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  1. Not Impressed!!!! And , Excusssssseeeeeee Meee, but, Have they ever heard of Women Chefs??!! Won't be tuning in Next Week.
  2. Wendy, Would it be possible to get some some photos of this process? Visuals sure do help in understanding your trial and error in this. Thanks Sarah O
  3. Made Andies DDL with the goat milk , and it came out wonderful. Thanks Also did the canned sweetened condensed milk and that came out very well also.
  4. "Mini Sampler ASSortment" Which would include 3 or however many don't give option of just one
  5. How do u keep the cookie dough from wrinkling when rolling btwn parchment? i have been using your recipe for cookies, which come out wonderful, but the sheets slide around when rolling. Tried putting silpat underneath which helps a little, but still have probs.
  6. I think this could also work, however you might risk drying out the custard before it sets producing a tough skin on top. The trick is to bake slowly, but not too slowly, and the thermodynamic qualities of the water bath help to even out the temperature so the edges don't bake much faster than the center, as well as slowing the dish temperature reaching the boiling point. It also adds moisture to the oven environment keeping the top of the custard from drying out quickly. Not sure what a "wittco" is - care to explain? ← it's a cook and hold.
  7. wow, i have same probs! some times it takes forever to set. I figured it had to do with yolks, smaller size,etc. i also filled up water high. now i will try less h20 version. Has anyone ever used wittco to bake them in? a lot of times ovens are in use and i have to use wittco and i get crusting on some. Creme brulee's can be a pain in the uknowwhat!
  8. Here's one. Leite's Culinaria This is an exact duplicate of my mother's recipe which has been a christmas tradition in our house for over 40 years! And if u saw the recipe card you would believe it! i prefer this frosting over the cream cheese frosting which some people use instead.
  9. cute picture, Anna! is that you?
  10. I can't stop laughing.....more snow forcast for later....or shall we call it a dusting of confectionary-snow flakes that makes everything look beautiful again!...... ← yup , it's coming down here in wisconsin! This has to have been the longest winter ever! i think i'm suffering from SAD!
  11. Ohhhhh,Sugar Eggs.And i would stare into them for hours and make up my own little stories about the scene inside!! Then i would try to keep them as long as possible hoping they would last forever.
  12. I agree with CB on the CI recipe, made it also and it was not very exciting. Like it more goopy too! But Patrick sure makes his look awesome.
  13. sarah o

    Hot Cross Buns

    Made these 2 weeks ago and i thought they were excellent. i put extra cardamom in also. Even tho i am not a big fan of emeril they came out great. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/re...6_10138,00.html
  14. Last august i purchased a jar of watermelon syrup in a grocery store when i was in Canada. When i asked at the checkout no one had a clue what to do with it. any body know? is it put on pancakes? For Baking? it apparently is homeade, in a ball jar, and ingredients are watermelon and sugar. I think made by Amish. Whaddya think? Sarah
  15. Thanks guys for all the great ideas. The lemon creme anglaise sounds good, and the vinaigrette, and the ......, they all sound great. but i decided a simple glass of lemonade so i can experience my first taste of meyer lemon to its fullest! now i have to work on getting my persian lime to produce past the flowering stage. I also have a kaffir lime that i would like to do something with. Can u use the leaves in pastry or confections , or are they too powerful! anybody tried this? If so, let me know. Sarah
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