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  1. I have drooled all over this thread, and I swear, I don't know where you guys find the time to cook like that in the morning!

    This morning I had banana oatmeal cookies. I am going to start taking pictures tomorrow...

  2. Yes, he was just newly diagnosed, so we are still in the "finding everything out" phase of things. I always made basmati, or jasmine. My rice cooker broke during a brown rice experiment. :wacko: I now need to go up to the local Asian hypermarket they have here and find the red and black rices. How does the cooking of red and black differ from the long grain whites or even brown?

  3. Rice was a main staple in our house, since my DH has been diagnosed diabetic we had to back off the rice. But I eat it every chance I get. Usually the Thai Jasmine rice that I get in an Asian market that has an elephant on the 10 pound bag. I learned to wash rice from my friend's mom and use a rice cooker. My rice cooker broke the other day and I am heart broken!

    I only had persian rice one time, a friend of mine made it for me and I will never forget it, it was wonderful. I would love to learn how to make it, as well as sticky rice that has been steamed.

    I can eat rice three times a day if they let me!

  4. I didn't take a picture, but we slow roasted a pork butt over three days. Between marinading, cooking once, chilling it overnight, then cooking again, that was the best DAMN pork butt I ever had. It was a technique I saw on the food network from Constantino that he uses in his restaurant on a leg of lamb, I didn't think it would come out as good as it did.

  5. I want to learn how to make flowers from pulled and blown sugar, but there is no good classes in the area, so I figured if there was a good book on the subject that would suffice. I realize that is not the ideal way to go about learning the craft, but under the circumstances it maybe the best I can do.

    Does anyone know of a good book on the subject?


  6. Truffle oil, my throat will not even let it go down, it closes up and does not swallow.

    Avocados! I cannot stand them! They are lettuce paste, nothing more.

    Beets. I wretch at the smell of them.

    The rest I think I don't like and I say think because I never had them made well:


    Liver and offal

  7. Lately for me it has been this "cutie" oranges they have in the stores this time of year, them and honey crisp apples. I eat my weight in them while they are in season. I generally like something sweet about 3 pm, so cookies of some sort is usually around.

  8. I just needed to rant a bit and I am hoping my fellow EGulleters here will understand.

    I am so sick of being preached at about what to eat, not to eat, how many carbs are in this and that. Since when did getting dinner become such a statement on one's virtue? I was taking note and in the course of one week's time I was given the run down on the number of carbs some one eats, whether sugar is the devil, organic is best, meat is evil, meat is all one should eat (shudder at that one, but I know someone who does it), don't drink caffeine, drink caffeine, etc...etc...at least 3 times a day. I don't bring the subject up, but it seems at least here in the US there is this collective angst about what to eat all the time.

    Case in point, leaving names and situations out, because I am on the internet, but the other day someone I know was walking around with a piece of birthday cake ranting about the carbs in it and how she didn't need the carbs. It was HER birthday cake! (no, she is not diabetic) Is this what this country has come to? People being scared to enjoy their own birthday cake? Come one folks! I had stranger look in my grocery cart and comment, "you eat good". I said thank you, but I was left wondering, why did she look? Now I am not a little women, not by any stretch, but I don't think this had anything to do with my size. (BTW, I don't eat processed food, so there was nothing but non processed stuff in my cart) I was commenting a party about all that I bake, and someone said, "that is when you take it to the office!" I said, "no I love it, I eat it. Portion control is good." Is avoiding food seen as virtuous?

    I like to hold the theory that food is one of life's great pleasures. Yes, like most pleasures one has to control it a bit, but to not sit down to meal in less you have counting the carbs, protien, fat, calories, etc. Why not just enjoy it?

    I don't know the point I am even getting at here...just wanted to rant.

    Thanks for putting up with it....

  9. Well, it only took me three years, but I've finally managed to coax a decent yield out of my tomato plants here in Oklahoma:


    Those are Porter's Pride, it's a variety out of Porter, Texas, designed to set fruit even when it's very hot out. That, coupled with exceptionally fantastic weather since January, resulted in my first useable tomato harvest here. About time!


    I didn't know about porter's pride, I am going to have to check those out. I grew mine, but the heat really got to them. They are hanging in there, but it has been too hot for them to set fruit. Same with the peppers, but the herb garden always holds up for some reason.

  10. I mentioned in the "Cookbooks, How Many" topic about this book:

    "A couple of weeks ago I got and am now reading Cheese and Culture - A History of Cheese and Its Place in Western Civilization, by Paul S. Kindstedt.

    I've read almost halfway through it and while some of it is heavy going, it is fascinating. Cheese was not merely food. It had religious significance in many cultures and had a distinct effect on the spread of civilization, allowing people who were lactose intolerant (yes, even back then) to derive nutrition from milk in its secondary form, cheese.

    This is not a book for someone who wants a quick read but if you are interested in how and why cheese (generic) and the various regional cheeses were developed and contributed to trade and the enrichment of societies, this is an excellent book.

    "Cheese and Culture tells the story of how cheese history intersects with some of the pivotal periods in human history and in many cases shaped the lives of cheesemakers and the diverse cheeses they developed."

    The more I read, I have so far reached the middle of the 18th century, the more fascinating I found it. The amount of research that went into this must have been staggering. I've read a lot of books about the history of cheese but this delves into monastic records that details how cheese became so diverse and how trading between countries contributed to treaties and alliances that might otherwise not have happened.

    As I said above, this is not light reading but it is extremely interesting for anyone who is interested in learning more details of how cheese got from the "Cradle of Civilization" to the present.

    I got giddy when I saw this. I have been reading "An Edible History of Humanity" by Tom Standage and I am loving it. I also reading his "A History of the world in 6 glasses" with equal interest. Definitely on the to read list!

  11. Just made up a fresh batch of mint iced tea. Just mint, hot water, and some stevia packets added to sweetness. Amazing over ice, especially on a blisteringly hot day like this in the NY metro area. Hit 99 today.

    I am betting that would be good with cucumber slices in it...

  12. I am a slow eater, very slow actually. I like to savor my food, I don't like to be rushed out of restaurants, or rushed to get done with what is on my plate. If I don't have the proper time for a meal, then I don't eat one.I like to enjoy my food, my dinner companion, the place I am at. It kind of grosses me out to see people wolf their food down. I don't see why someone would want to eat fast, really.

  13. I have been watching this thread with interest as it is very timely for me and my hubby. We both discovered a cholesterol issue on recent doctor's visits and I have been considering another run at the low carb. diets. I have big issues with not baking, food, baking is such a huge part of our lives I was not sure how I was going to handle this and not feel like we are depriving ourselves. After reading this thread I think I will "have a go" at it.



  14. I am sorry I have not posted in a long while, seems like everyone has been drinking some fine teas. The extreme heat here and drought left me not wanting anything but cold soda and water. But now that the weather has cooled down I am picking up the tea again. Todays was an almond brule from teavana. Yum.....

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