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  1. George's at the Cove - if you can get a table with a view on the terrace it is just great!. And the food is pretty good as well.
  2. For a change, I will give a foreigner's view of Alinea... We visited Alinea on our Chicago trip as one of our two "fine dining" nights in Chicago (the other was Moto, write up follows...). But actually I don't think that the old-fashioned term "fine dining" does justice to Alinea - Alinea is, as many here know, rather an overall "experience" than a mere "dinner". And I mean that in the best sense. To put it in one sentence: our evening at Alinea was, in my opinion, the best dinner of our 3 1/2 week tour through the US...(my fiancee liked LA's "Providence" better). I won't give a dish by dish a
  3. We had dinner at The Better Half back in september. The place itself is nice, service is good and one can sense that they try to find a way between "fine dining" and "casual bistro". Unfortunately the food is not very good, though. Many dishes were way too sweet, due to some stuffing or some chutney or some side. Some meats were overcooked and the fish on the table next to us had a heavy smell to it... Even the tiny sorbet that came between starter and main (nice gesture!) was way too sweet. The actual dessert was announced as "creme brulée with berries" - well, the "berries" were exactly 1/2
  4. We had the "milk chocolate, banana, coffee-urfa" - it was nice, of course. But not half as intriguing as the pre-dessert, which, I think, was similar to your "Pear" dessert, only with curry added. But I kow too little about the california restaurant scene to compare those desserts to those at other places (but if Providence's are "the best" in the state, well...). Anyway: You had 6 desserts? So I guess that the "chefs menu" is the "full tasting" plus those numerous desserts? Had I known that I would have ordered that menu, too. (And in this case there seems to be no need to come twice, since
  5. Congratulations on the second Michelin star**!! There were moments in our meal where I saw it coming (and there were moments, where I didn't...).
  6. To answer my own question: The Spotted Dog in Springdale is really good! Very solid and partly ambitious bistro food (excellent "tasting of creme brulee") in a nice setting - casual attire definitely accepted...
  7. On our visit to Los Angeles in september we had a very good to excellent meal at Providence. We came from Chicago, were we had an excellent meal at Alinea, so the stakes (that he right word?) were rather high...and what can I say: my fiancee at least liked Providence even better! (Me, I think it is too different to compare) Anyway: I don't want to list all the courses, but rather give an overall impression. We had the 8-course-menu (the first dessert on the menu is not a 9th course, but a very small pre-dessert) for 120,-. The product quality was top notch from start to finish - I have rarely
  8. Hi all, I"ll be in Vegas for 2 nights and need some dinner advice: On one night we (2 persons) will dine at one of the Emeril's restaurants, since we have a gift voucher (150$). The question is: which one? Any suggestions? Delmonico and Table 10 both sound interesting... For the other night Iam still unsure...are the top end places like Michael Mina, Alex or Picasso really worth the price? From what I saw and read they seem like your average french cuisine-based fine dining restaurant to me. Nothing special. (We come from great dinners at Chicago's Alinea and L.A.'s superb Providence, so the
  9. Hello, we'll be in Page around september 30th for 2 nights. Can anyone recommend some decent restaurants in the area? (Steaks or Burgers or Asian or...) And some breakfast places? Thanks very much greetings kai
  10. Hi everyone, we'll be in Bryce and then in Zion/Springdale at the beginning of october for some nights. Can anyone recommend some decent restaurants? (Steaks or Burgers or Asian or...) And some breakfast places? Thanks best regards kai
  11. Hi everyone, we'll be in Flagstaff at the very end of september for 2 nights. Can anyone recommend some decent, not too touristy restaurants? (Steaks or Burgers or Asian or...) And some breakfast places? (Preferably something where they serve good capuccino and some nice sandwiches. Not that undrinkable starbucks crap...). Thank you! regards kai
  12. Schwa doesn't take reservations so far in advance. At least that's what they told me when I got a real person (!!) on the phone at the beginning of july and tried to reserve for mid-september ("we haven't even got a book yet for september...") ...6-8 weeks seems to be the usual time frame. Anyway, good luck! - after that conversation I have been calling every day since the beginning of august and the best I got (twice) was their answering machine...
  13. I read something about a "worst table" at Providence - which one is it upon entering the main dining room and how can we avoid being seated there? Also, is it nicer to sit in the patio than in the main dining room? (Or could it be too cold in the last week of september, which is when we have our current reservation) And are there some "signature dishes" that we should try out? thanks best kai
  14. Thanks for the info, JFL! I guess you mean the stretches of Melrose, Beverly and 3rd between Fairfax and LaBrea, right? We will definitely check out the farmes market - sounds exactly like the kind of place we are looking for, for a daytime trip... Westwood seems like fun for a stroll and some drinks; same goes for Pasadena, I suppose. Thinking about dinner, I just came to think about asian restaurants... Really (I mean *really*) good chinese, vietnamese and japanese restaurants are extremely hard to find here in germany. Over here it is all about little original flavour or good products, but
  15. Thanks for the details, rjwong. I know very well about your pictures and reports (I have been following them quite closely for years now). It just seems that you are the only one keeping up the good work for the Los Angeles area... Anyway: we'll be in town towards the end of september (22.-27.), so I guess the Jose Andres place won't be open. Could you elaborate on the service at Ortolan? In what way does it need improvement? (Have you been there lately?) As it seems at the moment, we'll be staying in West Hollywood. I read somewhere that Westwood is one of the rare areas in L.A. that can be e
  16. I have a general question, first: how come that for L.A.'s top restaurants there are not half as many reviews to be found, than for the top places in NYC or Chicago? I mean: when was the last update on places like Sona, Ortolan, Melisse, Bastide or Providence (not to speak of pictures...)? Are foodies from L.A. not as "reviewing-happy" as others? Don't get me wrong, please - I just wonder... Anyway: Iam still not really sure about my choices. Providence is set. (will ask some specifics in the Providence-thread). But I read so many mixed-to-bad reviews about Sona (on chowhound, mostly) that Iam
  17. Of course I meant "very" rich, too - which, in the end, amounts to the same thing, doesn't it: one feels very full towards the end of a meal, which is not such nice thing...
  18. Mike: Interesting to read that you found some of the dishes in the large "tour" too "rich" - it looks rich, indeed, and they should work on this. (Confirms my decision to go for the tasting - I hate it when I can't really enjoy some courses anymore and leave a restaurant feeling too full...) Can't wait...
  19. Thank you for this amazing -no:brilliant!- review, ulterior epicure. On can feel that you really tried to do the restaurant justice with your well thought out words - and you succeeded! I still think about going to l20 on my chicago-trip in september. Since you criticized the repititions and the sheer amount of food, do you think one fares better with the 4-course-menu (meaning that this could be more "satisfying")? I find the 4-course very, very expensive, though, given the fact that they don't seem to add many amuses and stuff... Anyway, thank you again for this great report!! best kai
  20. prasantrin: judging from the "regular" plates, the tableware at L2O is definitely from the german designer stefanie hering in berlin. But I don't know if some items, such as the piece containing the escolar, were produced especially for L2O. I hope that helps a bit.
  21. Comme ca looks wonderful, thank you! Sona seems like a sure thing. Opinions on Providence seem to be either enthusiastic or pretty disappointed. We have been there 2 years ago and liked it, overall, especially for the relaxed and down to earth service (but maybe that is everywhere the case in L.A.). We didn't find the food "great" but we thought about going back to see how it has evolved by now. Gotta think this over... How come that I cannot find a single review on the yet "new" Bastide??? Has really noboy been there yet (seems like even the L.A. Times has given up reviewing the place)
  22. Thanks for the update LAZ. And thanks for explaining me what a maillard reaction is But I think there is a huge difference between the maillard reaction that adds flavor and a burnt steak - or "charred", as it is called in the US, I think. (Another cultural difference in taste, I suppose) greetings kai
  23. Thank you! That is interesting, because I thought that Sona's cuisine was way more "classical" than Ortolan's, judging from these reviews and food-picture (but overall Ortolan seems way more formal): Sona: http://www.potatomato.com/blog/?p=1220 Ortolan: http://www.potatomato.com/blog/?p=1127 Spago doesn't really appeal to me... And not to give wrong impression, rjwong: I have never been to Melisse- but from what I see and read it is too much in the vain of a classical french fine dining cuisine to make me wanna spend top dollars...
  24. I couldn't help but smile, no: lol at this remark - sounds like a quote from woody allen... Nevertheless I would be thankful if you could elaborate what you mean by that, especially in regards to fine dining...(per PM, if you like...) By the way: as opposed to many other european tourists, I love L.A.! (And I love NYC, too!) regards kai
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