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  1. Where do you find cheese with truffles in it?

    Alex farms used to carry a truffled mozzarela di bufala and a truffled pecorino but don't carry them at SLM anymore.

    while we're on the topic, I'm also curious where to get truffled honey.

    cheese boutique should have both truffled cheese and truffle honey



  2. anyone know where to find white anchovies in toronto?


    not consistently, but sometimes at Mendel's Creamery in Kensington (on Kensington St, S of Baldwin). They also have great (and inexpensive) smoked fish, salted capers, some good cheese and lots of east european cookies, jams, pickles and such. They make awesome sandwiches too but only on weekdays.

    is there a white anchovy season or does the preservation tactic negate that?


    I'll check that out this week


  3. I've seen it, it was quite interesting. it's bound to be on again sometime soon, just check the schedule on foodtv.ca. anyone else ever notice that michael smith talks like a kindergarten teacher?


  4. There is a diner on King just near Sherborne.  A friend who is a huge foodie swears by it but since they are only open in the a.m. I can never get there.  Wish I knew the name.

    you're thinking of the patrician grill. a great diner with great food and a cheap breakfast. I used to go there 3-4 times a week when I was in college and I still try to go once every few weeks or so. I maily go for the breakfast but the burgers, fries and grilled cheese and bacon are all great too.


  5. 170.....230.....$60...seems like quite a difference.

    Regardless, Lobby is a lounge/bar that serves food, not a restaurant.  Only now are they trying to make it seem like more of a restaurant...if you knew of it when it first opened, you would agree.


    I used to work at splendido and from what I remember they charged tax, and the waiters got tipped so....

    $170 + tax and tip = around $230


  6. I went to habitat on the word of a friend and I've been twice in the last week for dinner and had great meals and great service both times. if anyone hasn't been yet you should check it out. the pork belly is holy crap good.


  7. if you ever come to toronto find a bar with densons's weissbier.  one of the best I've tried, the brewer got his yeast strain from the price of bavaria.


    Just curious ... what is the price of Bavaria? (If it's under 10 bucks, I'll buy it.)


    prince, not price



  8. one of the things I've ever tasted was colston basset stilton with 1997 and 1988 jw lees harvest ale. beautiful beers with beautiful cheese.

    seared foie with pineapple compote with unibroue edition 2004

    aged victory storm king with flourless chocolate cake


  9. if you ever come to toronto find a bar with densons's weissbier. one of the best I've tried, the brewer got his yeast strain from the price of bavaria.


  10. So what's the difference between a cafe au lait and a caffe latte and a plain old coffee with milk (hold the sugar)? I know that there's gonna be some steaming in here somewhere, but I'm not sure where.  :raz:

    I squirm when people say 'pita bread.' It's just pita, folks. The 'bread' part is a given, pita ain't gonna be anything else. Same with 'challa bread.' Oy.

    cafe au lait is half brewed coffee, half steamed milk

    cafe latte is espresso with steamed milk

    coffee with milk(hold the sugar) is exactly as it sounds


  11. This phenomenon made me start my wee company (see my sig).

    "With au jus" "grilled to perfection" and "chipolte" are my biggest peeves.

    those are big ones for me too. I hate it when I hear people and especially chefs say chipolte. I've even had people try to correct me when I say it right.

    I hear lot of people say "harbaneros" and "marscapone" and "parpadelle", all pretty annoying too.


  12. is etobicoke the burbs?

    cheese boutique on ripley is worth the trip (which is formidable if you don't have an auto and live downtown) it's near the meeting og the queensway/kingsway

    cheese boutique has my vote too. afrim, one of the owners, is one of the most passionate cheese people I've ever met. great customer service. I can't go in without spending at least an hour


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