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  1. Thank you so much, I wanted to help my sister out but my Philadelphia experience consists of running up the Rocky steps
  2. For my sister who's going soon. She likes French and contemporary Italian the most
  3. I got some from Fuller's Sugarhouse in NH and Morse Maple Sugarworks in VT. Got the dark with robust taste from Edward's and Fullers, and amber with rich taste and the very dark with strong taste from Morse. Fullers was very good too. The Morse amber syrup was very good but the stronger is better. Haven't tried the very dark yet but I bet ill like it. The Edwards syrup is just heavenly, I can never get syrup off a store shelf again. Not like I use gallons of it but usually have some on hand.
  4. I read an an archived article from Yankee magazine about their top New England maple syrup choices. In the comment section someone mentioned Edwards Family Sugarhouse in Jeffersonville, VT. A lengthy post about how this place was found from a roadside stand, how they bought some products and how good they were. Basically said it was so good it should be a national treasure. I have an annual family ski trip starting today, at a rented chalet in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We usually have pancakes most mornings so I figured I'd bring along something better than store bought syrup. I had to Google it, call the guy, get a price and send a check. Got a big bottle and a small one so I could try it first. OMG...there are no words!! One of the most delicious things I've ever tasted! Store bought, even 100% maple, not like this. It's like the difference between getting oranges at your grocery store and getting them in Florida at the grove. Definitely going to order more of their product this spring! I've been watching videos on Vermont maple production, fascinating all the work it takes! Beautiful countryside, I bet the smell in a sugarhouse with all that steam is heavenly. Anyway, the guy's number is 802-343-3433. If anyone has a favorite place, please let me know. I'd love to order from a few different places to compare
  5. Those are amazing pictures! You have an eye for that. I'm going to Vegas with my sister in November. She hasn't been there since 2001 so I thought I'd take her to dinner at Wynn. Thinking SW and sitting on the patio. So many choices! Going for five nights and still have to narrow things. Has anyone tried Sinatra? I've seen yelper reviews but that's about it.
  6. Thank you! I hear the reviews of Bardot but just not sure of another Mina place after Stripsteak. Doesn't have any real French roots. Yeah I don't think I'd have actually tried Nobu unless someone else paid. But I want to impress my sister who is sort of picky but loves sushi. And I haven't tried any in Vegas. Don't need novelty just want the freshest perfectly prepared fish. Like Gollum:) DB would be a good choice it looks like.
  7. Looking for Strip only, won't have a car and just love casinos so ill be spending my time there. Good, fresh sushi is most important. Enviroment is part of it but I'm going with my sister who loves sushi. We've both been battling major illnesses for years and have never taken a trip together. I really want her to be blown away by it. I can't imagine any of the major Strip places are lousy. Thinking Mizumi, Sushi Roku at Caesars, Nobu. Also, wondering if Bardot is as good as the reviews? I wish we had the money for something like Robuchon but don't. DB looks 'French' to me, and I'm leery of Mina restaurants after Stripsteak.
  8. Will do! I remember Aqua as being fantastic food and soothing environment, wish I'd gone to Carnevino a couple trips ago, Stripsteak was awful. Any recommendations for mid level type stuff? Like $50 or less per person, center Strip area?
  9. Thanks! It was still Aqua when I went. Loved everything about it, and the setting in the gardens adds to the mood imho. Going with a friend, my mother in law, and her friend who's never been to Vegas. She wouldn't want to do a multi course thing. I remember it being pleasant, quiet-ish. Everyone likes seafood in the group and they'll try whatever I suggest.
  10. Still breathing,miraculously, going back this fall to Vegas. Probably staying at Bellagio, found a great rate. Is SW steakhouse at Wynn ok? Looks lovely in pics, no one here seems high on it. Lago? Michael Mina Bellagio?
  11. All I have to say is "I'm so glad you're here and this may be my last chance to try this place..." Also, is B&B better for pasta than Carnevino? Or same? Sister in law is a Batali fan, and I did like lunch at Otto.
  12. Thanks everyone! Carnevino sure sounds good, I've seen David Ross here over the years, someone whose opinion I would put trust into. One of the people I'll be with doesn't like Asian food (?) my wife and I might have to strike out on our own. Might have to, brother in law is an accountant and let's say can have problems spending money. Me, I'll let the wallet loose when it comes to food in Vegas, in part because I do well at slots.
  13. Leaning towards Aria cause they have a gorgeous pool area that will be open when we're there. That and we're planning on doing a Cirque Du Soleil dinner package and we've always wanted to do dinner and show under one roof. Will likely give Carnevino a try, thanks to advice here. Sounds like the steak is a strong point, and the riserva for me is something new to try that's different from other steak experiences. Thanks, much appreciated. As I have stage iv lung cancer, I don't know how many more outings to Vegas I'll get
  14. Going over Thanksgiving weekend, staying at Aria most likely. Wondering if Gordon Ramsay Steak is as good as I'm hearing. Leaning towards trying Carnevino, as my sister in law is a Batali fan, but if Gordon Ramsay Steak is better I can steer them towards that. Probably DB Brasserie as well, since I'm the only foodie in the bunch, I figure I can squeeze this one in with the burgers on the menu. Will probably do a dinner and show package at Aria, either Julian Serrano or Sirio (already tried Sage). Any advice or warnings appreciated. PS: Is STK at Cosmopolitan any good? The girl sized steak portions on the menu are intriguing but only if the food is solid
  15. Under appeal...kinda hard to unring that bell. Seems like basic stuff, bizarre cause they did get 3 Michelin stars.
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