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  1. I've put this book on my Christmas wish list.
  2. I need a good egg nog recipe to make a relatively small amount. Ideally, it would be something I could make and then keep in the fridge in a pitcher or some other container for several days. Recipes I have made in the past included folded or stirred in whipped egg whites or whipped cream. I'm just not sure how stable this will be over several days.
  3. Las Vegas an Nevada doesn't have a BBQ culture like other states/cities that have a well known BBQ culture (Texas, North Carolina, Memphis, Kansas City). Heck, even in Texas, there is plenty of medicore to bad Q. I personally wouldn't waste my time eat BBQ in Vegas. It more than likely would just make me mad.
  4. How many people will the tap room seat?
  5. I've never cooked sous vide, but i have cooked duck breast before. I too would think that rendering out the fat and crisping the skin by cooking it for 30 minutes, even at a low heat, would cook the meat a good deal. In any case, I am interested in the answer to this. I like duck breast, but I do have "issues" cooking the skin to a nice crispness and rendering the fat without overcooking the meat. I'm sure sous vide is a great way to handle the meat, but don't quite know how the skin gets handled. Cooking it separate, as Michaela suggests, seems like the best approach.
  6. I haven't tried Ramsay's new place at Paris casino because I haven't heard anyone (cooks, chefs, servers, guests, friends, critics, nobody) say a good word about it. Except for the food review at the local newspaper, who has never handed down a bad review, ever. (I suspect the paper disallows bad reviews about major advertisers.) I had a pretty good experience there a few days before Thanksgiving.
  7. I don't know what else to do with a pickle other than eat it with a sandwich on on a sandwich or a burger. Or a garnish for some pate or something like that. What would a true "Top Chef" do with a pickle?
  8. Did you rinse with water after they are cooked? or just drained? drained. then back on the burner to drive out excess water. I never taste the potatoes until they get mashed and I add the butter in dairy. That's when I adjust seasoning.
  9. jsmeeker

    Salad (2011 - 2015)

    cool. Sounds like I am pretty close already. I like red peppers and don't have any kids that I am feeding. Or a wife.
  10. Thanks. I assumed the potatoes are cut pieces when they are cooked in the salted water? How much salt did you need to add afterwards (approximately... maybe 50% more to complete it to be a well-seasoned?) Yes.. They are peeled in cut into large pieces. (usually, quartered). But I have to add very little salt to the mashed potatoes. A lot less than 50% of what I added to the water.
  11. I know that when I cook potatoes in well salted water to make makes mashed potatoes, I don't need to add much salt after they are mashed up and I add my un-slated butter and dairy.
  12. jsmeeker

    Salad (2011 - 2015)

    Help me improve upon my "Greek" salad. Here is what I put in it cucumber red bell pepper red onion kalamata olives feta cheese Dressed with red vine vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, dried oregano and black pepper. I like to combine all the ingredients with the dressing and let it set. Then I put it in shallow bowl and eat i. But what can I change up here? Should I be adding some greens or lettuce? Maybe flat leaf parsley? Anything else? I know I could use something better than standard supermarket crumbled feta. How should I cut the vegetables? Sometimes I slice the cucumber and sometimes I dice. Most times I use English style cucumber, but sometimes I use standard ones. What about the dressing? Should I change it up?
  13. jsmeeker

    Latkes - the Topic!

    Tonight is the fist night of Hanukkah. Who is making latkes? I'm not Jewish, but I will be making them tonight. This year, I'll do something I haven't done before. I'm going to sauté some of the onions and mix them with some raw onion. Like I usually (but not always) do, I'll hand grate the potatoes. And the raw onion. I like to squeeze out excess moisture from the mix of onions and potatoes before adding egg and matzoh meal. I'll fry them in the cast iron skillet with canola oil and some chicken fat. They'll be served with applesauce (store bought, I got lazy today)
  14. I can't by a Twinkie. It's looking like the Mayans might be right about 2012
  15. D Magazine gave him that dubious title in cover story. I suppose he is most noted for taking over at the Mansion On Turtle Creek after Dean Fearing left, totally revamped the place, and won rave reviews. (he left RM Seafood in Las Vegas to take the gig). That didn't last long. But I think most of the hate comes from other chefs, cooks, waiters, etc. and restaurant owners, and probably less from the general public (though I suppose some hated that he changed the Mansion in a major way). He even gets mentioned by Anthony Bourdain in 'Kitchen Confidential'. Anyway... whole story is here. http://www.dmagazine...in_Dallas.aspx?
  16. I haven't seen if my local McDonalds has the McRib on the menu yet. But I did see them advertising an egg nog shake!
  17. John Tesar is in this thing. Kinda surprising to see someone like that in this show. He's pretty much reached the levels most of the typical Top Chef contestant dreams of reaching. Oh, sure, he's had his issues. But still, I don't really get why he things he needs to prove something in this manner.
  18. Today, I picked up a bottle of Death's Door Gin and a bottle of Campari Yesterday, I bought a bottle of Goslings Black Seal, a bottle of Rittenhouse Bonded Rye, a small bottle of Kahlua, and a four pack of Q Tonic.
  19. is sous vide any more weird than having thermostats in ovens?
  20. I noticed it on the menu at Gordon Ramsey Steak. Listed as Japanese Kobe. I was surprised to see it, as I didn't know the ban had been lifted. But I didn't investigate further to see if it was legit.
  21. Bartenders that don't know how to strain a drink. Using the two parts of a boston shaker to strain my drink, allowing large chunks of ice to plop into my drink that is supposed to be served up is annoying as shit.
  22. I had dinner at Gordon Ramsey Steak last night. I enjoyed the meal. Was it the BEST steak house experience I have had in Vegas? No. But it was good. And if someone who was interested in going asked me if they should go, I would tell them "Yes". The hostess stand sits on the casino floor, a few feet from the door. One of the many attractive hostesses (this is Vegas, all restaurants do this), escorts your party into the place, telling you how you are leaving Paris and traveling through the chunnel into London. Then they point at something hanging from the ceiling. I don't quite make it out as the place is packed and loaded. But whatever. We arrived and were promptly seat at a table near the display kitchen. And right near the expediting station where one of the "Hells Kitchen" winners is working. I stopped watching the show long ago, so I have no clue who she is other than I know they have someone from the show working there (there is sign up in the casino with her picture). I'm one of the few that doesn't, though. There is a CONSTANT parade of customers coming up to that area to take pictures. They do it non-stop. They take them from far away, from the stairs leading to the second level, they get up somewhat close. The staff effortlessly glides around these people. The whole thing is nuts. can't imagine what it would be like if Chef Ramsey was in the house. Anyway, back to the meal. Service starts with drink and wine menu presented on an iPad. We order some cocktails. At some point, they whell this big huge display of the meat offerings. This is a practice I could easily live without, but at least the meat isn't wrapped up in plastic. We take out time with ordering dinner. No big deal. Eventually, we get around to ordering the food. A plate of assorted breads arrives. The bread is actually warm. The mini pancetta and fig rolls were really good. We wind up asking for more and more of them, and they are happily brought over. I ordered fried bluepoint oysters and a beef wellington for two that I am sharing with a friend. Everyone else orders a started and the remaining party members order the rib cap steak. Starters arrive promptly. The oysters are good. There are only four of them, though. An order of a half dozen raw on the half shell may have been a better value. But whatever. They were still good. Mains eventually show up. A bit long of a wait, I suppose, but not too terrible. We were in no rush anyway and took our time in ordering. The room is jam packed and we just keep getting a kick out of everyone taking pics of the Hell's Kitchen winner. My beef wellington is decent. I don't typically order filet, but found the cut to be maybe not quite as tender as one would expected. It's seasoned fine. Cooked OK, though I could have had it a bit more rare. Pastry is part is not overwhelming or heavy or doughy. Sides of brusssell sprouts and fingerling potatoes were OK. Nothing special. But they did the job. the wellington was served on a bed of potato puree along with a small amount of roasted parsnips and carrots. For dessert, I had the sticky toffee pudding. Very tasty. Very rich. Especially the brown butter ice cream. A friend ordered the coffee that comes with spoons of chocolate encased liquor. A presentation I had read about, but have never seen in person. there was enough coffee in the pot to use two of the three spoons provided. Again, an over all good experience. Service was friendly, smooth and professional Everything delivered to the table at the same time by a team of people. No real glitches or snafus that I can recall. They are doing a good job considering the number of covers the place must be doing. I've got pics of this on my phone. I'll have to take some time to get them uploaded to someplace so that I can link to them here.
  23. You made some interesting choices I am in Vegas right now, and am planing on going to Gordon Ramsey Steak tomorrow. I want to read your review, but I will hold off until later. I've heard lots of GOOD things about it, so I am wondering if you had the off night? I'll share some thoughts about meals and such later. On my second night. Dinner tonight is at Circo in Bellagio.
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