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  1. Hi Deryn, I'm here. I think this might be my first eG post since Steven passed. Guysborough County is the one corner of Nova Scotia I haven't explored. Each summer I almost go to the Stan Rogers Festival and that great gastropub. Buying seafood at the docks directly from the boats is common and legal - and Canso is one of the oldest fishing ports in North America.
  2. Thank you, Steven. May you rest in piece.
  3. Ten pounds of ground moose I got last night from my hunter buddy. Tourtière tomorrow. The meat is lean and tough - lots of pork fat and spices will help.
  4. Swedish lumpfish caviar We buy lumpfish eggs and find them exquisite. Don't like the phony red colour.
  5. Thanks Kerry. When you have the ingredients, the people, a little time and a place like that. Perfect storm.
  6. I'm still holding out for my local squid. Very nice photos liuzhou.
  7. Great idea for a Cook-Off, David. I live on a North Atlantic bay where squid are showing up in big numbers for the first time in a long time. Kids jig and catch them easily with barbless hooks. Count me in.
  8. I'm not fond of the anise/sambuca/kümmel/caraway/licourice family of flavours. I hope it's not genetic.
  9. Percyn, lobster thermidor and marrow parsley salad will be my next surf'n'turf project.
  10. Local shrimp doesn't make the news in Halifax. Sad but true.
  11. Amazing food, thanks Beth. Cooking under the Southern Cross is on my list. "Planes, trains and automobiles'' is a beauty adverb.
  12. Two happy guys and a fish? Large water body, perciform cought with a hand line, volcanic-looking rocks. I have no idea.
  13. Great stuff you two. Will there be any wild game on the menu given the time of year? I didn't know Barrie had a Fran's Diner. I get the (original) banquet burger when we're downtown Toronto.
  14. That's the best way to buy lamb. $13/kg is the price here in Nova Scotia.
  15. Inspiring, thanks. Where did the offal go?
  16. Ain't no body is going to mess with my maters! dcarch Uh-oh. What was the official cause of death? My giant pumpkins have teeth marks in them. Possibly raccoons.
  17. I make fairly small batches of hot sauce for fun and sharing. Extra sauce gets frozen in plastic, which I believe can make it hotter. I don't know if there's any science to explain this observation.
  18. I respect your recipe secrecy. I see habs, bonnets, jalapenos, fingers, 3 big bowls, garlic, green herbs of some kind and 2 mysterious piles of tiny peppers. My garden has exploded with peppers and I'm in hot sauce production mode. We got a bunch of Bhut Jolokias this year which are off the charts heatwise.
  19. Michaela, thanks for all the informative words, gorgeous photos and exquisite seafood.
  20. Encrust red meat with it before hitting the grill. Lots of antioxidents are good for you.
  21. Short round vaults a cross-shaped plan, copper domes, lancet windows, striated masonry . . . an old Orthodox church in southeast Europe?
  22. My recent home GE dishwasher came with gizmos to wash stemware. No good. Hot soapy water and a bottle brush are more efficient in every way.
  23. I'm back. Kenneth, your place must smell exquisite. My greenhouse is a steel frame car port with 6mil poly, gabled with 2x3's. Inside it's mostly tomatoes, herbs and peppers. The bright red specimen is a Bhut Joloka aka the Ghost Pepper of Bangladesh. Outside there are chives, radishes, beans, garlic, potatoes, etc. Also a Howard Dill varietal pumpkin with, hopefully, the genes and environment to become very big. Hundreds of pounds big, maybe.
  24. Lovely homegrown produce all around. I'm on my way out to snap some pixs - I'm that inspired. Elizabeth, how does the high altitude affect your garden? Is there any "winter" at the equator?
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