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  1. It's amazing how different the impressions of a restaurant can be from person to person. Because: we had dinner at Ame last sunday and it was the most disappointing meal of our 3-week-trip through california. Let me start by saying that Iam always a bit reluctant when it comes to hotel-restaurants, since it mostly has a negative effect on the atmosphere, even if the restaurant is as separated from the hotel as Ame. It's just that you kind of "feel" that you are in a place that is part of a larger, "anonymus" kind of entity, as opposed to a small, intimate place where the chef is also the owner
  2. We went there on may 12th. Had the 5 course tasting menu (75$) with wine pairing. The menu after one tiyn tiny and somewhat "boring" amuse bouche (a heart of palm foam) was: -bagaduche oysters with lemon gelee, creme fraiche, australian pepper berry A nice dish, if somewhat "classical" in the combination. What I missed was sort of a contrast in textures - all the elements were, as one can imagine, on the soft/creamy/"jelly" side. On the one side, this way they all nicely "melted" together in the mouth, on the other side, you had no chance to kind of "distinguish" the elements and their indivi
  3. hi everyone! we are in vegas right now and think about going to the ATELIER these days -but since rjwong (great pictures!!) said something about the "most expensive meal in my life" we would like to know how much we should put aside for 2, icluding a bottle of "average" priced wine, tax and tip? (usually 370 for two is our self procclaimed limit. but if this place really lives up to french michelin-3*places...) thanksalot for a quick reply! greetings kai
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    The link doesn't work anymore. Can anyone tell me, if the new place has opened yet (and where it is located)? I'll be in L.A. mid-may and would like to go there... Thanks! kai
  5. Thanks eje! Can't wait to read your report... melkor: since you wouldn't go for Zuni if you had several meals, what would you choose *if* you had more nights than one? (Because probably we will be there longer in SF than 2 nights...) thanks kai PS: would love to try Manresa - but that is definitely too far away... PPS: I read about "Betelnut" very often - any opinions?
  6. Do you mean the "Canteen" at the Commodore hotel? I didn't find another one? (Would be a nice coincidence since we might stay at the Commodore...). So far, we will go for Zuni or Clementine in the first category. (Zuni might be a lunch option, too...though after seeing this picture -from a favorable review- Iam not so sure anymore: http://www.miseblog.com/images/zuni_chicken020303big.JPG ) Iam surprised that nobody went for Cortez since it seems to be soo "in" at the moment... Still haven't made up my mind about category 2...some places are already fully booked the whole week we are there (Dan
  7. Thanks! And keep it coming! The different takes on the question are really surprising and very interesting... greetings kai PS: we are not THAT much into italian unless its really "fine" (as in "unusual") dining. Because if we have one thing in germany, it is real good italian restaurants...and when it comes to refined italian home-style-cooking, my sicilian mother-in-law is not to be beaten. On the other hand "Quince" is mentioned so often on this forum...(but the menu sounds so "normal")
  8. Thanks, JAZ! Iam open for other suggestions of course, since Iam obviously not from SF (not even from the US). But in the end, what I need mostly is some help to decide where to reserve a table... So: where would you go?
  9. ...meaning: one restaurant for a "casual bistro dinner with two friends" and one for "fine dining for two" in San Francisco. Which one in each category would you go to? "Casual Bistro dinner": -Clementine -Chapeau! -Piperade -Cortez -other- "Fine Dining" (not to "formal/stiff", please!) -Gary Danko -La Folie -Fleur de Lys (is it true what I read about their condescending treatment of younger diners?!?) -Campton Place (anyone been there since the chefs changed?) -Jardiniere -Zuni -other- Thanks kai <edited for FdL question>
  10. Thanks again for all those reccomendations! In 10 days our trip begins... ...not easy to get a table at the good places, though, even 6 weeks in advance...seems like Fleur de Lys, La Folie and/or Gary Danko will have to wait until my next trip to SF...(is the Campton a worthy alternative, or is it rather a "tourist place", since it is located in a hotel? I was surprised that it is not on the SF-top-100 list...) One more thing: Do they have that "multiple seating"-policy in california restaurants/bistros as well (meaning that you get rushed through your 3-4 course dinner within two hours max. a
  11. Has anyone here ever been to "Fleur de Lys" Las Vegas? Thanks!
  12. Thank you all for those great reccomendations...especially in the San Diego area. Now two more questions regarding Santa Monica and especially San Francicso: Where would you go for fine dining? (I have mentioned some options for SF in my first 2 posts, but have to pick one or two...) Thanks kai-m
  13. Thanks alot for all those great replies! @rjwong: "streetcorner restaurant" would be something like "eckkneipe" in german. But thinking about, that is more a word for a drinking place...but judging from your post you get what I mean, I think... @Ed: Iam from frankfurt. To specify -as requested- what we are looking for: Generally we like nice, relaxed restaurants/diners/bistros/trattorias, not too expensive with solid food and a younger to middle-age crowd (we are 33 years old, looking far younger). Places, where the local residents hang out, not only tourists and business-diners... They don't
  14. Haven't made a reservation yet - but I guess I'll go for something in the area downtown/balboa park. We'll stay in the city for 5 nights, with 3 "free" evenings (my sister is getting married). Generally we don't like restaurants that are too "formal" (not to say "stiff"), meaning: no "tie-required" places (I'm going to a restaurant, not to the office...), no snobby staff etc. PS: Regarding San Francisco: I just browsed a bit through the countless SF-dining-threads...oh my god!! I'm all dizzy...we have 4-5 nights and now we have, like, 78 restaurant names that all seem to serve great food: Chap
  15. Hi everybody! Iam new here (and Iam from germany, so please excuse possible errors in my spelling and/or grammar). I've been following the very intersting discussions on this board for quite some time now. Now Iam planning a trip through california and could need some recommendations for good restaurants in the citys I intend to visit. -Our journey starts in San Diego. -Next stop Santa Monica/Venice/L.A. -After that a little detour to Las Vegas/Grand Canyon. -Then we are headed to San Francisco, with one or two stops on the way (haven't decided our route from Vegas to SF yet. One possible s
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