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  1. ohhh, i have this book. i made the blueberry ice cream and it was wonderful! most of the recipes are coconut milk and soymilk based which i like since it has less fat. i am planning on trying some more soon.
  2. We make this all the time! I always add oil to the pan and fry it that way and then the last step in to melt cheese on top. we call it eggy cheese- it was named when our son was little. We use drinking glasses or cookie cutters for the hole. I have used lots of different shapes. The cheese covers it up so if I am doing a fun one, I will skip the cheese. My husband has a drawing he did at 4 and it is a brown square with a yellow egg in the middle.
  3. I think cooked quinoa looks like maggots and I haven't made it in awhile because of this. When I was a child I was very neurotic about food. If it had a speck of anything on it(seasoning) I wouldn't eat it. No sauces and nothing touching. Red sauce was a big no. Yellow rice was too. I ate mostly plain noodles with butter.It was strange but I got over it when I met my husband. He literally forced me to try foods and then I got over my ridiculous gag reflex and began to eat all kinds of foods. I would say I still have a hard time with pickled things and gelatinized foods. I am a member of this site and that says how far I have come. Also my children are not picky and it burns my mom up because she always said she hoped my children would put me through what I did to her. ( they get me in plenty of other ways)
  4. We are headed to West Virginia in a couple days in the Canaan Valley, Davis area. I have never been before and was hoping( fingers crossed) that I could get some good foodie recommendations. Any farm stands or markets, restaurants, and bbq joints worth looking at? I am not guessing there will be too much but I wanted to try....Thanks in advance!
  5. star792


    the ladder thing was way over the top but when he was shopping in the hardware store i was laughing so hard.when looking at the bases for the fryer and one had three wobbly legs- two words" burn ward"
  6. I caught the This I Believe on the radio this morning and I really was touched. I really like the series anyway but this one was food related so i thought I would share. A twenty three yr old girl wrote about baking and how it keeps her tied with her past and adding new family recipes brings it into the present. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6504941
  7. i am interested in this- i just bought some from the indian food store. i have heard it is really a good fat to use from various things i have read. i just am not used to using it..i keep forgetting i have it.
  8. i made pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread last night. i love me some pumpkin! i roasted the seeds a few days ago when i cooked it up. i got the pumpkin at wal-mart(i know-shame) for 68 cents. i think i got my moneys worth.
  9. my husband was a manager at Teavana so we have a few cast iron pots. we do not boil water in them-ever. we use an electric kettle and then use the cast iron to steep the tea. if you boil water in it you will wreck it-so he tells me.i hope that helps some. i love my cast iron and its all i use.
  10. heehee, i do have a placenta in mine. we had a homebirth-9-11-04 and the midwife says to freeze the placenta and then on trash day dispose of it. we were planning on using it for planting under a tree. i was at a moms meeting with all these other homebirthers and someone asked how many people still have their placenta and at least half the room raised their hands. then they started admitting how long they've had them. one womans husband wrote" do not eat" very big on their bag. i also had a dead pug in there awaiting cremation and was hoping my deep freezer did not become unplugged before the pick up of the dog.
  11. ::raising hand:: I DID!! i did a cheese fondue for new years. i recently acquired a cookbook called "swiss cooking" from the 70's and decided to do one from the book. however in the grocery store they had a box in the cheese section from switzerland that had all the same ingredients in it- so it made it easier although i don't mind actually "working" in the kitchen. i think it was by anco? something that started with an a. it turned out very good. we dipped apples and french bread. my 4 yr old loved it! -who doesn't love cheese though?? we had recieved a bodum fondue set as a wedding present and thats what we used. the glass insert broke a few yrs ago...so no chocolate until we replace it.
  12. we have had the luxury of picking oranges off our tree since november but we are running low now. the season is ending. as the other posters have said, nothing like fresh oj. we just seem to drink it up as soon as we juice it. i don't know that i can go back to cartons....
  13. what a beautiful market- your pictures are make me feel like i was there with you. we lack anything close to that here in jacksonville. i look forward to the rest of this blog.
  14. i didn't know i wanted any coffee ice cream until i read that last recipe. i have to try it!
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