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  1. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful replies. I lately have been experimenting w/ chillies and I am growing some Thai chillies in the garden now. I have eating straight siracha, I discovered as I tried it it was not as bad as I thought it would be. It has this nice garlicly taste that I am becoming addicted to, FAST. My DH is mixing it with ketchup for now. I dip fries in it. I will have to try mixing it in eggs next.

    Chris - to answer your question, one day I got adventurous and grabbed some milk and ate a jalapeno. It was good. It had a tang to it, then the heat hit and it was HOT! But I did like it. Now I am looking into making some jalapeno poppers that are well liked here in the south.

    I am going to hunt down those cookbooks....

  2. Like Chris, being in Oklahoma good fresh fish is hard to come by. I have all but given it up really. But when I want some decent fish I go to my local Asian hyper mart and pick up what may look good that day. There is really only one fish we will buy in the stores and that is tilapia. It seems hard to mess up tilapia, so if you get it frozen no big deal.

    And this is very sad for me, coming from Seattle to have to say.....

  3. Omelette for me is a favorite dinner when I don't feel like cooking a whole lot. My DH does not like pancakes too much, so that does not frequent our table much at breakfast, let alone at dinner. But growing up my mom would make pancakes and sausage for dinner. I do loves me some breakfast foods. Cold cereal makes a great dinner on hot nights in the summer.

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind advice and responses. I am excited to go out and find different kinds of chillies and to begin experimenting. I have a bottle of siracha in the fridge, but never pulled it out, never had the guts to do so! :blink:

    I am eager to get out and begin to shop for chillies, one thing I do love about Oklahoma is they have great Asian markets and I am looking forward to experimenting with the chillies I find in there (a section of the store I stayed away from before!)

    Does anyone know of a good cookbook that uses all kinds of chillies to find good "balanced" recipes?

  5. My DH and I are in the process of trying to get use to spicy food. Born and raised on mellow food we have always wanted to explore the spicier, hotter chillies. So we thought we would embark on testing and eating increasingly hotter chillies. So many recipes I pass up because of the level of spice that I would love to try....

    But then we began to wonder, is there a good way to go about "training your palate" to be use to spicy food?


  6. It sounds like an oxymoron, but gardening in Las Vegas is a very rewarding experience.

    I don't bother with composters. Rather, I just dig a hole in my garden, cover it with a trash can lid to keep the pigeons at bay and toss most of my organic waste into the hole. (Large bones don't go in, for instance. They don't break down quickly enough.) When the hole is mostly full, I cover it with dirt and dig a new hole. By the time I return to that spot in the garden, everything has broken down.

    Right now, I have 50 heads of romaine lettuce popping up, more dill than I can possibly eat (any eGulleteers in Vegas need some dill?), parsley, sage, thyme, marjoram, basil, etc. In a couple months, it will be heirloom tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini.

    But I like the spring lettuce harvest most of all.

    I trench compost and I love it! Just this morning I put a bunch of spent bush bean plants in to "stew'. A few months ago I put some leftovers (vegetable) from the kitchen in the garden and forgot I did it, came back to that spot a couple months later and had the best soil ever in that spot! It was nice!

  7. Put me firmly in the watch for the Julia Child camp, other than that I am way too skeptical to keep too much hope up. The travel channel here in the US, does so much of the "travel and watch me eat" shows I barely watch that channel anymore. (And I use to be a big fan of the travel channel back when "Lonely Planet" was on it)

    I will just watch and see...

  8. I would love to try congee though. Anyone have a good recipe for it?

    Our congee topic to the rescue!

    No morning in Suzhou would be complete without the long queues outside our local dumpling and baozi purveyors. They're nothing more than a room full of giant steam baskets with a grandpa at the window taking your order and making change - although correct change is always appreciated. The steam is so much that next to the window at my favourite place, there's a bamboo grove twice the size of all the other stands on the street - the heat keeps it warm all winter.

    I usually get a giant meat baozi which has a mix of pork and beef and succulent gravy. Most people in line with me are people on their way to work buying whole bags of standard baozi for their co-workers. It's the Chinese equivalent of a donut run, I guess.

    Oh Yea!!! and 7 pages to boot!! I better get reading! I know what I am having for breakfast!!!

  9. I love a good sweet breakfast, I am a big breakfast no lunch person. I love a traditional southern breakfast. Give me the biscuits, pancakes, ham or steak and eggs. Surprisingly enough I am not big on grits. I need to try them again. When I don't have time for that I do the pastry and coffee thing.

    I would love to try congee though. Anyone have a good recipe for it?

  10. Since I started to learn about wines I find more and more that a journal would be helpful. The information in this thread has been great because so often I taste a wine and I never remember if I liked it or not. I am lucky to have a good shop here in town that the owner is wonderful in suggesting good wines, but I do need to "strike out on my own"

    Thanks for this thread!

  11. I have the same situation in my yard up the road from you. You are on a good track. A lot of people see clay soil as a curse, but it does ha(all be it, few... :unsure: ) This year I simply amended with manure /humus, and put down some 12-10-10, and some pine bark mulch and we will see what happens. So far my peas are very, very happy. (we will see about everything else soon) I realize the pine is a risk on the nitrogen, but I figure I am adding it back in with the fertilizer. Getting that stuff tilled in was a night mare!

  12. This has been an interesting thread. I have been thinking of going on a very modified version of low carb for quite a while now, just never got up the "gumption" to give up bread and other high carb stuff. I did low carb a long time ago and I felt really good on it until I found it mess with my cycle. (I won't go into other details) so clearly my body didn't like the carbs going *that* low (I really went very low), but the rest of the time I felt wonderful! So something not as radical would be a nice alternative. Keeping the carbs on the high end of the count maybe the answer, I think. Around 100-125 a day.

    I hate to count calories with a passion, so maybe I can get some where only counting the carbs, or maybe it is just a trade off, I don't know.

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