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  1. Koreans drink a lot of barley tea (bori-cha) and corn tea (sorry, don't know the romanji for that one) as well as green tea mixed with brown rice. I personally prefer Korean green tea. I'll have my +1 add some notes for you, she's from Seoul.The +1 comments follow: I would recommend Jak-Sul Cha which means sparrow tongue tea. The dried tea leaves look like sparrow's tongue. It is very unique Korean tea. Most tea grown in Korea is similar to Chinese or Japanese teas. A lot depends on where your friend is going. If he's going to be in the city, that's one thing, if he's traveling, he can go to the tea growing areas in the southwest and that's a whole entire new adventure.
  2. You mean in all the time I spent in the Mahwah, Ramapo, Suffern, Ramsey area there was a really good restaurant? I'm going to have to check it out the next time I'm there. Where is it?
  3. Certainly is hard to put "trendy" and Belmont in the same sentence, especially when you grew up in Charlottesville and Belmont was where Hog Waller (not wallow, waller), trailer parks and the sewage plant were located. From the map it appears that Mas is located in the old C'ville Workshop for the Blind which used to hire the blind to make brooms for sale locally.
  4. Nothing wrong with not liking something. We all have things we'd rather not eat or on our 'not-favorite' list. Im not wild about sea cucumber but like cassoulet when I get it in a restaurant and it's done well (lots of duck confit, good sausage, properly cooked beans)
  5. Buz and Ned's Barbecue in Richmond. When you see the Braves Baseball stadium on your right, it's time to get off I-95. About 1 mile up the road on the left.
  6. I'll be in Dubai and Port Salalah, Oman in a couple of days. Anything in the area that isn't hotel food?
  7. Don't want to be too generic, but head for the downtown mall and check out Millers (which I remember being a drug store before it became a restaurant), the Hardware Store (likewise), and any of a number of food places. Also check on the Corner (across from the hospital on West Main St). The White Spot (locally known as the Grease Spot) is a good place to spend a drunken Friday or Saturday night trying to recover. Go for the one-eyed burger (a cheeseburger with a fried egg), guaranteed to make you change your mind about drinking too much. Check on Second St for a lot of really good upscale restaurants and on Hydraulic Rd for some tucked away great eating places. Also check on Rio (Rye-o not reee-o if you want to sound like a native) Rd for other little places. C'ville is a great eating town when you look closely.
  8. I find Fratello Brothers pods to be extremely good. I had a Senseo but traded for a Bunn Pod machine. The Bunn seems to be extremely well made and because the spout is higher than in the Senseo, you can use a bigger cup for more coffee. The thing that I disliked most about the Senseo was the position of the spout.
  9. Hmm, that means I'm a 64 year old kid. I start with the curry on top of my rice in a bowl and mix away. I agree with the kimchi...some mighty fine eating that is...
  10. Partially. 1. somewhat correct depending on brand 2. we normally add chicken, shrimp or beef (or sometimes all three) as well as carrots and potato. 3. This depends on brand. Vermont curry ranges from mild to spicy. The spicy version is not bad (my preferred selection).
  11. That depends on how you translate Korean pronunciation to "Romanji"...as an example, I've seen kimchi, kimcheee, gimche, and other more interesting spellings (and that's just on Korean menus)
  12. I believe the original is on Beauregard Street near Rt 7 in Alexandria (or it's the second one opened). We need one of the brothers to settle this. (and for the record, I've never seen ANY burger at 5-Guys be anything other than freshly cooked when ordered).
  13. I'm lookng for a place for about 40 people for the Columbus Day weekend (Saturday night). Most of the people in the group seem to wince when the cost per person goes over $20 so I guess that's another constraint. We'd prefer a private dining room or banquet room (we can get a bit rowdy) and good food. I hope I'm not asking for too much.
  14. We are going in November so all information is welcomed. We will be there for 1 week staying in an apartment so dining out and dining in advice will be appreciated.
  15. This may be slightly off topic and if so...well, do whatever is called for, but... What is the English obsession with canned green peas? My last trip to London, every dish I ordered (with the exception of ice cream) was accompanied by a ladle-full of green peas....what's with that. I don't remember being inundated with green peas on any of my other trips to the UK (mercifully mind blanked perhaps?).
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