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  1. Sorry for two posts in a row, but it was too late to edit the previous one. I've finally got this week's cookie posted. It was a long weekend up here in BC so I didn't make them until Monday, and then work was crazy all week and tonight was the first chance I've had to get everything typed out and uploaded. This week I made the Double Chocolate Cookies from Baking with Julia. I used to make these cookies all the time years ago - not really sure why I haven't made them in so long, but man, this is a good cookie. It's more like a brownie than a cookie, actually. There's a full pound of chocolate in this recipe and only a half cup of flour. Yup. I like those proportions. I used Cacao Barry Mi-Amère for the bittersweet and Valrhona for the unsweetened. (Recipe here).
  2. Oh Ann, those look delicious. I'll have to add that recipe to my list. ;-)
  3. Ann, that pie looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I don't make pies very often — for some reason I always imagine they're more work than they actually are.
  4. I will let you know if I figure it out. With only two essential ingredients, how hard can it be?? Ha. I was messing around with a copy cat starburst recipe last night, but I don't like the butter it calls for. Though it may give me another route. I've cooked the sugar anywhere between soft and hard ball. I'm not an expert in candy-making (still hoping someone will chime in here) but you may need some fat content to get the texture you're after.
  5. This week's cookie is a lemon glazed ricotta cookie (recipe here). I've never had this cookie before and had no idea what to expect. They're not really what I would consider "cookie-like". They're light and fluffy and like little morsels of cake. Let me be clear — I am NOT complaining. I MAY have eaten three of them for breakfast this morning. Maybe. Of all the cookies I've brought to work, these have been by far the most popular.
  6. I would love to know the answer to this too. If you ever get it figured out, please post your recipe! What temperatures have you tried cooking the sugar to so far?
  7. Aren't Australian cups almost the same as US? I'll be honest, I'm not always totally careful with my measurements when I'm baking. I measured the chocolate and the syrup by weight, and used a 500mL carton of cream (which is actually 2.11 cups according to Google). So... you might be ok with just doing Australian cup equivalents. Probably more accurate than what I did. ;-)
  8. I haven't been doing any confectionery work for awhile - other than the marshmallows I make at Christmas. I think it's about time for me to get back into it. Last weekend (when it was WAY too hot to be making anything), I made some salted chocolate caramels. Recipe here for anyone interested. I used Valrhona Araguani for the chocolate, which is darker than recommended in the original recipe, but it worked out for me. These are fantastic. Like a grown-up tootsie roll :-) The biggest problem I have is that I want to eat them all myself. And I want to make them again instead of trying a new recipe.
  9. Panaderia, trade you some of my bran muffins for that chocolate cheesecake...? That looks amazing. This week I made chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies (recipe here)... I also made some salted chocolate caramels, but I don't have that one up yet.
  10. I made my favourite bran muffins this weekend not really a sweet, but it counts, right? This is about as healthy as a bran muffin can get - loaded with both wheat and oat bran, berries and seeds, and made with molasses and honey instead of white or brown sugar. And in spite of that? Still tasty! Recipe is here for anyone interested.
  11. I have to admit, I didn't really like macarons the few times I've tried them, but those flavours sound amazing! You may convert me yet...
  12. You're welcome! And I wondered the same thing about snickerdoodles. I've actually seen some pretty heated discussions online insisting that it's not a snickerdoodle if it doesn't have cream of tartar, but isn't baking powder just baking soda + cream of tartar? So... same thing?
  13. Thanks Kim! I have to say, YOU are an inspiration to me. You always manage to create such amazing desserts. I don't know where you find the time!
  14. Panaderia, yes, that's exactly what I used. I shamelessly stole the idea from the Miette cookbook – I thought it was adorable.
  15. Thanks Darienne!! I could say the same to you with all your chocolates! I need to get back into that... All the info about the cookies is on the blog @ wannacomewith. I have links to all the cookbooks, plus the recipes. The orange cookies are from a compilation recipe book that so far is looking very promising.
  16. I've recently started a bit of a cookie project. I have a LOT of cookbooks that I've only baked one or two things from and I really want to bake my way through them. So I'm aiming to make something every week (my coworkers have just hit the jackpot). So far I've made... Glazed Orange Cookies Snickerdoodles Oat & Coconut Cookies (Anzac Biscuits) Chocolate Cookies Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Lemon Pistachio Biscotti I've also just set up a blog to document the process. So far it's been a lot of fun! Hopefully I can keep this up long term and don't get bored with it. Right now, though, I'm so inspired that my cookbooks have essentially been living on the couch with me so I can flip through randomly and decide what I want to make next. SO many choices!
  17. You should check out this image gallery. Scroll down past the first vacation-type shots to see behind-the-scenes in kitchens. Yikes! The lobster blew me away.
  18. Ahhhh, actually that makes a lot of sense. Thanks! I just picked up one of the Chamba clay pots so I'll just carry on using this method.
  19. Reviving this old thread yet again. I just recently discovered oven-cooked beans via an article in the kitchn. I've made them this way a few times and they turned out fantastic every time. Much better texture than beans cooked on the stove. The big difference I see between the method I used and what is mentioned already in this thread is that the oven is set to 325°F, and they go in the oven cold -- they're not brought to a boil first. Has anyone else tried skipping the stove-top boil first? Does it really add anything to the method? Or is it just to speed things up a bit?
  20. Went to a bitters seminar last night at the Modern Bartender in Vancouver (great little store!). One of the cocktails they served us was a Trinidad Sour. Very tasty. Spicy. I didn't write down the recipe they used, but what Kindred lists sounds right... 1/2 oz rittenhouse rye 3/4 oz lemon juice 1 oz orgeat 1 oz angostura bitters
  21. I'm jumping on this bandwagon. Just picked the book up. Will spend a few evenings browsing before I decide which to ttry first.
  22. Good to know! I was really happy with the end result with the Tanqueray.
  23. Based on past experience, I didn't think I liked gin. But I'm now discovering I may have just had some bad drinks previously. Right now all I've got is a small bottle of Tanqueray, but between this drink and my newly discovered love for gin & tonic I'm probably going to pick up another option soon. Any recommendations?
  24. I finally bought a bottle of maraschino liqueur, so tonight I'm trying a Last Word. 3/4 oz gin 3/4 oz green chartreuse 3/4 oz maraschino liqueur 3/4 oz lime juice I might actually use up my chartreuse with this one.
  25. I picked up some Tomr's Tonic the other day. I'll be honest, I only bought it because I liked the bottle - I've had a gin & tonic once in my life and I wasn't really a fan, but I'm trying to try new things and develop my palate. I've never used a tonic syrup before, so I followed the proportions from Tomr's site - and I'm really enjoying this. I could definitely have this drink more often. 1 oz Tomr's syrup 2 oz gin (I used Tanqueray) 3 oz seltzer
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