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  1. Sauce pan with remaining fat from cooking, added red wine and smashed garlic cloves. Violent explosion like super heated water or microwave egg and kitchen looks like slaughter chamber. Escaped with minor forehead burn but could be worse Never knew or heard that could happen and sincerely looking to not repeat it again. Please suggest ways to prevent it
  2. I know I am on a roll with restaurant reviews. But its been a while that I have had the chance to contribute. So with a full stomach, here's another one. This restaurant happens to be on Brookdale drive, near I-88 and Rte 59. Its under new management (which happens to be friends with my friend from Stillwater.). Though, we didn't get a chance to go in the numbers that we usually do, it was a pleasant experience. We started out with appetizers kabab sampler, chicken 65 and paneer tikka. The paneer and the chi65 dishes were mild and personally, I could have used more heat. But they
  3. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to give you a review of my recent dining visit to Stillwater restaurant in Downers Grove, IL. I know the owner from one of the cricket club I am associated with. He just took over the restaurant from the previous chef / owner and had invited me over. Our evening was pleasant, started out with a Hawaian Kozmo and a virgin Mango Margarita . The margarita was very pleasant in flavor but I didn't get a chance to enjoy the real fun with it due to the non-alcohol factor. The Kozmo was good in flavor and had a nice sneaky effect in terms of the alcohol kick. It was
  4. Thanks everyone for your ideas. If I do end up going to some place I love, I will be sure to take pics and put them up here.
  5. Not sure if we have threads like this, but are there good restaurants along (or not too far off) the way on a road trip from Chicago to Boston? I am not fond of eating at the chain restaurants and tasteless fried food and have been burned a couple of times when I went to diners where fish and chips was frozen & refried box fish and ruffles potato chips (happened on a road trip to Detroit). Seems like I will be going across Toledo, Cleveland, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Springfield, etc. Please note, I would have 2 toddlers with me as well so classy, sit down fare might be a stretch - esp
  6. Your first two questions are so broad - it can literally be a PhD subject Cuisines are mainly related to geography
  7. Check out the egci section on this very same site. There are a couple of courses on north indian and south indian breads. Let me know if it helps.
  8. rockinRonD, are you talking about sara / lidia? sara's one of the best teachers on food tv. and its a shame that like mtv moved away from music, food tv moved away from cooking by letting people like sara go away.
  9. I had heard that after Sara Moulton's departure from food network, she was going to have a syndicated show on some public television. This was some time back. I am an avid fan of cooking shows on public television but haven't heard anything about any show with Sara. Does anyone have any updates? Her site doesn't list anything either.
  10. stephen, what is your background in indian cooking? are there particular dishes that you like/ or would like to have?
  11. Peeling portabellos! I thought it was not a good thing for the taste to do unless u were doing a decorative design? Is peeling portabellos a normal practice? Please advice. I love portabellos and have survived so far having eaten them skin and gills and all ....
  12. for a second you really made me fantasize.... it was good while it lasted! the reason is that tomatoes are really expensive even inthe farmer's market that is held here (nearly a dollar a tomato... if we are lucky). and these are no heirloom... so really long for good reasonably priced tomatoes.
  13. many indian families use pressure cookers for ages and depending the type, brand, etc. have developed a set of *whistle* logic... The pressure cookers we use have only one pressure level - with a moveable weighted *whistle* on top... Depending on the texture that you need - you would let it go for an x amount of whistles - the more the whistles - the lesser the original shape, size (and pretty much no bite as it would be associated with uncooked...) I am not sure of the model you are referring to but if you adjust the cooking time (read experiment with it ) you should come up with a *calibera
  14. Where is it? We are near Naperville and Aurora border and crazy behind good tomatoes...
  15. my oven has changed and I did try with one of a pre-marinated chicken from a corner grocery store - came out so fantastic that I finished it before remembering pictures I will get it again this weekend and post some pics. Then I will try my own to see if the results are similar....
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