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    In the US, it is standard to keep a resume to one page and not include references, or MAYBE a second page with references only. Elsewhere, a CV might acceptably be 2 full pages with more detail. US resumes also should not include a picture, age, or hobbies, whereas these may be expected on an international CV. You may wish to have both, depending on where you are looking for a job. ← I'd add that including references on a resume is a no-no. I believe that is an infringement of privacy. I don't want my - or anyone elses - reference information going out on every resume that is sent out. Once you have an interview and you are at the point where the employer wants the references - that is the time to hand them over so they may be checked.
  2. I always like a chicken tarragon salad sandwich over a grilled chick sandwich chop chop salad - always good for summer pasta primavera i just had a great seared halibut sandwich with a great bun, onion, tomato and lettuce - not fried - seared - and some nice crunchy slaw - wonderful just a couple of items good luck
  3. I am not an expert but sometimes when my beans won't get soft - I put the lid on the pot and then they get soft. A trick my mother told me. But then again - I believe I have soft water here in Seattle so maybe I just have old beans sometimes.
  4. We want to get some gift certs for a family member that lives in SLC, UT. He likes Thai, Japaneese and Vietnamese would be good as well. He lives near the LDS Hospital so anything close to that neighborhood would be good. Any ideas for me? I am completely unfamiliar with the area. Looking for probably a mid-priced restaurant........nothing too fancy but of course great food. Thanks!
  5. I want to make a fig cake that calls for fresh figs but alas they are not in season. I always seem to want to make things that aren't in season The recipe says to poach the fresh figs. Can I just sub in dried figs? Or is that a "no go" and I need to find something else to make. I am NOT a baker by any stretch of the imagination so I thought I'd best check before I dive in. Thank you!
  6. I like that recipe in All About Braising but I love the Short Ribs with Rosemary and Maple Syrup that comes just after that one in the same book. Made it last night - it's always really good! And probably the most simple out of any beef braise that I cook.
  7. Looks amazing! I'm putting this on my list to make this week!
  8. I thought I'd bump up this thread and see if there is anything new in Jackson Hole, WY that is a "must eat" since we're getting ready to spend the long weekend in Feb skiing, eating and drinking. Last year we went in Feb and spent lots of time at the Mangy Moose apres-ski (of course) Dinner at Nani's was great and we hit the Snake River Brewing Co for lunch our first day in and last day out. Also had some drinks and listened to live music at 49 Degrees (I think I have the name right....?) Any suggestions on places we should definitely hit this time?
  9. We are having duck breasts with a ruby port sauce for dinner tonight Brussels Sprouts with homemade bacon, fingerling potatoes fried in duck fat, a nice Willamette Pinot Noir and as much sparkling bubbles as we can drink! Merry Merry and Ho Ho Ho!
  10. Parmesan stuffed dates wrapped with bacon on a toothpick served hot are fantastic!!! I have some friends that serve them at their holiday party nearly every year and they are gobbled up in seconds! I love love love them!
  11. Are you serving pork ribs or beef ribs?
  12. Thanks for the tips! We appreciate it. And we'll definately be going back.
  13. I don't think I like cabbage rolls but this thread is inspiring me for some reason. Maybe because it is all cold and gray these days - It just sounds "homey". But then again I thought I didn't like cauliflower but then I read 14 pages of the Roasted Cauliflower thread and now I'm an addict! So - I'll be making some today to cook for dinner tomorrow night. I'm going to use the Molly Stevens recipe. It says it serves 6 - 8 so we'll have lots left over (as there are just 2 of us). I want to make the recipe as is before halving it so........ I have a question about freezing them. Do you freeze AFTER cooking? Or BEFORE cooking? Thanks!
  14. Della

    Roasted Cauliflower

    I just tried it last week using the Sillpat. I normally just line both my sheet pans with foil. I don't think it got as crunchy using the silpat as with the foil - and I like the crunch on the smaller pieces. But then I set my timer and flip it every 12 minutes to get it all toasty brown - and I don't mind the burnt small pieces. I covet them actually! I have a head of cauliflower in the fridge right now. I think I'll do half Silpat, half foil and turn it only 1 or 2 times while cooking. Just to see how it turns out Nothing like a little experiment!
  15. I don't know much about growing apples but I love the honeycrisps! It seems we just get them for 4 - 6 weeks this time of year. They are crunchy and sweet with a little bit of tart....but just a little. Very good!
  16. I love apple pie, tart, cobbler and crisp..but have never made it myself. What are the best apples to use for baking? I'd like to try this bake off!
  17. After a wonderful time in Santorini we headed off to Mykonos. We were there for just a couple of nights and had breakfast at our hotel both mornings. Yogurt, breads, coffee, OJ that was very "tang"-like along with some scrambled and over easy eggs held in chafers and cold cuts. On our first afternoon in Mykonos we needed a snack and wandered into Paraportiani which is in the middle of a large square in the town. There are a couple of LARGE pelicans on the island that hang out in the town. Here is a picture of one in the kitchen of this restaurant. There was also a dog in the kitchen with the pelican but we didn't get a picture. Our snack was Mythos beer and "appetizers for two" off the menu. It consisted of spanikopita, tyropita, saganaki (the fried cheese I love so much), zucchinni croquettes and cheese croquettes along with the typical "bread" that is served with each meal that you are charged anywhere from .50 - 1.00 per person. Our first night (of two) we ate at the "Opa Taverna". It had good music, lots of "twinkle lights" and a good vibe. We just wandered around the little town and picked it out. Mykonos has tons of Italian restaurants - in fact we saw lots of pasta everywhere but Mykonos especially out of the places we went featured lots of pasta. We didn't really want to go that route so we sought out a taverna that didn't feature pasta. We started with the "Giant Beans in Tomato". Very simple dish but really good. One thing we really learned is that whatever the menu says is the dish - is the dish. There aren't a lot of extra ingrediants or garnished. Thus, - beans in tomato ARE beans in tomato. I could have eaten this every day! Greg had the calamari - it was fried like we have here.....very tender! I had the pork "gyros" plate. You can probably see a trend in my eating but I really just LOVE the pork gyros meat......tender, crispy on the outside - I could eat it every day. That is really it for our Mykonos food. We spent one day at Paradise Beach and ate at one of the restaurants on the beach - beers and gyros. The other day we went to the Island of Delos and ended up eating at one of the waterside restaurants once we got back to Mykonos. Pretty touristy but not a lot is open for lunch so we took what we could get. The beers were $6.80 euros on the water rather than the $2.80 euro we usually spent. We didn't really have any really exciting meals on Mykonos but I'm sure there are restaurants we just didn't know about. We did spend our 2nd evening having cocktails for a couple hours at "Rhapsody Bar" and had a great time. There is a great girl name Aleisha from Australia working behind the bar........if you go there say "hi" for us and ask her what parties are happening on the island........if anyone will know.....she will!!!
  18. We did not get to either Ambrosia or 1800. We did check out 1800 as it was recommended in both guide books and through "word of mouth". The menu looked really nice and the restaurant itself was really pretty. We just were in a pretty "relaxed" mode of travel and to be honest, after a full day of sight-seeing, drinking and sometimes napping, we really just felt like stopping by Meteor for a drink and then finding something casual for dinner......then going for a couple more drinks on the way back to out hotel! 1800 seemed a bit formal for our mindset. So, after all this rambling, I guess we decided we didn't want to have a "formal" dinner experience. I think you will be able to check out the restaurant and make a decision once you are in Oia. Be sure to let me know if you end up eating there!
  19. One of the most spectacular dinners we had was at the Port of Amoundi just below Oia. Here is a picture of the port. It is small but beautiful. It is lined with restaurants and is quite a destination place for dinner. The sunsets is amazing too! We ate at the "Sunset in Amoundi Taverna". After a glass of ouzo we started with stuffed peppers. The peppers were much like an anaheim pepper but I wasn't 100% sure. We loved them - very simple but good. For dinner we shared "fish for two" - Grouper, Swordfish, Scorpian, and something similar to Sea Bream - schrosher or something like that......I didn't get a firm name on the 4th fish. It was served with some herbed olive oil on the side (oregano and lemon) to pour over the fish. Very fresh and very delicious! Here is the grill where they cooked our fish. And here is the swordfish we ate - note the hacksaw!!
  20. We ended up stopping by a little bar in Oia called Meteor most nights before dinner. The shot we have here is a little blurry (maybe I was drinking ouzo!!! LOL) but across from this building which is the bar is a little open air half walled on 2 sides patio with cushioned benches and lots of candles. They always bring a little dish of nuts or chips or something with your cocktails and it's a nice way to spend an hour before dinner. If are are in Oia we really suggest stopping in! The blond woman in the picture was our cocktails waitress every night. Dinner one night was at Neptune in Oia. We started out with zuccinni fritters (no picture) that were mixed with onions, parsley, egg and feta. Greg had the stuffed calamari. It was stuffed with herbs, cheese and green onions and then grilled. Greg really liked it. We both thought this restaurant was a hit. I had the fried shrimp with garlic sauce. They take the whole shrimp, lightly fry (not sure if in a pan with oil or a deep fryer but no coating - it just cooks the shrimp) and then cover it with a garlic sauce - big pieces of garlic in a very light sauce. Delicious!! The picture is a little dark but hopefully you can see what I mean.
  21. One place we recommend for breakfast and lunch is Skiza in Oia. Skiza means "dried wood" and can also also refers to a dry husk of bread. We stopped in for breakfast one morning. We had yogurt with honey and a leek tart (room temp). Greg had a latte and I had a frappe (iced coffee). The view was beautiful and the cafe really cute. The proprietor of our hotel (The Ether Traditional House) told us they have the best pizza in all of Oia.
  22. We stopped one day at Kamari beach and had some appetizers. There is a long strip of out-door restaurants along the beach and we choose the one we ate at by their chairs! We were looking for the comfortable blue ones! LOL It was called "Hook Bar" - like Captain Hook. They had a pirate picture on the menu and the wall. We had dolmades, tzatziki with bread, fried cheese (yum!) and their version of the meatball. We walked to Fira one morning from Oia (12 KM) and once we arrived we headed straight to "Tropical" bar. April from Toronto is the day bartender and she is great. We had some fruity drinks and rested up from being in the sun! Once we cooled down we walked up the stairs to Poldo for some gyros. Poldo is near what I would call one of the "main" places to descend into Fira. If you aren't staying in Fira and take a bus there, you will be let off just a block or two from Poldo. If you go by we definately suggest stopping! They have pork, lamb and chicken gyros as well as falafel and a variety of cold salads. And Mythos beer of course!
  23. Yes, they were lamb. I wish I knew what spices were in them though! They were really flavorful. Not what I'd expect out of a fried patty of meat.
  24. From Sifnos we headed to the Island of Santorini where we stayed in Oia. Our first meal in Oia was at a restaurant called Strogili. Great view, great service, really good food! We meant to go back for dinner one night but never made it. One dish they serve at dinner but not lunch is a pork braised in beer and honey. If I get back to Oia again I'll definately go and try it! At Strogili we had the best dolmades of the trip. They were warm, lemony and the rice inside was soft but it each piece was seperate. Sometimes it is all "mushed" together but this wasn't - I'll probably judge all dolmades by these from now on! We both had the souvlaki for lunch - Greg chicken and me pork.
  25. One of our favorite places to eat in Appolonia was a cute taverna/cafe that is on the edge of town right where the bus comes to take you to Faros. We aren't sure how to say the name of this place but here is a picuture ~ If you find your self on Sifnos, you should definately stop by for lunch! We ate there twice and both times I had the carbonara. It reminded me a bit of what my mom used to make and call carbonara when I was growing up. It had cheese, bacon, CANNED mushrooms and fresh crème. Sounds odd with canned mushrooms but it was pretty darn good! One day Greg had the “Chefs Crepe” which had cheese, bacon, mushrooms and fresh crème. And then the next day he tried the “greek crepe” which had feta, tomato, hard cooked egg, cheese and olives.
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