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  1. I haven't heard it used in years but a "Shoe maker" is a cook who just can't hang.
  2. I use Japanese water stones on my Japanese knives, and an oil stone on heavier knives like my cleaver.
  3. kpzachary

    Favorite Pilsners?

    Here in Germany, I like Radeberger, and Berliner Kindl. I don't know that they are available in the States. I don't recall ever seeing them, but if you do, try them.
  4. I can't stand when there are dirty sinks in the kitchen. Food left in the drain is just gross. Hair is also tops on my list. If I find a hair in my food I want to hieve. The longer and darker it is the worse it is. So, when I see a Chef with long hair I start to worry.
  5. I think you should sport some chef pants with chili pepper prints, a denim chef's jacket, orange clogs, and one of those cool puffy white hats. Have you ever worn a knife belt? You can never have enough fashion in the kitchen.
  6. I might enjoy a Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit with two Hashbrowns from McDonald's once a year. It isn't like I don't like fast food. I just know too much about how it is "produced".
  7. Grant Achatz told me that TK was turned down for a rez at Alinea. It was short notice but none the less, it was out of GA's control, they were simply booked. So to make my point ,TK knows what it is like to be turned down for a rez. I am glad he is giving people more opportunity to try his food at PerSe.
  8. Reibekuchen- Fried potato pancakes in Germany's Christmas markets served with applesauce. The Germans call it "Himmel und Erde" - Heaven and Earth Pomme Frites- They have to be fried in duck fat or beef fat and served with Bechamel or Mayo. Loaded Baked Idaho Russet- Rubbed with duck fat and coarse sea salt before baking. Filled with butter, cheddar or blue cheese, sour cream, bacon and chives. I think I might have a heart attack just for typing this.
  9. Forgive me if this is sounds stupid, but I still do not understand how this product is used. I have a big jar in my cupboard, unopened, because I wasn't able to find any recipes or ratios for using xanthan. I know it is in a lot of products, as you mentioned, but I don't know how much of it is used, for example, in a bottle of vinaigrette dressing. Let's say that I want to mix it with fruit juice to make a sauce. What would be the ratio? And what is the technique? Although you state it is cold soluble, does the application of heat have any effect upon it? ← Try 2 tablespoons too 500cl liquid for a thickened sauce. Just open the jar and try it! Start with water if you like, or orange juice. Make your own recipes! That is what "mg" is all about. Exploring new applications for new results. Start with a little powder and add more until it is as thick as you like. This application is not as complicated as others. Xanthan gum is also heat soluble.
  10. Wheatleigh, in Lenox, MA, a AAA five diamond winner, has been doing this for years.
  11. Xanthan gum can be used with guar gum to form elastic textures with a number of ingredients, like chocolate ganache, for example. It can be added to vegetable or fruit juices to make sauces or purees. It is used as a stablizer for foams. There are thousands of possible applications. It is stable with high acidity and high salt levels. It is also cold soluble, meaning you won't loose the color or nutritional value of your product by cooking. Read labels of food items for your insperation. Most of the products used in "mg" are used in high volume food production. Often times that is why they were even created. Xanthan gum is used in toothpaste as both a thickener and emulsification stablizer.
  12. The service is included in Germany. Normally, if the service is very good, then I will tip a little more. Although, it is not expected. I am sure that the service staff was very pleased if not surprised to recieve an extra 10%.
  13. only at the high end. ← I agree 100%. Here in Germany, where this thread began, the service at the fine dining level is better and more experienced. I think that you will find that the majority of the best restaurants in the US have there service staff led by a European or someone who trained in Europe. There is a reason for this. On the other hand in the smaller restaurants, with the exception of most asian restaurants, the service is pretty bad. The reason for this is that they are not working for a tip. They are not working for their salary, they are not working for stars, they don't really give a damn if you come back. As far as service in every day life (customer service), it does not exist here! This is one thing that I miss most about the US. As far as PerSe rushing someone through their $200+ dinner, I think it is a big mistake on their part. Although, I am sure if someone at PerSe was contacted about this issue, they would do something to try to make things right. I read an interview with Achatz and he mentioned he uses food blogs like this to his advantage. If he reads someone was upset about their meal he will do what he can to make them happy again. I am sure that Thomas Keller would do the same. You might be surprised what kind of power the customer still has in the restaurant industry if it is used correctly. I know that a 3 star restaurant is suppose to be perfect all the time but you and I both know that none of them are.
  14. Per Se ← Not sure what you mean by this. Could you explain? Robyn ← The New German Cuisine Restaurants: 1. Vendome 2. Amador 3. Aqua 4. Soel'ring Hof 5. Vitrum 6. 44 7. Facil Deiter Müller is a chef with a world class restaurant, but I would hardley call his food "new". ← I didn't find the food at Vitrum and Vendome all that different in terms of style from Dieter Muller's. None is what I'd call cutting edge (no ipods or nitrogen) - but they certainly aren't really old fashioned either. More or less classical with some new twists. FWIW - it's a style of cooking I like a lot. Robyn ← I didn't mean that any of these restaurants are the next El Bulli. The only one where you will find that style is Amador. Also, I didn't mean to downplay who Dieter Müller is, or what he has done for German cuisine. It's just that, he has been there since the early 90's. He is part of an earlier generation of revolutionary German Chefs, along with Herald Wohlfahrt, and Heinz Winkler. He is still very much a star here in Germany, but right now there is a new generation of Chefs coming into play. The restaurants which I listed all have chefs who are leading the way for this generation and are changing German cuisine. One resturant I did not list, and should is Victor's at Schloss Berg. The Chef there is Christian Bau.
  15. Per Se ← Not sure what you mean by this. Could you explain? Robyn ← The New German Cuisine Restaurants: 1. Vendome 2. Amador 3. Aqua 4. Soel'ring Hof 5. Vitrum 6. 44 7. Facil Deiter Müller is a chef with a world class restaurant, but I would hardley call his food "new".
  16. If you can, listen to this book on CD. It is better that way. TRUST ME! Buford reads it himself and he does a hillarious impression of Mario.
  17. I've read most of the replies and I am suprised that I didn't see Vatel on anyones list. Tim Roth, Uma Thurman, and Gerard Depardieu star in this historical story of glutany and excess.
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