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    All About Marrow Bones

    I don't have any ideas other than the Fergus thing, I just wanted to say how much I like your user name.
  2. I agree. Next to a charcoal grill, I consider a wok burner or turkey fryer the most essential outdoor cooking tool. The other great thing is that you can sear and deep fry with impunity and not worry about the smoke and splatter. I had a lot of fun with it last summer and I still fire it up to sear meat for braises. (details here)
  3. Meez

    The Emotions of Cooking

    Shaya, that's beautiful; thank you.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Rachel. I'm glad to hear Chris is doing better. That bridal shower spread was "weep-worthy," in the good sense. I'm always a sucker for buffets of finger food, and that one was just incredible. Again, thanks.
  5. Yayyyyy Rachel! I've been wondering when you would do a blog. Looking forward to a great week. Speaking of great Southern writers, I actually thought of you when I read that William Styron had died. Say on, Sister.
  6. When: It's not enough to season your food well and make it taste great. You think: how will this look on the Dinner thread?
  7. I've had a lot of fun this summer with my outdoor wok burner; here is some Thai stuff that came out of it recently: Stir-fried shrimp, summer squash, and noodles I made a coconut curry sauce for the veg instead of a full-blown curry, and the noodles were pad thai style; details here.
  8. So bummed I had to miss this! I love all the kitchen and prep pictures, but I have to give special props to Ron for that pastrami. Hope to make the next gathering.
  9. I agree. I used to dutifully buy a 20 lb bag of hardwood charcoal to grill with, because, you know, it burns hotter. That is, until I read the Cook's Illusrtated test that showed that equivalent volumes of hardwood charcoal and briquettes burn at the same temperature, with briquettes having the advantage of burning longer, which is nice when you're smoking. After briquettes ash over, I honestly can not taste a difference between them and hardwood, although I admit, I have never done them side by side. I always found that a chimney starter full of hardwood charcoal was not really enough to do serious grilling, so I used to spread lit briquettes on the bottom of my Weber and then cover them with a big load of hardwood charcoal, sort of turning my Weber into one big chimney starter. Now I just use briquettes, which work fine. For high ceremonial grilling, I build a wood fire, which does impart a nice flavor and is just loads of fun.
  10. Happy birthday, Brian. I am enjoying your blog. Hey, you were talking about pickled cherries upthread: what do you pickle your cherries in? I got a bunch yesterday and am contemplating making a quick pickle out of some of them in cider vinegar with five spice powder. Blog on; I can't wait for the Bouchon installment.
  11. As I reread this, I think I should clarify: what I mean by "pounded" is not literally 'pound,' as with a mortar and pestle, but rather 'add a lot of,' i.e. add a lot of pepper, herbs and cheese to the meat.
  12. As a child it did not take me long to figure out that the best stuff on Thanksgiving was back at the board in the kitchen: wings, skin, and all the bits from around the carcass. I'd sprinkle salt and pepper directly onto the counter and drag all the good stuff through it, wondering why the whole meal wasn't like this, and trying not to look like I was having too good a time. To this day, after 12 years of happy marriage, I am still scandalized by the amount of meat my wife leaves on her fried chicken. If any meat is left from post-stock grazing these days, I pound it with herbs, pepper, and cheese, and stuff it into raviolis.
  13. Ahhh. My people. What about Buffalo wings? Basically a piece of skin and bone, deep fried, sauced with butter and hot sauce, and dipped in bleu cheese? One of my favorite things, ever. I've been deep-frying braised pork belly lately with good results. Beautiful. Just.... Aw, shit! (I break down crying here) And I have to say, Rachel, your words are messing with my head as usual.
  14. NOW we're talking. Did anyone see the extra stuff on the DVD for the movie Spanglish? It's got Thomas Keller making "the best sandwich in the world," which is basically a BLT with a soft sunny egg and some sea salt. I'll draw my line in the sand: lettuce has no place in sandwiches.
  15. Well, I read it in a book, so it must be true! Seriously, thanks; I think I'll do some editing. What are your thoughts on palm sugar? I used it before and couldn't taste much difference. I got some again just to be sure, but haven't gotten around to doing anything with it. For example, if you did your pork belly with white sugar instead, do you think you would notice?
  16. Sally: great idea. Based on Chufi's reply, we should call this the ex nihilo project. BTW, my wife is from Sheldon.
  17. Great news!!! You'll raise the bar a few notches.
  18. Thanks, Shaya, I'm so glad you like it.
  19. Jerk paste: This is the complement to Z's post: looks like a sample, tastes great. Take note, gentle reader, of the ooze at the bottom.
  20. Finally got around to making the sweet pork belly; definitely worthwhile. I made a little starter out of it: Crispy sweet pork belly with grapefruit salad eJulia, you might have a look at my blog. I'm cooking a lot of Thai this summer, and one point I'm trying to get across is that it is actually not as weird or mysterious as it seems, especially if you already know how to cook, which you clearly do. This is a link to all the Thai posts; start at the bottom. Best wishes.
  21. Dude, that is just too funny. Such a great pic: it looks like the filet bled out speckled pus. And the green beans seem kind of angry.
  22. Meez

    Tempura--Cook-Off 22

    Thanks, Chris. I didn't really do quantities, but you can find details here. I've been meaning to say, I like your sig; I had even considered it for mine at one time. The first time I played that album I was actually in my kitchen doing just that. I stopped, looked over at the stereo, and thought, did he say what I think he just said?
  23. Mine is about a month old and is a good example of how an enthusiastic home cook moves from recipe cooking to creating his or her personal cuisine. I've been happy with Typepad. Comments welcome. Cheers.
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