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  1. I see some interesting beverages in next week's blog . . .
  2. Thanks to you and the rest of the Meshuganas for sharing your week with us! Great fun (and beautiful challah)!
  3. Does the book have braiding instructions? I use my own recipe but struggle with anything over a 3-strand braid. Beautiful challah - can't wait to see them baked.
  4. Sourdough. Rye or a good, chewy bagel. Doneness. I lean toward "well." On this I agree.
  5. On behalf of all of us, feel better Soba! And to all the readers, we're going to do our best to schedule another SobaAddict70 eG Foodblog in the not-too-distant future.
  6. The next blogger doesn't start until Monday, but here are a few photos that show you something that is obviously important to him/her:
  7. Is it just mango? I sell amba (powder or paste form) which is mango mixed with curry of some sort. I've never known what to do with it.
  8. So what do you do with a spoon or other utensil when you're cooking and you need to put it down? Rest it precariously on the edge of pot or pan.
  9. Unfortunately, Soba's computer went kablooey yesterday. We're going to close this up for now and hope that his computer is easily repaired so we can reopen it soon. If that doesn't happen we'll try to get him rescheduled soon.
  10. Thanks for sharing your week with us, Heather. You have a lovely writing style and it was great fun to follow along with your eating and baking adventure(and you shared food trucks with us too )!
  11. Wow. Everything looks so good. But I have to tell you that one of my secret (maybe not so secret?) dreams is to have a food truck. We don't really have them here, but i'm fascinated by them. Are there many 'pods' in your area? What exactly is a pod? Looks like a back lane . . . And before yesterday, what's been your favorite truck? Oh -- are some of those converted school buses? (Does your area need a kosher deli truck? )
  12. Yes, many of you were right and genkinaonna's blog is going strong over here! We have another eG Foodblog starting next weekend and here's your first teaser:
  13. Your husband obviously has great taste! A Powell's dedicated to cookbooks? Excellent. Can't wait to see what else you'll be showing us this week!
  14. Another picture, to either confirm or refute. Blog starting this weekend!
  15. I can neither confirm nor deny your guesses. But I can show you another picture that may confirm or throw you off.
  16. We have a new eG Foodblog starting up this weekend . . . from here: Any guesses?
  17. It was kind of anticlimactic, wasn't it? I thought the warning was silly.
  18. Pam R

    Worst Candy Ever

    Which Passover candy? There's a lot of variety - though I am no fan of the candy fruit slices very popular, chocolate covered matzo or chocolate covered orange peel (though otherwise I love chocolate and orange), there's plenty of good stuff too.
  19. Interesting -- are there other signs that it's rancid or is it undetectable? And will keeping open containers in the fridge keep it longer?
  20. The oil separating out is normal and happens when the product is still good. I think the best thing to do is smell it -- sesame will go rancid and you should be able to smell it if it has.
  21. Has anybody tried Eat Well Enjoy Life hummus? It's a new line one of my suppliers is carrying and I just tried the Edamame hummus and the Yellow Lentil with sunflower seeds and apricots. The edamame is really good - the Lentil has great flavour but is too spicy for me. I also have a couple of white bean variations and another edamame variation to try.
  22. Heidi, thanks for sharing a slice of your culinary life with us. Your fabulous pictures of the markets, citrus and gardens, produce, weather and more have made me very envious. It was fun being with you this week -- thanks again!
  23. I don't at the moment, but I'll be moving into a kitchen with concrete floors soon so I plan on getting a couple of mats -- Gel-Pro or comparable. One in between the sink and island and one between stove and island.
  24. I've never seen rice crackers like that -- are they similar to rice paper wrappers?
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