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  1. Hmmm "hide cake" ? Sounds like a euphemism for "Eat It"!
  2. What about using the scalloped bread pan as a stamp to cut out the bread slices? Especially as tea sandwiches usually have the crust cut off.
  3. Went out for dessert and drinks on Saturday and found some nice fall flavors offered at a restaurant downtown. I ordered the maple creme brulee, which was described as "piped in a cup". The waitress warned me kind of non-specifically that this wasn't "normal" creme brulee. I didn't object, i like different flavors... the Creme Brulee that was brought out was a wonderfully flavored mousse piped in a praline shell. No top shell of sugar! Now I understand the warning, though they could have been more specific about it It was good though didn't strike me at all like a creme brulee. Maple Creme Mousse... was more like it. Tasted like eating pecan pie in a fluffy cloud of whipped cream. Maybe the pastry chef was thinking that with the crispy sugar shell holding the mousse, it was almost like an upside down creme brulee?? I don't think so. Though the dessert flavors were wonderful, its title caused me to ruminate on it for quite sometime... hence this post is mousse that out of fashion that it has to be called a Brulee?
  4. At Mom's bakery, they would put all cake trimmings into a bucket, pour rum or other such liquid flavoring on top of it all to make it damp enough to hold together into a ball when rolled. Then the balls get dipped in chocolate and sometimes rolled in nuts. Kind of like hush puppies ... toss them into people's mouths to hush them up. Us kids got them when we visited. They would often vary in flavor- raspberry's sometimes used as the liquid, coffee, etc.
  5. disappointing search results... I get better returns for recipes using the plain old 'search the web' version. Looks like an attempt at corporate food to cut out blogs by 'real people' as a resource. Foodie blogs rank pretty well in regards to search return rankings- its no wonder Yahoo has taken this on :grumble:
  6. yuck on the toothpaste thing! As for the flavors, I use the Scotsman recipe already referenced in the thread (in recipe Gullet, and use the actual ingredients for the flavors (lemon for lemon, banana for banana, etc): except for the cinnamon I use ground up red hot candies as part of the sugar. Domestic Goddess: as to different flavors of pies, we have a booth in our farmers market that makes half and half pies- two different types of pie in the one pie tin. Nice to have the variety, though not as elegant a presentation... What flavors do you like? I think pecan or berry would be swell, but that's me
  7. I'm planning on bagging up different flavors of marshmallows... Traditional flavors to add to tea or chocolate: - peppermint swirl - lemon ginger - cinnamon And then a wildcard flavor: - strawberry? - saffron? - banana? - orange-cranberry? I did the fudge thing a couple years ago (and am cured as well ) except I made all the batches with white chocolate and then went crazy on the flavoring and coloring: lime, orange, raspberry. The consistency and colors were quite fabulous- like play-doh!
  8. What the heck are fillers? Some education from the company rep about what "fillers" are would be good. I would think it would be plasticizers that you'd be tasting- the things that keep the silicone flexible.
  9. the backstory inspiration is kind of silly and complicated... but finally made beet marshmallows I used beet powder in the gelatin blooming step along with allspice powder and orange. Used some maple syrup in the corn syrup measurement (as I ran out!) and tossed some more beet powder in the dusting step. Also used persimmon sugar in the dusting mixture, though I can't really taste it. The taste of these is surprisingly captivating. I even hooked a couple non-beet eaters with them. Oh, and toasted beet marshmallows? ... :drool: written out procedure up on the ole food blog. [Moderator note: This topic continues here, Homemade Marshmallows: Recipes & Tips (Part 2)]
  10. ps- great to see an honest to goodness used looking silpat. All the pristine ones I see on tv cooking shows give me fits
  11. captivating looking! i can't help but thinking they look like rice crispee treat bases though.
  12. Good to see you on eGullet Fanny! This thread is a wonderful example of show-n-tell, plus its inspiring. I'm enjoying imagining your tomato vanilla jam with some nice smooth chevre. cheers
  13. There is no active radioactive waste production in these instruments. ← link to the cdc site addressing irradiated food concerns and nuclear waste. "What radioactive waste is generated?"
  14. Did anyone else catch this? First episode was her traveling through Paris speaking like a 4th grade teacher...
  15. I like that bombe idea... it could be fun taking our little kid memories of candied apples into grown up dessert realm: - making your flavor layered bombe in the shape of an apple, - push a popsicle stick through it. - Freeze it hard with liquid nitrogen, - cover it in a bright red cinnamon hard crack sugar coating like those bright red candy apples. This could be a fascinating coating for the bombe textures of soft creamy, and soft/delicate cake.... kind of like an ever-lasting gobstopper too! fwiw- my favorite apple dessert I've ever had was apple sorbet served with caramel ice cream. The pairing of creamy and sorbet was exquisite. :swoon:
  16. Freezing fresh fruit first will cause it to basically puree itself as it thaws.
  17. If this isn't too trendy for you: I think its awefully cute. I also really like Natalie Dee's works (who I swiped my avatar from).
  18. regarding starch for coating: rice flour works really well to. regarding brown sugar: I used brown sugar in my banana rum version. Works well. having researched how to make butterscotch flavor, I think the use of brown sugar in these marshmallows was one of the main contributors to this flavor development.
  19. Really enjoyed your involvement in the show! Having a cop as a fixer makes perfect sense. There is an Alton ramble that made it in the show that was wonderful, calling on the distinction between quickly aquiring food that is not fast to cook, vs the popular conception of fast food as also being fast to cook.
  20. that's like a retirement plan, right? Meals for life...
  21. ahhh... bless eGullet! thanks for that heads up K8memphis. I didn't realize...
  22. SO... after labeling my banana with sharpies (to say do not eat!), letting it get all spotted and nice, and freezing it for forever... I finally managed to get it into marshmallow form. One liquified uber ripe banana for the fruit puree, rum for the water in the mixer bowl, half of the sugar as brown sugar, and a split vanilla bean. They're nice and mellow tasting. Texture is that obscene soft feel. The mallow finishes with just a breath of banana flavor, but mainly seems to combine with the rum to taste like butterscotch. When they toast, I swear it does an extra alcohol fizzle All in all pretty good, surprisingly tame.
  23. yes- CO2 for making your own soda- which is something I'll enjoy playing with I assume its as easy as pouring in my flavored liquid into the canister, or maybe just carbonating water and mixing with a syrup.
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