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  1. I have only been to Peter Lugers. It was the finest steak I have ever had, hands down. I can't wait to go back.
  2. I just registered. Good luck!
  3. Bluestar lists them. ← That is one seriously cool oven.
  4. I have only had Atlantic and Gulf Of Mexico Oysters. I have no idea of the "official" name. A couple of dozen of these with crackers and lemon makes Norm a happy man.
  5. It has been some years since I have been to RL. The last time I went, I ordered the surf and turf. Big mistake. Both the lobster and the steak were way over cooked. Blech.
  6. Holy smokes! I scooped micropundit! Link to story
  7. Holeeeeeee smokes! Please tell me that AHD has plans to open an Atlanta branch. There is nothing like that here.
  8. Hot dogs. A subject near and dear to my heart. My favorite dog is Hebrew Nationals all beef with the natural casing. On a soft bun, dressed with a thin stripe of yellow mustard, is Heaven itself. Oddly enough, a close runner up is the roller dogs from Quik Trip. .99 cents each, two please. With that out of the way, I like many kinds of hot dogs/sausages. Brats, Smokies, etc, it's all good to me. Oh yeah. Anyone attempting to put ketchup on my dogs will be made to cry.
  9. A little off topic, but I really want a La Caja China for roasting a pig.
  10. Spaghetti sandwiches are great!
  11. Well, I don't know where you live, but if you ever make it to Atlanta Ga, you bring the wine, and I will make the BBQ.
  12. Yes well you also have a weapon in your avatar. ← Um no, that is a cartridge. These are weapons. Try and keep up.
  13. Wow. Thanks for sharing that Daniel.
  14. I fail to see why plastic bottles would be a problem. I have had some damn good wine that came in a box.
  15. Growing up in GA, BBQ to me is all about the pig. However, the very best BBQ I have ever put in my mouth was the Briskit from Kreuz Market. I still dream of it.
  16. I slice zucchini length wise, toss in oil and salt and pepper, and throw them on a rocket hot grill for a couple of minutes each side. I do the same thing with eggplant.
  17. Me, Im a purist. I like a medium rare burger, served on a grilled bun with a thin slice of tomato and mayo. Nothing more, nothing less. Now that's good eats!
  18. I can assure you, plenty of Chefs in Atlanta smoke. Many times while making a delivery, I have come across a Chef taking a smoke at the backdoor.
  19. Wife likes the instant on of gas. Marital compromise. Oops...Real men don't give in to wives... ← LOL
  20. Real men use charcol and wood chunks. Just sayin.
  21. I like to buy my meat at a local Mexican Butcher Shop. When I do buy my meat in a super market, I like Publix. They are happy to custom cut any thing I want and the meat is very good.
  22. In my very humble opinion, pizza should always be a cracker thin crust, with just tomato sauce, basil, and cheese. Growing up in the South, I was led to believe that pizza should have all kinds of crap piled up on it and a thick, bread like crust. Then when I was 16, I went to NYC. My eyes were opened to what pizza should be. Never again will I eat mile high crap pizza.
  23. Great post! I have a lot of things that servers do that annoy the snot out of me. Servers that come to the table every three minuets. Servers that wait till I put food in my mouth before asking if everything is ok. Servers that let my glass stay empty. I could go on. The perfect server keeps an eye on their table without annoying their guests. I am lucky that the couple of places that my Wife and I eat out at, the servers know us. I understand that making a living as a server is tough, and I always way over tip a good server. Bad servers make me want to commit homicide.
  24. Sushi is finger food. You are supposed to use your finger. Damn, now Im jonesin for Sushi.
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