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  1. Thank you so much Kerry. Pardon my ignorance, but without agitation, simply dipping in the syrup will result in a dry crystalized glaze? This is the kind of glaze I am trying to make: I have the book and what I was looking at was page 273 on candied fruit. Thanks again fro your help. I appreciate it.
  2. hi everyone, I am here for your help I have candied palm seeds and would like to glaze them with crystalized syrup but when I seeded the syrup and stirred....the syrup got all crystallized up so fast that it went beyond the pouring stage. I am wondering if i just add the seed ( not the palm seed but the crystalize speeding agent) to the syrup...do I need to stir it...? CAn I just pour the glaze after being seeded onto the candied fruit ? Will the glaze crystalize later? I tried but the glaze came out the thick. I wish to have very thin coating. Kindly help. iii
  3. Thanks for your Reply mjx. I need the help on rolling technique that will not be a push that makes the three layers of dough stretched out to a different extent. if you look at the pic, i need the three layers to be lined up well without seeing the two below layers poked out. It is the way i rolled, sometimes it came out nice. Sometimes it was like this Thanks again iii
  4. Hi All, I need your help. When i roll the folded dough, trying to do the lamination, it tended to be like this at the end. I tried to figure this out n fix it by playing n rollingl the scrap to see how i put the weight on each rolling and what the result would be...but still i could not figure this out. Cud any one please give me some tips on rolling and how to fix this? Kindly helppppppp iii
  5. I just moved to Fairfax Virginia and it seems all coriander here are sold without root ( like elsewhere in the US, i guess.). When i was in NJ, i used to find them in Chinese Groceries but not here. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks iii
  6. I bought KA's ice cream attachment. It says it works with ALL Kitchenaid Stand mixer. It does not. I found out that the UK KA mixer has a cap below the spring of the shaft. Because of the cap, the driver assembly cannot be pushed up to lock into the rotary part. I saw someone in the KA forum saying that she can fix by taking out the cap. ANyone has experiences and can advise how to handle this. 1. either, taking this cap out...how? 2. get a new driver assembly that is designed for the UK mixer ( from where?) I bought two of this, one for my friend and i am totally lost. SOS iii
  7. I am about to make madeleines...wonder if yours domed nicely. After the long rest, do you have to bring the batter back to room temp before baking? Thanks iii
  8. Sounds like Salted Duck Egg. ← The salted duck egg has "firmed yolk" and the white is just the same white.
  9. i need to buy bright colours cupcake / muffin case. Does anyone have a good source? thanks iii
  10. I have been having problems of shrinking chiffon cake...wonder if this one shrinks at all? ( The episode title makes me wonder!)
  11. This is odd, i must admit. i have been working with baking soda invarious recipes with cocoa, banana, buttermilk...all those ingredients that need soda as a booster. As i mentioned, i baked Flo Braker's buttermilk cake. It was very good but with the disasters i faced...i can only think of the b uttermilk n the soda now. I will adjust the baking powder and omit the soda next time and see how it works out. It used to be so good...texture & look & height. Thanks again for your inputs. Pray for me. iii
  12. No.... It i just a plain local Cake flour (and Softasilk US flour) I do not use the self raising and never bought one as it is diffcult to do the adjustment for various recipes.
  13. Hi Guys, I baked again this morning. using this buttermilk and everything the same...except the baking soda. I only used baking powder. The crumbs came our very fine, as good as i used to have. The top...still abit chewy but not that pourous. The height, the cake hardly rose...it peaked in the middle. I checked the Buttermilk. It is DiaryFarmers from Australia. I search their recipes and got a cake recipe that calls for Self raising flour and still ad a bit of baking powder ( not soda) as here below: 250 ml Dairy Farmers Buttermilk ½ cup caster sugar 125 g butter 2 cups self raising flour 2 eggs ¼ cup brown sugar 825 g canned plums, drained 1 tsp baking powder 2 tsp finely grated orange rind 1 tsp vanilla essence What can be the interpretation of this? I understand that the self raising flour already has the raising agent, and it should be the baklance between the base n acid one ( am i right?). If the recipe calls for additional baking powder to work with the buttermilk..... SOS So, the buttermilk it is that flopped my cake...again, am i right? ( of course i need to fix the raising agent ) iii
  14. Thank you all for your comments & advices. I am kind of coming to a dead end here. Switching the jar or mis measuring i totally not the fault. They are two different noticable jars and i carefully measured and did focus. I will try again with the recipe and reduce the soda. 1/2 tsp of soda should not have this much impact of disaster, should it? Thanks again, iii
  15. Kindly elaborate more on this : What will happen to a recipe calling for both baking powder n baking soda...and the baking powder already has 30% of the soda in it. Will it be too much soda? with the % of the chemistry change? Thanks
  16. Thank you. I will start baking again in a few days then. Need to tune myself back a bit. Still haunting ha ha! Will definitely report the next result ! Thanks again
  17. I moved but just from Bangkok to Singapore. I sucessfully made it here in Singapore a couple of times though but i cannot recall if i had used different baking powder. ( when i first moved here i could not find double action so i used something that is not double action one) TO elaborate on this baking powder experience, when i first moved i made my volcano brownie with this single action baking powder and the brownies did not erupt like a volcano like when i made it in BKK so i added a bit more of baking soda ...it worked perfect. ( sorry for any confusion caused about baking powder vs baking soda, i first i thought it was the soda that caused all the troubles but i cahnged the soda later and still did not work....) The double action baking powder i have contains 30% baking soda. Is it possible that this plus additional 1/2t baking soda means too much baking soda for "this" buttermilk. ( again, it worked fine with buttermilk i used in BKK).
  18. Thank you for offering your help...i do need this. First here is the recipe: Cake Flour 250 g Baking Powder 1 1/2t Baking Soda 1/2t salt 1/4 t Egg 3 Buttermilk 1 cup Vanilla Butter 6 oz (170g) granulated sugar 300 g My first Failure: Bad crumbs & Dried...edible but you know it can be better ( I found out that the baking Powder expired 6 months ago) Following failure: Even with replaced new Baking Powder ( double action), the cake came out worse...sticky porous top...when it is just out of the oven you can taste the chewy like a lot of sugar came afloat to the top. I checked the oven and cahnge the thermostat. still disaaster... I then blame the frozen buttermilk. The last time twice i made, I used all new ingrdients, one with my own oven and the other a friend's. again, i have been making this for years. It is the best yellow cake...very fin tender crumbs...smooth top...rise high. I have been using the same baking powder, baking soda. what i changed is the flour, sugar, buttermilk. What can have gone wrong? Thanks iii
  19. Guys...Please bear with me a little bit more. I baked at my friend's to day... The result? The cake came out exactly like baked at mine. So it is not the oven. I tried to recall and sequence the latest happenings: The cake started to turn poorer and poorer each time i baked. Not floping or bad top but not that tender and the grain was not that fine. It did not bother me much as it was not that bad, i assumed...maybe the creaming was not that perfect. Then one day, it came out a disaster. I checked the baking powder. It expired 6 months ago. I then assumed the poorer n poorer result was from the deteriorating quality of the baking powder. I bought a new one. The cake still came out ugly, another total disaster. So i checked the oven. It seemed to me the oven was not functionoing properly. I had the thermostat changed. Still disaster. I bought all new ingredients....still disaster. I baked with a friend's oven...still disaster. I measured everything accurately. The recipe is Flo Braker's. The one I baked for years regularly. What i can think of is i changed the brand of Buttermilk and the baking powder is "double action". Is this possible? What is the difference between normal baking pwder n the double action? Why it worked with one brand of Buttermilk and not the other? I am too paranoid to embark on another round of baking. SOS. iii
  20. About the baking soda...i was thinking about how i make my honey comb stiring the soda in hot syrup and it bubbles...so i just used it with boiling water...it started with little bubbles and continued to release bubbles like when you freeze the soda pop when it is too cold it foaming out of the can. It is the soda, i can assured you that. I cut the label and put in the jar, the label is there. About the oven and the ingredients, i made another batch yesterday..with all ingredients "just bought" and the cake came out flat with porous and chewy top. When i noticed the flat cake ( it used to dome and burst like volcano in the middle, usual pound cake look), i was thinking about how i used the magic cake strip soaked in the wakter and wrapped around the tin to avoid the doming. What can be wrong now that i have replaced all the ingredients with newly bought stuff? I have been making this cake since i bought Flo's book many many years ago on a regular basis. Other cakes came out flat with pourous chewy top too. I will go to my friend's house she has the same gaggenau oven today and bake there. So confused and despair ha ha Thank all of you for helping. Wish me luck! iii
  21. Guys: Thank you so much for pitching in. About the ratio: i love your expalnation, i do need to know more n live reading about it. For this one, it is Flo Braker's Buttermilk cake...which i have successfully done it for years...so i think it is not the issue for this case. I used the soda, i am sure ( Probably, this is the only thing i am sure of at the moment ha ha)...because my soda jar is huge...i use it to clean my fruits & veggie too. Anne...can this be anything with the oven? I am ashamed to tell you this: i had all ingredients line up, all newly bought. The batter came out gorgeous but i forgot to take five baking sheets i put at the bottom out...so the cake came out as a disaster...again, the top are will holes and like baked chewy cookies. These sheets were not in the oven for those cases i had problems with. How can i test if it is the oven? Can i bake a Chiffon cake and see the result? SOS, Thanks Nantana
  22. iii_bake, I don't think that baking soda expires. Baking powder expires because the ingredients mix with humid air and cause a chemical reaction. But soda is a single ingredient - the most it can do is get lumpy. Is it possible that the leavenings were not well incorporated? For example if the soda were concentrated in one area that could cause exess browing. What about overmixing? That might explain the chewiness. One last possibility I can think of is the buttermilk. When I occassionally use a different brand of buttermilk, I notice that the consistency is not the same. Buttermilk also seems to thicken with age. Hope this is helpful. ← Hi thanks...about the baking soda...you really scared me because that is the only thing i can pot a blame on ( I tested it with hot water and it still bubbled though ) Over mixing...that should not be the case...as the chewy thing is just the top... Buttermilk...this is possible in the sense that i used frozen Buttermilk which was not smooth...( This brand of buttermilk says it is freezable). I have never thought about te buttermilk before... Thank you. Willkeep u posted. Thanks again
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