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  1. For the past few years, I've hosted a NYE pre-party. It started because I was feeling torn between spending the evening with folks who wanted to drink and dance the night away, and folks who wanted a quieter or asleep midnight. Instead everyone gathers at my house for dinner before heading out for other plans. This year, I seem to have overextended my guest list. Based on previous years acceptance rates, I'm guessing we'll end up around 30-35 people which is a lot for our apartment. (previous years have been around 20 people.) Thankfully, my group of friends are not at all fancy - they're art
  2. Nina C.

    Easter Menus

    Oh no Panaderia! That's terrible. Chicken is a poor substitute for rabbit. You'll have to have a do-over. Since I used this thread for inspiration, I thought I'd post my notes on my first Easter dinner! Deviled Eggs - 2 kinds. The first, horseradish, butter, mayo, mustard, paprika. The second was capered deviled eggs mentioned in the eG deviled eggs thread, and found via Google Books I eye-balled the mayo so it could have been my error, but this was a very wet filling. Still, delicious though. When I make them again, I'll chop the capers and add a few extra to boost their presence. Sardine
  3. Thanks so much for this peek into your world! I'm really enjoying the blog so far, especially seeing what one does with a passion for pastry and baking when it hasn't been your career. You do such a nice job of showing a relaxed approach to enjoying great food without pretension. I think I would rather have had the foie and the chips separately (although leave on that delicious looking garlic sauce please!) especially in a situation where one lacks a proper table or utensils. What did you think of how the combo worked together?
  4. Jacques Torres' Dessert Circus at Home is (annoyingly) sponsored by Mars company, so there are several recipes in there that incorporate M&Ms, if you are looking for something fancier.
  5. Though I'm normally a sweets person, my pie didn't turn out as perfectly as I'd like. So instead I had leftover brussel sprout hash with big chunks of bacon for breakfast. I had a thought of heating it up, but it was so good cold that I couldn't stop.
  6. Randy - That looks so incredibly amazing that I'm tempted to go make it right now, even with a fridge full of Thanksgiving leftovers.
  7. This thread has sat in my bookmarks for the past year an a half. I keep saying to myself, I should make marshmallows! Well, I finally did - marshmallow peeps! All the details, and more pictures are on my blog, TheKitchn.com
  8. Ronnie - I and my +1 are a tentative for both Thursday night events (although more likely to attend the Violet Hour than Blackbird.) Thanks! Edited to add that our hosts in Chicago would also like to come to the Violet Hour. So that's Nina C. + 3. Thanks!
  9. I never have, but was just considering it today as I read the latest Bon Appetit. They have instructions, along with a few recipes to make with the corned beef: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/241623
  10. Mickey (my sweetheart) and I are definitely in for the dinner! Now we just have to figure out how to get there/where to stay.
  11. I've long followed the Heartland gathering threads, jealously. The Chicago location has convinced my baseball-loving sweetheart that this is the year to try our best to join in. Can you put me +1 as possible attendees? We have to work out logistics. Thanks so much for all your hard work organizing this! Nina
  12. And you didn't say anything???? I would have politely advised the "gentleman" that removing articles of clothing in a restaurant is extremely inappropriate and to please take himself and his smelly feet to the restroom immediately. Seriously. ← I could have, I should have. My only defense is that it had already been a hard visit, and I was hoping not to draw the attention of other patrons. Fortunately, it didn't last too long.
  13. Not exactly a soup, but close enough - what about cherry dumplings? Like a play on a chicken and dumplings soup.
  14. Dianabanana - I keep trying to decide which is worse - the corn-pad adjusting or the hand on the ass. I think I have to hand it to you. I can't imagine how one would react to their parent's indiscretions. The nail clippers at the table would have me making snide comments of "Thank you, we've really had enough calcium in our food today."
  15. The scene was already set for the visit from hell. For the past week, my dad and his partner have been staying on our pullout couch. My fiance's teeth stayed clenched as we dealt with an oven that broke in the middle of making Christmas dinner, the tension of in-laws bickering, and the passive-aggressive hell that only family can create. The last time they visited, they told us they didn't want to spend a lot of money, so it was casual spots and dinner at home. But this time, my dad has been reading New York magazine, and the Time Out NY dining book, and had more of an eating agenda. The fi
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