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  1. Cut 2 lemons in quarters and put in a 1 quart bowl of water, then nuke it for 3-4 minutes. This usually works like a charm.
  2. Jamie has made that carrot soup twice now. Since when are carrots seasonal? My money is on Stefan for the win.
  3. I'd hardly call sausage and saurkraut an adventerous meal!! They loved the chicken parm/pasta meal I prepared. They didnt complain about that. ------------------------------------ Why do you keep cooking for them when according to you, all they do is complain...except when they don't as per your chicken parm? Frankly, you're beginning to come off as a whiner. People on this forum give you props and suggestions all of the time. You take the props and then zero back to how ungrateful the oldsters are. Quit if the job is so unsatisfying.
  4. I agree with Arey. I've been reading this thread from the beginning and it is quite obvious that these clients are not adventerous eaters. They want hearty food prepared simply. If it were me, I would prepare the same five to seven meals: Protein, starch, veg and LOTS of gravy and hot breads. Pie, cake and ice creams for dessert. I have a cookbook from the forties that would be perfect for them. It has seasonal menus that rely on the above formula.
  5. I too am glad that Gene is gone. Soggy rice and over-cooked fish = Pacific Rim cooking? Not so much. I am not looking forward to Jamie bragging about how awesome she is, either. Did Stefan call her a douchebag on the preview for next week? Now that would truly be awesome.
  6. Addiction modeling takes on different facets depending on who is making the model. The disease model of addiction (chronic and persitent use culminating in death) is quite popular with the folks who run rehabilitation centers. Many people conflate disease and dependence as well as dependence and addiction.
  7. This study hasn't been peer-reviewed from what I can read at the link. I am skeptical about the way this experiment was constructed and of the observations drawn from it, as well. I think addiction is overstating the matter. I don't recall ever reading of anyone turning to a life of prostititution or violent crime over an addiction to cakes.
  8. Turn your pots upside down and nest them that way, with the largest on top since you use them most frequently, maybe?
  9. I've made this frosting many times in a stand mixer with a whip attachment. It has never hardened using this method.
  10. I too love Stefan. Ariane gets on my nerves. She always sounds so exhausted and, I may be wrong, but I think she's a tad lazy.
  11. Thanks all! I do have it refrigerated. He is threatening to send more.
  12. Noobie poster, long-time lurker here: Can our confectioners help me out? My brother in law has gifted us with nearly one gallon (US) in maple syrup that he tapped as sap, cooked down and bottled on his hobby farm in Upstate New York. It is professionally bottled in quart/liter bottles and jugs. It is lovely, tasty stuff. However, we can only enjoy so many pancakes or french toast. I have made many batches of rolled cookies, cleverly cut with a maple leaf cutter, but my options are running dry, so to speak. And yes, I have made some savory dishes, as well. I am not a candy-maker, as a rule, and am failing all over trying to find a good maple fudge recipe. No one here has nut allergies, either, so that is not an obstacle. I fear we will be drowning in lovely maple syrup if I don't make use of it and soon! Thank you in advance for any help.
  13. This has been going on with coffee for at least twenty years.
  14. Ice cream. I ate a ton of ice cream with the first two and tempura. Baked potatoes with lots and lots of butter with the third.
  15. You can buy cheesecloth in the fabric department at Walmart for a song. Kitchen sting, get it at the hardware store.
  16. When I was 11 or 12, I baked my mother a lemon meringue pie for her birthday. I went out to get the mail and caught my cat, Spanky, when I came in, sitting on the counter with a faceful of freshly baked meringue. Never have I seen an Oh Shit! look like that on a cat's face.
  17. Kent, this is a lovely blog. We have white pelicans here in Oklahoma. Here on Grand Lake and over in the Panhandle. Indeed, we have Pelican Festival here each year and there is a Pelican on the City Seal. Your white bird is a crane, I believe. All of our herons are blue. All of you folks who think Oklahoma and Texas are the pits stay right where you are.
  18. Thanks, Carrot Top. I figure it's about time I quit lurking. I feel like I "know" many posters from reading them for so long. Anyway, it's nice to be here. Me and my huckleberries.
  19. I live in Oklahoma, as well. Everyone should come to the Huckleberry Festival in Jay today and tomorrow. Everything isn't Miracle Whip, saltines and white gravy after all.
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