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  1. Copenhagen, Denmark is the most Pedestrian friendly city i've ever been to. I live dead center in the middle and there's 3 michelin starred restaurants within a 5minute walk. Plus tons of pizza, thai, and danish places. And uncountable amounts of cafes serving food.
  2. City Search gives you a B.E.D. restaurant and bar from miami on 27th. http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/4130...rk_ny/b_e_d.htm regards, Brian
  3. Lou, i'd definitely reccomend this place. We were seated promptly at 730(our res time) after enjoying a coctail at the bar. We were seated against the right wall and i thought the tables were quite close together but i'm a big guy and still had enough room. The tasting menu was placed on the table and sounded quite good however my dining partner did not have the appetite for many courses. There were a few specials on the regular menu including some white truffle supplements but alas i did not indulge. Apps were a special of Nantucket Bay Scallops for my friend and the Lobster Bisque with granny smith apple and crispy lobster roll. I unfortunately did not taste the scallops however the bisque was very good and that roll was excellent. It was like a long thin eggroll filled with lobster with an antenna sticking out one side like a handle. I was somewhat unsure as to how i was supposed to eat the thing daintily so i just picked it up with the untensils momma made me with. Quite tasty with a little dunk in the bisque as well. Mains were 2 orders of Homemade cavatelli with braised short ribs. We both wanted these and neither would budge. The waiter came buy with a 'white and black truffle mousse' and asked if we'd like a dollop on top of the short ribs.....we both accepted. I absolutely Loved this dish and put as one of the tops i've had in NYC(although granted i haven't been to any of the 4 star places). Sides were tempura green beans and i'm sorry but i've blanked on the other. Dessert was 3 cheeses for my friend and the cheesecake lollipop tree for myself. The cheeses were a cows, a sheeps, and a blue. i'm sorry but i can't give you any more info. they were served with walnut bread and apricots. The first lollipop i tried was absolutely wonderful......up until i started feeling an itchyness on my tongue and throat. I asked the waitor if any of the lollipops had walnuts on them or in them as i am allergic and after consulting with someone he came back to say that 8 or the 10(?) had walnuts and that all of them were stored together. This was completely my fault as i did not ask beforehand. I fed half of them to my friend and borrowed a little of her although not on the walnutbread . With a bottle of white(an italian around $40) with apps and a chateauneuf du pape($88 i think) with mains the bill came to around 400 w/out tip. After paying the bill we adjourned to the bar where we spent an hour drinking grappa and limoncello and enjoying each others company as well as that of a friendly bartender from Tunisia. For those of you that smoke they keep a stretch hummer limo parked outside for the customers to smoke in. As i do not indulge i did not go in. Service was helpful and observant. they brought over the sommelier quickly when i asked some questions and he decanted the red when he brought out the white. water glasses were kept full and the whole staff seemed surprisingly friendly. regards, Brian
  4. last time i checked it was available by the 1.75 liter in South Orange at Wine Emporium on Valley Rd...i think for around 30 bucks. i used to make some great punch with that stuff.....
  5. I'm home for the holidays from Denmark and will be dining here next week, has anyone been lately? Still operating with nothing but good reviews? Any can't miss dishes. The cavatelli and shortrib sounds great and i think i'm in for the cheesecake tree. Appreciate any suggestions. thanks and regards, Brian
  6. Hey, let's not knock the chicken rings without tasting them, ok? There's nothing that hits the spot at 3 in the morning after sitting in a packed drive through in EO then a Sack of Chicken Rings with a Sack(or two) of Cheeseburgers. You wouldn't believe how many people are at the WC at that time of day(errr night....morning?) --brian
  7. Poots

    Ciao tutti

    Ciao Craig, best of luck in all your ventures. Thanks for some informative and enjoyable reading.
  8. This http://www.perchs.dk/engelsk/produkter.asp?Type=Grøn%20the is where i shop(it's around the corner from me). Which would you choose and why? The descriptors on the page aren't that great. The last thing i bought there was the Focha Dragon King which i enjoyed and the gunpowder green is my normal cup. thanks, Brian
  9. Other than with foie gras and by itself, what would you reccomend to eat with a Tokaji Aszu? Only desserts, which ones? Starters or mains? I've been looking for a good enough reason and accompaniment to open one of my last bottles. I just jumped through a few of my pics from that trip. I'll see about either writing up some of it or just making a slide show through imagegullet. If i write it up i may need to find lots of synonyms of golden, apricot, and honey.... --brian
  10. I hardly ever argue with foie gras Especially when it's inexpensive...also when i'm taking it off of someone else's plate(i was having the haslazle....fish soup). and my duck was very good. I think generally i preferred most 5 puttonyos over others possibly the perfect(for me) level of sweetness. of course even though some say 5 puttonyos, even within those wines the sugar levels can vary. The Oremus 5 was definitely the best wine i tasted while i was there. I just wish i had bought more! At Oremus they pulled out a small sample of essenzia too. It was an experience! At that point i don't even know if it was wine but it certainly was Something. if i recall correctly the guide told me that it ran in the low percentages(3 or 4) in alcohol and could take years to ferment even that.
  11. I had the good fortune to visit Hungary this year and do a small wine tour of the Tokaj region. Along with a 1993 Diznoko 6 puttonyos and a 1999 Oremus 5 puttonyos i brought back a 2000 Nobel Late Harvest Muscat Lunel from Grof Degenfeld and a Szamoridni(sp?) from Oremus. The latter 2 were much less intense than the aszu but certainly enjoyable. The restaurant at Diznoko also made an amazing seared foie gras that was glazed in their own tokaji aszu. Nothing like a whole day of Tokaji Aszu tasting to drive your body into diabetic sugar shock I just recently purchased a Pieropan le Columbare recioto di Soave for 140 danish kroner(around 25 bucks). Have never tried it but it sounded interesting. did i make a bad purchase? Only in the past 2 years have i started adventuring in the world of dessert wines, but they're fantastic and have their own place, at least in my drinking world(and yours apparently)
  12. Chris thanks for the offer but you don't need to bring me anything. I've tried to go native unlike my friends who have closets filled with memories of home(read: mac & cheese, canned soups and the like) I feel bad too because Netto's so bad.....and it's owned by my company, Maersk. I shop mostly at Irma, i think it's the best i've been to here. Super Brugsen isn't completely bad either. The only Netto i go to is by Kongens Have(King's Garden) because it's a Daogn(spelling) Netto which means it's open till around 10 or 11 at night, which isn't so abnormal back in the states but here it's extremely out of the ordinary. I don't know if it's SAS or just my luck, but every time i fly home or back here i have a 'Heavy' sticker on my suitcase and although they Do say something to me they never bother me about paying more or taking anything out. I noticed that 'wicked' in your post....are you from Mass i went to college up there and being from Jersey i wasnt used to all the wickeds being thrown around in daily conversation. haha --Brian
  13. Chris, i wouldn't hold much hope of getting most of the ingredients here(other than in the american store). When i moved here a friend of mine asked me to bring a case of cream of mushroom soup with me for her(i did). I'm planning a thanksgiving dinner here as well with some friends. For the turkey you have to order it in advance. I'm not sure where yet, but i'll find out soon. A friend of mine did it last year and should have the info. I'll post it when i get it. Luckily with my company i usually know people making the flight to and from the states at least once every other month so i often make some calls and try to get them to bring me things i miss from home. I don't hold much prasie for the supermarkets here especially ghetto netto and i hope you have a good reason to be here during the winter. It's going to be my first and i've heard the bad stories of months of never seeing the sun...etc. I hope they were just stories --Brian
  14. Lou gets a mention in the star ledger although it has nothing to do with food. If any press is good press than here ya go... http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/jersey/index...39791484990.xml 'He arrived last Friday at Newark Liberty International Airport, dined with his longtime girlfriend at the American Grill restaurant in Randolph, then celebrated her birthday in Manhattan. '
  15. The pepper in question Could be the Cherry Bomb just like you thought. See here: http://www.chileplants.com/search.asp?Prod...hButton=Pressed
  16. Rosie, are you looking for diners, regular restaurants, bars, fast food, or all of the above? There are a few diners in my area(maplewood/southorange) that if not 24 hrs are at least open till the early hours. There's Maplewood diner on Springfield ave right on the border of maplewood/irvington, i've eaten here at 4 in the morn. There's the sage diner on springfield ave in maplewood(im pretty sure this is open past midnight). Lots of fast food joints(just drive down tremont ave in east orange and there's almost every fast food joint ever invented and they're almost all open till 2 on the weekends) Bunnies is a pizzaria/bar/restaurant on south orange ave and they May serve till that time. El Grecos is a pizzaria on irvington ave in south orange that is usually good for a greasy pizza at 1 in the morn. Cluck U Chicken on South Orange ave in South orange i think has weekend hours(menu says open 'till late' i think).
  17. cxt maybe it's such a little thread because of the title. It's kind of.....lonely I enjoyed a nice meal at Le Sommelier last week. Started with a glass of Salmon-Billecarte Brut Reserve. Sauteed Halibut to start with a glass of riesling. Graduated to Guinea Fowl with a shared bottle of Barbera D'alba and finished with some fresh fruit and ice cream(well it was part of Le Menu, i actually gave it to my dining partner). Another fine meal here. It really is my 'goto' restaurant in the Cope. I'm sure there are better(and more expensive) but i've never happened upon a poor meal at Le Sommelier(lesommelier.dk). Sorry for the non-descriptions but i don't take notes and i was just having a good time with food and wine without delving too deep. I also had a small, quite enjoyable meal at Alsace a few weeks ago. A big ole bowl of bouillabasse with a half bottle of Trimbach Pinot Gris Reserve and a fabulous white chocolate mousse with almond wafers and fresh rasberries with a glass of Trockenbeerenauslese by J.J.S. Burgenland. Menu can be seen at Alsace.dk. I go here usually once a month just for the bouillabasse. And i don't usually eat dessert as i'm truly a savory over sweet kind of guy, but i Love white chocolate and this dessert is very good. Brian
  18. Try Roman Gourmet in Maplewood. Their plain slice is great and they have lots of other choices as well(sicilian, stuffed bake ziti, whole wheat). Also, if you don't mind venturing a little into what some call a not so good area, in East Orange on Tremont Ave, a place calle BJ's Pizza. Don't know if they sell slices, put their pies are great.
  19. Hest88, the walk from Tivoli to Nyhavn is very easy. Tivoli is at one end of Stroget and Nyhavn is basically at the other end. Stroget if you didn't know is called the Walking street. Basically a pedestrian street filled will all kinds of shops(food, fashion, etc.). When you get to the opposite end from Tivoli(around 10 mins) you're at Kongens Nytorv(Kings Square). Across the square(2 mins) is Nyhavn. That's if you don't pause in your walk...and there are Plenty of places you Should pause. To tell you the truth, almost nothing in Copenhagen(if you're a walker) is too far. There are also Tourists bike that you can borrow(you put in a 20 kroner($3.50) coin and the bike is released, and when you return it you get the coin back). Copenhagen is a Very friendly walking city.
  20. There are plenty of good places to eat in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is Always expensive, but even moreso now with the dollar so weak so don't expect any dining bargains. Most places charge $15 and up just for a cheeseburger(not that you're asking for rec's on burger joints). One of my favorites is Le Sommelier a french restaurant with an extensive wine list. It can be seen here: http://www.lesommelier.dk/ There are a few Michelin starred restaurants here but i have not had the pleasure of dining at any of them....yet ;). They include Kommandanten, the only restaurant in Denmark with 2 michelin stars, http://www.kommandanten.dk/infoUK/info.asp Pierre Andre, with one star, a small french restaurant at http://www3.aok.dk/E/V/CPHDK/0006/44/20/3.html There are numerous Cafes that serve wonderful food as well. If you're going to be here during the summer than there's nothing better than eating outdoors at one of the restaurants in Nyhavn(2 blocks of restaurants and bars alongside a canal). People go there to sun worship, drink some wine or beer, and people watch. There's also some nice restaurants in Nyhavn including Restaurant Els that Schneier described above. Tivoli, the famous amusement park is a must see, especially if you have children and there are some good restaurants within Tivoli as well, including the one starred The Paul. and according to This site: http://www.woco.dk/composite-3521.htm 'The only Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in Northern Europe is also based in Copenhagen. Era Ora's multi-course feasts, and meticulous attention to detail (they fly in ingredients fresh from Umbria weekly) are legendary on the Copenhagen culinary scene.'
  21. Poots

    Need an ethnic soup

    That's it. thanks Pan, sorry for my laziness. It was a wonderful soup, bright red like Goulash with huge hunks of fish and a nice kick of heat, especially if you added the side of dried peppers.
  22. Poots

    Need an ethnic soup

    Just got back from Hungary where i had a very good soup called Hazlazle or something like that. It's a fisherman's soup very red with nice chunks of river fish. served with dried hot peppers on the side to add yourself.
  23. Poots

    Papillon 25

    i wrote about my evening there right here: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...=0entry438149
  24. Well, funny this thread came up as i'm moving to Copenhagen for 2 years in a week. I've been there twice before and had very good meals at Le Sommelier and at Spiseloppen(spelling?). Maybe i'll start doing some in depth write-ups when i get there.
  25. I'd love to join you guys, but i'm off tomorrow to pick up my visa from the Danish consulate in NYC. I'm afraid i'm going to miss Kyoto for quite awhile b/c i'm moving to Denmark for 2 years.
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