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  1. Your sister should be searching for a small neighbourhood B&B or an AirB&B in Rittenhouse.
  2. Plenty of places that serve French and Italian food in centre city. I suggest Cucina Forte, Amis, Bistro la Minette, Beau Monde, Cafe Lutecia, Cafe Clave, Bibou, Patisserie Creme Brulee, J'aime Patisserie, Frangelli's, Gran Caffe L'Aquila, La Maude Cafe, Le Virtu, Melograno, Monsu, Res Ipsa, Victor Cafe. You can Google each of these for more information. Feel free to send me messages. I live in centre city and am very familar with the dining scene here.
  3. Another restaurant for your consideration: Bar-Restaurant 5 Prinsenstraat 10 (020) 428-2455 This is a pretty restaurant located in a typical "winkel" sized building on a shopping street near the Anne Frank house on the edge of de Jordaan. The theme here is that there are five choices of anything offered on the menu. Five whiskys, five starters, five entrees, five desserts, five gins, etc. There are three levels where one can dine: the lower level (basement) is intimate and cosy, with nary a hint that you are in a basement, the main (entry level) with scrubbed wooden floors and polished piano,
  4. Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop has wasabi nuts. 215 242-2211 or look them up for an online order via Google search.
  5. Ko Chang Westerstraat 91 (020) 638-1039 http://www.ko-chang.nl/ Located in a small "winkel" on the busy Westerstraat, this husband-wife team (he- Dutch, she-Thai) prepares some of the best authentic Thai dishes in a very pretty room with traditional hangings of elephants, banana leaf motifs, etc. Banquette seating along one wall and chairs & tables in the remainder of the room make for flexible seating various parties. This is a neighbourhood hang-out, where the locals come out for their noodle and curry dishes to take-out or eat-in, and some chat. Kick back and order a Thai beer or coco
  6. De BelHamel Brouwersgracht 60 (020) 622-1095 http://www.belhamel.nl/ Located on the edge of de Jordaan on a picturesque gracht (canal), De BelHamel is a seven minute walk from the Centraal Station. It is a romantic jewelbox of a classic French restaurant whose bi-level dining room is executed in period Art Nouveau fossilised marble on silver wallpaper and painted wooden paneling. This is a special place to be on a beautiful evening when the double doors are open and tables are set up on the Brouwersgracht. The food is French in style and execution, but the ingredients and many of the dishes a
  7. FYI: The correct spelling is Brugge. "Bruges" is the French spelling for a place in the Dutch part of Belgium. The local people are Hollanders and the language is the Flemish dialect of Dutch. About the food: some of the best mussels to be had are at Restaurant -Tea Room De Torre. Langestraat 8 (050) 34-29-46 Pretty rooms good for dining when it is cold or for inclement weather, but everyone sits outside on the canal (gracht) otherwise.
  8. Hello all: This is my first post, so please forgive any errors. I have been a regular visitor to A'dam for the past 14 years. My wife and I live in an old section of the city called "de Jordaan". It is a beautiful place interlaced with small canals called "grachten" and some of the best dining in the city. I would like to add some places not previously mentioned that I think a visitor, tourist, or local might enjoy. Toscanini Cafe 75 Lindengracht (020) 623-2813 This is one of the most exquisite Italian restaurants in which I have ever eaten. The decor is very simple with candle lit w
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