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  1. okay i got my work cut out for, let it be known that a real french andouille, or in it's in diminutive is quite different from the southeast/acadiana style sausage. I am also aware that that i can get the stuff shipped to me, but that requires a lot of planning on my part, but if i did i would definitely go with either the manda meats brand, or creole country brand, if they would ship. Poches boudin is some of the best stuff on earth though, but it always tastes better eaten right outside their store piping hot squeezed out of it's casing betwixt ones teeth. i am on the other hand gonna get someone to send me a bunch of camellia brand red beans so if anyone wants in holler at me. I have tried certian linguicas before as a sub for my jambalaya, and they kinda do the trick to build up intense sausage fond on the pan, but the real thing is what makes it work. If i win the lottery i will set up a little cajun/creole goods store up here and supply alla yall new yorkers with the good, but it is a game of chance. so now, what about some good hogshead cheese? thx boudreaux
  2. thanx for all the gullet info on blue smoke guys, just moved up here from new orleans ( professional chef/cook) and i am suppossed to set up a trail/ interview there next week, and although nola doesnt really represent a far as having its own barbecue dogma and dichotomies, being from the south in general i treat true southern pit barbecue as a a quasi religious subject, but as a little bit of an outsider i can appreciate the subtleties of the regional variations, although i have a personal preference for barbecue meats to be served dry(i liked burnt sugar on my brulee, not on my ribs,. anyhoo there was a great amount of positive information on Blue Smoke, thx boudreaux
  3. just moved up here to the big city from the big easy, was wondering if any of you city slickers could point me in the direction of getting some new orleans style andouille sausage so i can make some real food for my roomies ( all NO expats ). and if there is any source of camellia brand red kidney beans for purchase that would be great info as well cest levee
  4. i am definitely interested, i am coming home from new england in 2 weeks and plan on doinf a lot of eating, and would love to give a regular contribution the post-diluvian state of eating in new orleans. would take pictures to boot.
  5. tahnx for the info guys, i am about to move back to new orleans after 7 months in vermont at school (neci), and i am thinking of trying to do somekind of regular posting in a topic on this forum about post-katrina eats, any input on how to make it work or suggestions would be helpful.. thanx, born and raised, Camille
  6. hi , i used to work at Arnauds and their shrimp Arnaud is made with a new orleans creole style remoulade sauce... you could substitute a french Moutard de Pomerray ( sic ) for creole, but i would look for one with a finer grind than they usually are, or pulse it in a food processor with a little dijon.. if you want an aproximate recipe i could probably replicate it for you out of my head, or im sure you could mail order aa bottle of it , its good and real zippy and pungent..
  7. hi, im a cook with 9 years experience in upscale dining in new orleans LA, in culinary school now at NECI , considering moving to LA when finished, any information on upscale restaurants to research would be appreciated, prefer 60 to 200 seats, especially places with longevity (4-10 or more years) any cuisine, anyh info would be helpful thanx
  8. hi, im living in montpelier, vermont for a couple of months and would like to do some dining in burlington, any advice would be useful, i eat everything...thanx
  9. thanx, im going to be attending NECI, thats why im moving up there, any Vietnamese? im a pho junkie
  10. is there anything good to eat in montpelier, especially tasty ethnics eats on the cheap. I will be up there for 7 months, not afraid of flavor either. any hints would be helpful, thanx
  11. you could try as well a light dredge in some ap flour , or wee little corn starch , cook in well heated cast iron or copper sandwhiched pan , leave on medium heat on skin side, if you want the fish well ( leathery ) finish in a 400 degree oven. fish skin will burn on too high heat
  12. camilleboudreaux

    staff meal

    worst employee meal ever " gruel ". day old risotto rice mixed with week old lobster bisque , strewn with chunks of 5 day old mahi mahi and escolar( which has an enzyme in its flesh that promotes a mild laxative effect) warmed up in a rondeau together put into a hotel pan, hermetically sealed with foil, right into a 250 degree oven for 2 hours,...YUM
  13. in new orleans we have a sizable vietnamese population, and a familyhowned chain of vietnamese restaurants called Pho Tau Bay serves there bun bo hue with slices of pork loin, slices of beef brisket with the connetctive tissue and peices of fat still intact, with the option of having pork knuckles thrown in there as well. yum
  14. i used to work at an asian creole fusion restaurant/drag caberet and my favorite afternoon pre work breakfast was leftover jasmine rice warmed in a saute pan with some butter with two sunny side up eggs on top drizzled liberally with sriracha and some torn mint leaves
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