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  1. dynamike

    Veal breast

    i think braised in cream and mirepoix is a rich indulgence and delicious. it adds alot of creaminess to the meat
  2. the caw caw creek bellies and shoulder look amazing. i will have to order some soon. for my charcuterie work thus far i only used some commercial pork because it is much quicker to buy. i feel it is very important to support small farmers and here is a article to push you over the edge of solidify your choice to choose small farms. porks dirty llittle secret]porks secret here is my pancetta i dried it ten days. i only took it down because its ends were becoming hard . after a taste test i felt i was a little salty but had nice flavor all around.
  3. dynamike

    Making Tamales

    here are some tamales i made for the holidays this year. i used some prepared masa that i got at a market in chicago. the tamales are chicken with a pasilla sauce . i then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.
  4. thanks for the compliments here are some tips i can offer i did remove the skin when rolling i rolled over and then pulled the meat towards me thus tightening the roll here is an example of how i tied it but with a dish towel when i tied it up i left the end on the bottom wraped the string underneath it tied it tight then the rest of the string was wrapped using the method were you move the string down and then loop it thru then the finished product then i put it in the freezer to harden slightly and trimmed the edges so they were straight hope this helps
  5. here are some pitures of my pancetta which is a work in progrss . it has been drying for about five days here it is curing and here it is drying i will post some pictures of the finished product in about a week
  6. I love tacos al pastor and am looking to recreate them at home. i am looking for recipes or techiniques to recreate these delicious tacos thanks mike
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