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  1. Few ever mention the Ore House right on the Plaza, their 2nd floor deck is a great place to sip some tequila and have a light meal. We have eaten dinner there a few times and it has been very good but the deck and something to drink on a lazy afternoon nails it for us!
  2. We can get 3 PBS stations in Chicago and not one of them is carrying this? What a shame especially since Louisa is from Chicago. Congrats to her on another season but Boo-Hiss to Chicago PBS
  3. From Dish in the Chicago Magazine today. http://www.chicagomag.com/Radar/Dish/Decem...apas-No-Ms-Mas/
  4. I'm glad to see mention of the Ore House, I think it's very much overlooked. We enjoy enjoy afternoon drinks and snacks on the balcony, what better place to enjoy the Plaza! They have a very generous happy hour but it's been a number of years since we have eaten dinner there.
  5. They have been filming in Chicago for several weeks now, mostly seen on the North side at the Green City Market and a Whole Foods. The finale of season 3 was filmed in a near westside studio, possibly other segments for season 4 have been too.
  6. I am often blessed with $50 RL gift cards so we eat there several times a year. Where else can you go for lunch and get a reasonable entree, a baked potato, salad and biscuits? I usually stick to shrimp of some sort but my SO likes their salmon at times but usually orders one of their large salads. We have never encountered anyone singing Happy Birthday and since we go at lunch time, we have never had to wait. The one we go to has had the same waitstaff for years and they have all been pleasnt and efficient, the manager is very proactive and makes the rounds of the room frequently.
  7. I just watched the tape of this episode and the McD logo is shown at the beginning also. But, while watching it, there is also Hidden Valley Ranch early on and Ruby Tuesday just when they are beginning plating. This is very similiar how Food Network also advertises their own shows that are coming up later.
  8. I'm not sure if that's the same book, mine does have just 32 pages but there is no publisher or date given other than New Mexico Magazine and I know I bought it at least 15 or more years ago. I also have "Pueblo and Navajo Cookery" by Marcia Keegan (ISBN 0-87100-135-7) which has great old photos. I had the privilege of being invited to a family home on Santa Clara Pueblo's feast day a few years ago, this books photos bring back memories of that special day.
  9. We only stayed in Anchorage one night before boarding the Alaska Railroad train to Denali and Fairbanks. We stayed at the Hilton and ate dinner in their restaurant with a stunning view. Very good local seafood.
  10. I agree that Feast of Santa Fe is probably the best. I have a slim pamphlet sized book that I got proably 10 or more years ago from New Mexico Magazine called "A Taste of New Mexico Kitchens" It has no publication date or any other information other than it's from the magazine. We've used it for one recipe called The Shed's Posole Stew and has some neat tips in it such as "you might need less time at lower altitudes than Santa Fe" when talking about soaking hominy. Simple good recipes for Pinon Fudge, sopaipillas and even Santa Clara Pueblo's Red Chile Stew for a feast day.
  11. We have enjoyed staying at the Water Street Inn which is a short walk from the Plaza. While they serve a very nice breakfast at the Inn, we must always stop at Tia Sohia's and the Plaza at least once. Lunch a must at The Shed. We're not in to fine dining so dinner at Tomasita's is our speed though our SF friend always takes us to El Nido in Tesuque. Last trip we went to Chimayo and enjoyed lunch on the patio at Rancho de Chimayo after a visit to the Santuario, it's a good place to see old New Mexico. http://www.waterstreetinn.com/
  12. I spent 4 days in the hospital in April because I was told I drank TOO much water. I was hallucinating, appartently drank enough water to flush the normal body salts out of me so my body salt count was dangerously low. They pumped me full of saline and I actually got to eat bacon every breakfast while in there! I now have learned a lot of things, first this led to a diagnosis of MS and I now watch my electrolytes. I drink one glass of water with EmerGenC in it daily and then only 2 or 3 more glasses throughout the day, my doctor periodically asks if I'm drinking too much again.
  13. There is a chain called Sweet Tomatoes that has an outlet in St. Charles, Il. that is very good. They offer a number of kinds of lettuces as well as some prepared salads (Greek, etc.). The add ons cover a pretty wide variety of things and all is kept very fresh looking and nicely cut. They also have baked potatoes, pasta and usually 6 soups. http://www.sweettomatoes.com/
  14. Has anyone watched this show on The Learning Channel (TLC) ? TLC has been showing it M-F at 4pm CST for about a month now and just last week began featuring it at 7pm CST on Fridays. There are two half hour segments to the show, each featuring a new "victim", an unsuspecting young woman ( so far that's all they have shown) that Curtis sneaks up on in a supermarket. Curtis very awkwardly explains he is an "Aussie" and has written several cook books and would love to go home with the woman and cook a wonderful dinner for family or significant other. They shop, he pays, they always stop at Sur La Table or Crate and Barrel where he surpises her with a gift that has ranged from knives to a special serving dish for whatever they are going to make. They go home, cook and surprise the spouse/boyfriend. It is like the old Gordon Elliot Door Knock Dinner but Curtis is just so awkward and goofy acting. A good majority of the women don't know how to cook and he leads them through preparing a "gourmet" dinner. I don't know how many episodes they filmed but in a month they have already had repeat episodes. I was much happier when TLC had Martha Stewart in this time slot!
  15. I have noticed that in the many mentions of places to go in Santa Fe, few mention The Ore House. I don't hink I have eaten more than appetizers there but the view of the Plaza and one (or more) of their margaritas is worth the visit.
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