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  1. Using liquid sugars is easier, more efficient, and much cleaner than trying to mix any powder or granule into a cold beverage. There are several very good retail brand simple syrups available, many use pure cane sugar. Also there are some very nice retail brand 100% Splenda syrups solutions that one can use as well. When preparing in the home, you will need an acid (lemon juice or such) to keep the sugar in suspension and inhibit crystallization. There may be good recipes for ingredients and ratios online. I hope this helps. Spencer
  2. Jay - do tell.....what is coffee formualted milk? I remember your mentioning that in your USBC competition, however you never actaully told us what it meant......
  3. If the coffee is good than I drink it black: milk and sugar is not necessary. However, the lower the quality of the coffee, or the longer amount of time the coffee spent on the burner = more sugar and higher fat diary is added. I will never go above 3 teaspoons of sugar or 2 ounces of half/half to a 16 ounce coffee. If it needs more, the trash can will get wet. Cheers!
  4. What is most important in a quality cup of coffee? Growth, Harvest, Drying, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing? and why? Every control point in the coffee supply chain is important - coffee quality can only be maintained or preserved, not increased, and very easily decreased. Any changes made to the way coffee is prepared, milled, processed etc.. it will change the characters in the cup! Could you also tell me a little about the process of how a coffee bean gets from the cherry(on the tree) form to a cup of coffee? Please read Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergrast I would also love to hear any other great coffee roasters/shops on the west coast that you know of(where I'm from). Ecco Cafe, Groundworks, Barefoot Coffee Roasters Thanks again for all your help...I am completely new to this and am trying to soak up as much as I can... Have a great day,
  5. Robert - Great question, however you must take a moment to define the quality that you are seeking. In coffee there are many attributes and control points that are used to define quality. Also the definition of quality differs greatly between buyer and seller. For example, I enjoy coffee brewed using the drip method, roasted to a northern Italian or full city level where the acidy overpower the body producing a bright and lively cup. If I am served a very dark roasted full body coffee without lively acidity how do you propose that I define the quality of the beverage? Or are you asking about the quality of their buying practices as related to green coffee grade? Do you define quality based on espresso or drip coffee? Will quality be defines by sales volumes or average cups/day. The short answer is that each company (brand) that you mentioned has a very good reputation in the coffee industry for purchasing very high quality specialty coffee and other gourmet quality coffees. Others that purchase quality coffee include Dunkin' Donuts, Caribou, Dunn Brothers, and Timothy's. These companies purchase some of the best coffees available at the quantity needed to supply their stores. Higher quality coffee will always be available, but at smaller quantities that are roasted by smaller roasting companies. Think of a pyramid with the top point representing quality and quantity. Respected coffee companies purchase as high in the pyramid as possible. Zoka in Seattle, Intelligentsia in Chicago, Stumptown in Portland, Counter culture in Durham, The Roasterie in Kansas City, PT's in Topeka are all companies that stay on the peak of the quality/quantity pyramid. Robert, Please let me know if this answers your question. If not, I am happy to answer a few more coffee inquiries. All the best, Spencer
  6. Drink Terminology Drip Coffee – (SCAA: Golden Cup Standard) 3.25 – 4.25 ounces of freshly ground coffee is extracted by 64 ounces of 197-204 F (92 – 96 C) water. Water Purity: 50-100 ppm, total dissolved solids, no iron and free of any taste odor and particulates, pH of 6.5 – 7.5. Extraction: The amount of soluble material removed from the coffee during brewing: 18% - 22%. Strength: The concentration of total dissolved solids (flavoring materials) from the coffee in the brew: 1150 TDS (1.15%) – 1350 TDS (1.35%). Café au Lait – equal parts French roast (dark) drip brewed coffee and hot steamed milk. Shot in the Dark/Bulls Eye/Red Eye – Espresso added to a cup of brewed coffee. Espresso – The essence of coffee, extra-finely ground coffee is extracted by 194-197 F (90 – 92 C) water under 9 atmospheres of pressure, for 20-30 seconds, producing a 25 mls – 35 mls (1.0 ounce) beverage. Many variations of espresso exist with additions of flavorings and milk foam or whipped cream. Taste should be a harmonious balance between sweetness, acidity and bitterness, with a full-bodied, round and smooth tactile balance. Crema – The visual sign of a well-made espresso. The color of the crema should be hazelnut, dark brown and / or have a reddish reflection. Specking or striping is preferred. Crema should be dense and smooth, and have a persistent recovery. Americano – fresh espresso mixed with hot water producing a rich flavorful coffee drink at brewed coffee strength. Espresso Macchiato – espresso marked with a small dollop of milk foam. Espresso con Panne – espresso topped with whipped cream. Espresso Brogia – espresso topped with chocolate whipped cream. Espresso Cubano – Espresso mixed with raw sugar or brown sugar, producing a bittersweet and rich drink. Cafezinho – (Brazilian) – Double espresso longo pulled over 2-3 teaspoons of granulated white sugar, mixed well. Espresso Vienna – espresso mixed with chocolate sauce, garnished with whipped cream. Yankee Dog – Americano garnished with a dollop of milk foam. Colada – In a small cappuccino cup pull two longo espressos over 2 tablespoons of granulated white sugar. Mix well. Serve with very small “shot” cups to serve/share. Cappuccino – harmonious balance of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk. Taste should be a balance of espresso and rich, sweet milk. Northwest version is served in a larger cup with generous amounts of steamed and frothed milk in equal proportions. Foam – Smooth, silky, free of bubbles with a wet sheen. The appearance of crema should be noted as a circle around the white foam or incorporated into latte art. Café Latte – Steamed milk flavored with espresso, garnished with a dollop of milk foam. Flat White – a Café Latte prepared with a single espresso and steamed milk in a small cappuccino cup. Cortadito – In a small cappuccino cup pull two longo espresso over 1 ½ tablespoons of granulated white sugar. Prepare as a Café Latte using steamed evaporated milk. Breve – Café Latte made with steamed half&half. Café Mocha – a Café Latte flavored with rich chocolate sauce, garnished with whipped cream and a chocolate sauce drizzle. Steamer – Hot steamed milk, accented with flavored syrups. Italian Soda – Hand crafted soft drink with sparkling water and flavored syrup. Creamosa (French Soda) ** – Italian soda garnished with half&half. Chai – (Masala chai or spiced tea) A blend of black tea, honey, sugar, and spices usually served as a latte with choice of dairy, hot or cold
  7. Great posts. Hopefully we can get more opinions and stories..... Specialty Coffee - Coffee that tastes great! Can be drip, espresso, French pres, toddy, etc.. Can be straight, blended, served with steamed milk, or flavored. A recent amazing specialty coffee experience that I had involved barista training. I was leading a class on basic barista skills, pulling shots and steaming milk for customers. I like to start by watching the barista prepare drinks first without any coaching or training. At the end of the class I was very happy that all the barista, managers and cafe owners has embraced my teachings and were pulling better shots of espresso and steaming sexy milk. However the amazing experience came later that evening when I visited a few local shops. I decided to visit one shop in particular that I had stopped in at the night before the class for an espresso. The owner of the cafe was in my class, and I wanted to do a little secret shopper. I pretended that I was buying for a few people and purchased an espresso, cappuccino, and latte. Where I had experienced poor grind-dose-tamp the night before I now witnessed the Barista taking time to tamp evenly and clean off the portafilter - she even flushed the group head before inserting and began to extract immedialty. The previous evening she (the same Barista) had the skills and attention to detail that lacked training or understanding. Where she previously allowed the milk pitcher to steam unattended, she now took care to stretch the milk. My drinks were very much improved from the previous evening. However the big smile on my face was from overhearing the other patrons in the cafe commenting about the amazing drinks that they were enjoying. Stating that the quality had improved since their last visit and they were enjoying their lattes even more than before. The experience was not the training or the increased quality in the beverages that I consumed as a result of my training. The best specialty coffee experiences was being able to do my job and positively effect the experiences of anonymous customers at various cafe whose baristas embrace contemporary specialty coffee techniques for quality and consistency. I have many more “Best Specialty Coffee Experiences” and I am curious to read what others have to say… All the best, Spencer
  8. Hello all eG coffee forum members. After a long hiatus I have renewed my membership. I am interested and curious as to what your best specialty coffee experience may be? No restrictions, can be any experience...... Cheers! Spence
  9. Hopleaf - Thank you for your help. Yes I have Tira Misu. I have listed coffee in chili as one of the discussion examples of coffee in savory dishes, but do not have a specific recipe for that. Spencer Coffeetaster
  10. Hello - I am working on compiling a series of recipes that all use coffee. This project is for a presentation to be made at the next Specialty Coffee Association of America conference in Boston. I wanted to be sure to give egullet members an opportunity to submit their favorite recipes for publication. I already have completed my research and have many, many recipes to select from, but wanted to include any other "personal" recipes that my internet friends may have. I am looking for food recipes, either savory or sweet, but no drink recipes as this will be a seminar on culinary topics. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at coffeetaster@hotmail.com. You may submit your favorite recipes to this e-mail also. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Spencer Turer
  11. Hello - If your looking for a great local restaurant. Try the Bon-Ton, on Magazine street (I think), in the old coffee section. A great place for lunch. I do not think they are open for dinner. I go to the Bon-Ton for luch every time I am in New Orleans. It is an old, traditional restaurant. Cheers! Coffeetaster Spence
  12. Try the Mexican Food Factory in Cherry Hill (yes, South Jersey!!)
  13. I like deep fried (crispy) ravioli. you can make them with different fillings and dipping sauces. Cheers! Coffeetaster
  14. I really like watching the food network, and have enjoyed it's programming for many years. Since it inception with computer generated graphics and voice over talking about recipes I feel it has come a long, very long way. However about 2 years ago it went from having serious food shows to more entertainment. I find that whenever Emeril is on the TV food network, Spongebob Squarepants is on Nickelodeon - coincidence? I think not........ I find myself watching the PBS food shows on Saturday afternoon more often then TV food network. When will be have a good show about COFFEE??!?!?!? Cheers! Coffeetaster
  15. coffeetaster

    Brown Rice

    Thanks to everyone. I now have a good deal more information than when I started. I appreciate your help. Cheers! Coffeetaster
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