 4 days. 3-4 nights are reserved for some of the "top 5" restaurants named in this thread - the question is: which ones? Our shortlist so far consists of (if possible in that order, which seems like a nice "arc" to me): -Moto (5 course) *or* Schwa (3 course) -Alinea (tasting) -l2o (4 course; even though it seems a bit overpriced to me, in comparison...) -Schwa (rather 9 course, depending on our capacity after the former days...) *or* Moto (5 course) What do you think? It could well be that 1 has to go (we might need a night "off") Any other i
  14. In case I will be able to reach someone on their phone (calling from germany...) and get a table for mid-september, I have a question (similar to the one in the Moto-thread): Can anyone comment on the 3-course-menu? (It's too sad that they don't offer something in between the 3 and the 9 courses) And it seems that Schwa is a rather casual place, right? Thanks Best kai
  15. It seems like everybody is ordering the 10course-menu at least - can someone comment on the 5-course-experience? Because *if* we go there (I know molecular cuisine quite well, but honestly, the dishes pictured here look "interesting" but not really "tasty"), 5 courses is all we will try, since we intend to do 3 restos in 3 days (see general chicago thread) and Iam a bit afraid of a "food overkill". Oh, and: do I get it right that Moto is more of a "casual/informal" restaurant? And could someone say something about the service? Because I read horrible things about it (snotty, arrogant etc) Tha
  16. Wow, thank you! That is a lot of choice, indeed...(we have only, like, 3-4 nights to dine out) To narrow it down a little bit: where would you go, personally?
  17. Any suggestions for a relaxed, casual place to eat on our arrival night in Chicago? We arrive in the late afternoon/early evening and will be tired after a long flight, so we really don't need anything fancy. Just a good burger or steak or maybe even just a good sandwich place. We will stay at the Monaco Hotel (225 N Wabash Ave). Thanks kai
  18. Hi all, we will be in Chicago in mid-september for 4 days. 3 nights are reserved for some of the great restaurants this city has to offer - the question is: which ones? Our shortlist so far consists of (if possible in that order): -Schwa -Alinea -Moto (even though I read terrible things about the service there...) What do you think? Any other ideas? And are the "Food Planet Food Tours" a good thing to do as "sightseeing"? Thanks Best kai
  19. Hi, we will be in the San Diego area in september, visiting family in Spring Valley. The family members we are visiting are not really into food, so I want to ask you guys: What we are looking for is 1. a real good steakhouse 2. a good seafood restaurant (since San Diego is by the sea...) Both are things that you do not really get in sufficient quality in germany... (We are not looking for "upscale fine dining" places, but nice restaurant with nice settings and maybe even a "view" or something...) Thanks Greetings from germany kai
  20. kai-m


    Has anyone been to the "newest" Bastide yet?
  21. Thanks for the great report and gorgeous pictures yellow truffle! (I start to panic now that I realize how many restaurants I want to try out on my chicago-trip.....) Just one question regarding the number of courses: even if one doesn't count the extra course, your 4-courses turned into 14 courses, including 4 amuses, 2 pre-desserts and 3 (!) regular desserts... Are they always that generous (the dessert-course turning into 3...!) at L2O or was it because you ordered expensive extra/substitute dishes or are known at the restaurant or something like that? Also, could someone comment on the se
  22. There is juts one problem with this website: I have yet to find one single negative or really critical review... Nice as the website with all the pictures is, it seems more like a sponsored guidebook to me (and the guys obviously never dine anonymously - Especially the sicilian "correspondent" is horribly pompous, judging from some of the pictures on his blog, where he resides on his table with huge notepads etc).
  23. Could you explain that to me in detail. I have been to alsace many many times - but never ever have I seen or even heard about what you describe. No duck and no goose eats enough to gain a "natural" foie gras... I truly madly deeply love foie gras - but still I know very well that producing it is cruel to animals, no doubt about that. So Iam not sure if we should really be "happy" to see the ban reversed...
  24. Wow, the dishes look really amazing - thanks for the great report! (I guess I'll have to spend more time in Chicago, than I planned...) I don't want to get to off topic, but being from germany there is one thing that strikes me, when I look at all those pictures from US-restaurants (and especially the ones in chicago!): everything looks hyper-modern, with sharp lines and geometric patterns, the favourite coulor for the interior design seems to be black&white&beige, with some touches of glass, chrome and polished wood. The waiters are dressed in sharp-black and the favourite colour of t
  25. Thanks for the great report and pictures, docsonz! Still I cannot figure out the culinary sense of this "battle ship" plate...could you elaborate on that - or is this presentation just a "gag"? Thank you! best kai
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