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  1. Who makes Eight Ball oatmeal stout?

    I think the beer bar near where my step-daughter lives is Hopleaf.  ...Know of it?

    lost coast out of califorina makes 8 ball, and it is quite nice. st ambroise oatmeal stout is the best I ever had, rogue shakespear is nice too. I love stout


  2. after work denison's weissbier is my quaffer of choice. at home I usually go for a bitbuerger or a pilsner urquell. I drank a cold paulaner salvator once when I was thirsty. I'm never doping that again.


  3. I've never tried a NA beer I thought was good. not surprising as beer gets a lot of it's flavour through the fermentation. NA beers are generally severely under-hopped too.


  4. having a themed tasting and need some suggestions of foods/cheeses to pair with amarone. any help is great. thanks


  5. hi all, sort of new on this site, and it's nice to see a forum for my neck of the woods. thought I'd put in my two cents:

    over the past few years I think that while creemore is a good tasting beer, it's leaned more towards and ale character. a quality beer, but a little fruity and sweet for a lager. this means one of two things to me, either that it's being done intentionally to suit the brewer's/owner's taste or the beer is being fermented too warm for too short a time. the creemore guys could have been getting tired and looking to sell.

    I also think that with the decline in sales of rickard's red(molson is re-vamping it as "rickard's pub ale"), molson needs something to be their "faux premium" beer like labatts has keith's


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