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  1. Thanks to McDuff and Foodman for the responses. I was going to reply that we apparently did not have a reputable supermarket in the vicinity, but I went back and scoured the (yes, small) Passover section and found it. Lexy, I think the potato starch is supposed to keep the cake moist and tender. That's why I thought cornstarch might work as a replacement. I'll let you know.
  2. I haven't been able to find potato starch for the cocoa cake recipe. Can I substitute cornstarch or something else? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. I tried Patricia Austin's bran muffin recipe and it's very good. I substituted yogurt whey and a bit of dried milk for the buttermilk, but I don't think that made much difference in flavor. Also I did not have any dates in the house, so I used extra raisins. I might cut the sugar a tiny bit next time, but these were really moist and almost sticky.
  4. Two of Swiss Chef's "faux pas" actually cancel each other out: the chive flower garnish nicely picks up the flowers around the border of the china. I don't know whether that was intentional, but it's a nice touch.
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